Meghan McCain MELTS DOWN Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

[tweet_dis2]Meghan McCain MELTS DOWN Over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez[/tweet_dis2]

Meghan McCain Proven Wrong, Freaks Out

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  1. Sam Downer 2 months ago

    Jimmy when you talk about politics you sound like Barney Rubble. Always looking for Fred's approval. Maybe you could try making a paont witoit prefacing it with the word fucken. Because syaing fucken all day does not increase you credibility and ability to reason and debate. Nor does being perpetually angry and loud mouthed.

  2. Sam Downer 2 months ago

    LOL White losers degrading other white people. They think if they say fucking often enough they are more credible. Hey mroons who do the Venezualeans sell their oil to? Capitalist countries. Dumb cunts. You sound like Bolshevik pigs. Putin is laughing in his KGB mug.

  3. Sam Downer 2 months ago

    Seeing Jimmy oin RT tiotally destroyed his credibility. Shilling for Putin now Jimmy?

  4. Luis Francis 2 months ago

    We also CAN'T afford giving israel $38B, but we do!

  5. Grimm Beaconfire 2 months ago

    Sweden, Denmark and Norway are Capitalist where owners control the means of production. That's why they can afford social programs. Give the means of production to a committee and it's over, you're broke.

  6. bill hanna 2 months ago

    bushs -clintons.

  7. yul gre 2 months ago

    You do realize Norway, Denmark, and others you talked about do not spend their money but the EU and they are all going broke. There will be a mass exodus from the EU so bad Example

  8. Jenny Kevin 2 months ago

    Meghan is the most liar fat ugly evil kkk members pig, and she doesn't has any class,

  9. charles mcdougal 2 months ago

    I always thought that it was BS that "they" would or could unsubscribe me but guess what I went to look for my JD subscription and no not subscribed, so I had to re up.

  10. Michael Lowe 2 months ago

    He's definitely a cocksucker.

  11. Paul Chapman 2 months ago

    But Jimmy, She was John McCain's fastest sperm, so you have to give her credit for being in first place.

  12. Pedro Zorza 2 months ago

    ahhhhh…another advertisement…..America is exceptional…yes, we have been exceptionally good at bombing many countries at once and killing millions of civilians…we are due to have exceptionally bad karma….

  13. T 2 months ago

    If the rich had to pay more taxes the might believe in fiscal responsibility

  14. Mark Roberts 2 months ago

    McCain needs to move to "Venezuela" and trim off those 24 pounds.

  15. Pedro Zorza 2 months ago

    …aahhhhh!!! Another advertisement from A right wing propoganda machine. GDP is up compared to so many other countries…so? The GDP has soared and the worker share of the profit is stagnant! Workers have upward mobility….not as good as Europe now! Thanks to trickle down!!

  16. Lilo Leist 2 months ago

    Let's privatize the military, I'm sick of killing people with my taxes.

  17. Lilo Leist 2 months ago

    You want a blue print for awesome Healthcare For All, get it from Germany. Pleeeeeeraaaase!!!!!

  18. fabriciobocao 2 months ago

    You guys need to stop saying things like “the US is the wealthiest country in the history”, “Jeff Bezos is the richest human being ever”, etc. OK, sure, we see the point you’re trying to make, and I agree, but both are factually wrong — and may end up alienating internationals who support your cause because, you know, it sounds like typical examples of American bragging.

  19. David Myers 2 months ago

    Education through good comedy lets the mindful see through the bullshit.

  20. garet claborn 2 months ago

    except she was spot on lol

    denial just helps us recruit, so ty

  21. TheFunkadelicFan 2 months ago

    I know I shouldn't say this, but Meghan McCain is a cunt.

  22. Patricia Walton 2 months ago

    How much longer will TheView tolerate unhinged Meghan and her out-of-control, childish, rants and meltdowns? TheView keeps her on as she's the Rethug voice on the show, is controversial and causes friction with the other hosts. But her crazy behaviour is turning off a lot of people and causing others to turn off TheView. Today (8/3/18), she got into it with Ana Navarro, a great guest Conservative host who Meghan cant stand (she thinks Ana is vying for her job); and she smirked at guest host Michael Avennati the whole time he was there. She wears her feelings on her sleeve and simply cant hide it. This shows her lack of control and maturity. And Im sick and tired of that Biatch and her constant self-aggrandizement, touting her father and family as a military and political family, which I guess makes her a fkn expert on everything. Calm and composure are two things she doesnt possess.
    TheView is on hiatus until September. I hope when the show returns, it will be sans Meghan McCain and maybe Ana Navarro can take her place. Sarah will most likely be replaced with another giddy, next door-type White woman.
    But alas, TheView needs to deep-six Meghan but they won't. Despite people's complaints, they'll still keep her with her over-the-top rants and crazy behaviour.

  23. Kitty Kitty 2 months ago

    I can not stand Megan she is a cunt

  24. Nettie Pearl 2 months ago

    Hey Jimmy – Meghan had another meltdown today with Anna Navaro AND she also admitted she was on The View cuz *her dad*. lol

  25. Mikhail Tagallie 2 months ago

    Msnpiggy melts down.

  26. John Kesich 2 months ago

    A country where socialism works just fine? USA.
    "We all too often have socialism for the rich and rugged free market capitalism for the poor." — Martin Luther King

  27. TheDuck 2 months ago

    Margaret Thatcher was a filthy cunt who should have been executed for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Great Meagan you fat bitch, batting 1000.

  28. TheDuck 2 months ago

    This fat cunt never got a job on her own in her life. I dont want rich people's money, I want THIS Twat's money…. 95% of it.

  29. meandillar07 2 months ago

    M. McCain and A. O – Cortez have one thing in common, they are both seriously dumb. A.O is still a step in the right direction though and hopefully, she will prove me wrong.

  30. Sparkie Lyle 2 months ago

    Tell Her 2 Go Home, & b with Daddy. A Liar & Deceiver just Like Her Old-Man . . .

  31. Mysti Bush 2 months ago

    Many people worry about higher taxes with socialized medicine. I explain this personal fact; I would gladly pay higher taxes for health insurance. The stress, navigating constant changes and financial worry, deductibles, and caps, is too much for the people. My daughter diagnosed with Leukemia was 3yrs, and I want to be reimbursed -all the time back- better spent for her benefit.

  32. Mr. Mike 2 months ago

    The US is not investing in its people. If it did, it would be rich beyond belief and not have 40% of Americans living in poverty below $20,000 income

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