Michael Moore: Dems Need To Be A Party For Workers

[tweet_dis2]Michael Moore: Dems Need To Be A Party For Workers[/tweet_dis2]

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ televised town hall on economic inequality drew about 1.7 million live viewers during an online broadcast Monday night.

The panel-discussion-style event, called “Inequality in America: The Rise of Oligarchy and Collapse of the Middle Class,” exceeded the viewership of Sanders’ first live town hall on single-payer health care in January.

The broadcast provided the Vermont independent with an opportunity to expand his new alternative media revue beyond “Medicare for all” to the broader issue of economic inequality, which he maintains that commercial media outlets frequently ignore…

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  1. Rather than focus on part of the country she won in the general election, Clinton should also consider that during the primaries, she lost all states with open primaries. This proves that she did not appeal to independent voters. The primaries are just a formality now. Most of the time, the two final candidates for the general election have been selected in advance .

  2. Young Eagle 2 months ago

    “The thing worse than rebellion is the thing that causes rebellion.”Frederick Douglass

  3. Brinson Harris 2 months ago

    Hey Mike, how many homes do you own again? Fucking charlatan in the PT Barnum tradition.

  4. Johnny Irenchi 2 months ago

    Not very many Americans living the American Dream.

  5. Foodie Thinker 2 months ago

    Reduce population. Stop having children. Ban Billionaires .. produce more goods.. distribute.

  6. Foodie Thinker 2 months ago

    You do realize that the govt spends trillions on the military right? Stop blaming the rich!! If you seize all the bill gates and other wealth still the inequality won't go away.

  7. Jeff 2 months ago

    I find a sadly humorous that people try to figure out how to fix the economic system that transfers most of the wealth faster and faster over time to the very top…when in fact that is the EXACT result that was intended from the start. there is not other outcome at this point unless a radical change happens and that radical change is NOT going to happen unless this country has something even worse then the great depression. Default on debt destroying the world economy and then start over…..other then that…good luck …as you want the very politicians that are bribed to make laws stopping the bribery? stopping them from the payoff jobs they get after leaving office? corporate media is worse then state controlled media…at least state controlled media most people know it is controlled by the state.
    I see warren and think we have a system where if she wants to be re-elected she has to vote for 80 billion more in military expenses (not Defense._) while the same money could have paid for all the tuition of public colleges….what is wrong with this picture.???

  8. Mario Manti-Gualtiero 2 months ago

    Modern day Bolshevism

  9. kcrich13 2 months ago

    I'm probably beating my head against a brick wall here but hey, WTF, I'll give it a go.

    First of all, you can't be a party for working-class Americans if you support illegal immigration and open borders and the Democrats are more concerned about illegals than they are Americans. The illegals are going to be their new voting block if they get their way. Progressives need to quit living in denial and realize that is why Trump got voted in first and foremost. And why he'll get voted in again (despite his atrocious foreign policy) if the other parties (Democrats, Libertarians, Greens, etc.) keep protecting illegal immigration and push for open borders.

    Second. Leave the guns alone. There is no way in Hell Middle America will EVER give up their guns without a fight. Not one fucking inch. This country hasn't seen gun violence yet. Try to take the guns away and then you will find out what REAL gun violence is. Oh and if you think these teenagers propped up by the media and whoever the fuck else is going to shame people or whatever the fuck they think they're doing into letting them encroach upon gun rights you're fucking crazy. People see thru that shit. Won't work.

    Political correctness. Fuck all this PC nonsense. People are fucking sick of it………

    If Progressives would back off on those three things they could get the rest of their agenda. Healthcare. Education. End the drug war. End the foreign wars. Green Energy. Etc. You could have a Progressive Renaissance sweep the country………

    But if you can't give up those three things to get the rest then all you'll get is four more years of Trump.

    Oh. And for those who think trump is Hitler……. LOL…….not even close. But hey…..keep pushing those three things………don't think one can't be voted in……….

  10. evilsoda00 2 months ago

    Other important consideration about congress approval ratings after elections is that many of those people who don't approve of congress in those polls don't even bother voting because what's the point?

  11. Dodd Xjdjjj 2 months ago

    Kyle your so fuckin naive on the cost of universal health care. You sound so much like Castro or a leader in a failed state of Venazeula. In Venezuela they are starving which will be the fuckin USA.You think for profit hospitals will be standing in universal health care..

  12. Flouride Sipper 2 months ago

    Too little too late Michael.

  13. Ken Kunz 2 months ago

    In the Summer of 2018, Obama ran all over the World trying to sell people on the TPP. The Neo-Liberal thing is over, and if the Dems don't realize that, Trump will get re-elected.

  14. Will Rogers 2 months ago

    Progressive party
    New nationalist party

  15. WCUK Radio 2 months ago

    "There's a class war and we're winning" – Warren Buffet

  16. WCUK Radio 2 months ago

    The bowling ball of columbine.

  17. FZ Channel 2 months ago

    I wonder why Michael Moore didn't talk about what percentage of Venezuelans have $400.

  18. coolal19 2 months ago

    "Dems need to be a party for workers." That's never going to happen.  Next video please.

  19. YouTube Moderator 2 months ago

    Quit allowing millions of illegals in to take our jobs if you want to attract workers to your party. Wither that or let illegals vote (which you are now trying to accomplish).

  20. Brandon 2 months ago

    Bill Gates at least created something important, the other 2 are just rich scumbags. Gates has also done a ton of philanthropic work and he has thrown other rich people under the bus at times for being too greedy and callous. Dudes not perfect but he's a saint compared to the other people in his circles.

  21. Bamcorp Gaming 2 months ago

    Love this video and agree with you completely. Keep up the good work.

  22. Ayoub Lachgar 2 months ago

    Look Kyle, I agree all what you said, but once I started working and avoiding credit cards debts, I’ve become able to have more than $400 for emergencies. I know there are disabled folks who can’t work but those are eligible for free medical coverage under Obamacare. I know there are people who can’t find jobs in some regions which is rare, but that cannot be 50% of Americans. Even if what Michael Moore said were true, then, there’s a high chance those folks don’t have $400 because they screwed up with their personal financial situation. It’s like you and your co-worker earn the same wage but you spend and charge on cc’s extravagantly while your co-worker spends wisely, thus, you become among the 50% Michael Moore talked about.

  23. 123rockfan 2 months ago

    What the hell is with Bernie having a bad sound crew?

  24. greenjelly01 2 months ago

    It has become so "fashionable" to hate on Michael Moore, without listening to what he has to say. This is the problem with US politics. People like or hate political figures simply because of what they think is the accepted popular opinion.

  25. moismyname 2 months ago

    Moore say a few good things at the town hall. Then he started slipping back into identity politics.

  26. No Name 2 months ago

    Michael Moore speaks the truth.

  27. xtralimit 2 months ago

    party for the workers? hmm… where did we see that before?

  28. Jae Lynn 2 months ago

    Something like 73% can't come up with $1000 for an emergency. I know I can't! I can barely afford this price gouging ISP! I don't NEED 100bps! Most people do not yet they don't give options for slower speeds, instead they force the higher prices on you! My ISP service DOUBLED in the past 10 years when it didn't have to. This whole nation is nickel and diming the people. I miss the 80's when freedom and trust existed. You neighborhood store would take back items without a receipt b/c they KNEW the people in the area and trusted people! I'm so sick of the lack of trust in this nation. Companies used to be great in the US, and now their customer service is nothing but a pain.

    Check out this BS! I already pay for cable TV at another location for a family member and they won't let me sign in on my laptop when I'm away from that network! I'm paying for both cable and internet, yet I can't sign in to watch TV from outside my home? Where's the sense in that?

  29. Jae Lynn 2 months ago

    My grandma and aunt just died, we couldn't even have a funeral for either!

  30. dy031101 2 months ago

    If you look to Michael Moore for inspiration on how to "help" the working class…… then I'm afraid that modern-day Progressives seem to simply plan on remaining aristocratic chauvinistic until the bitter end.

  31. Cynthia Johnson 2 months ago

    I think the unions priced themselves right out of the market in the 80s and 90s. There needs to be some kind of outside check on unions, particularly ones that represent public sector jobs like teachers. The common myth is that teachers are underpaid. That is not true when you compare their pay to the average tax payer that pays their salary. This is neo-liberalism. Way back when, teachers wrote into their contracts that they would get substantial pay increases for obtaining master's degree, which add zero value to their jobs. Then these teachers with MEds decide that teaching isn't for them, so they move into created positions in admin. In admin. they use the jargon and rhetoric of their degrees to create policies that over complicate the system to justify their existence, all defended by the unions. It has become a dysfunctional, self-perpetuating system that is politically incorrect to challenge. In Vermont the tax payers pay more for public education than anything else to produce a terrible product. In West Virginia the average teacher makes $45K (for 9 months of work), how does that compare with the average tax payer? If their jobs suck (their biggest complaint beside uncontrollable kids is the complexity of the paper work they must complete (how did that happen, gee I wonder). So fix the system. But dumping money on a problem isn't helping and its bankrupting the system and creating great unrest. I just heard yesterday about a kintergarten teacher making $90 a year. Why because she's been there a thousand years. There is no check or balance on the inequity. People are starting to rebel against paying high taxes for services that suck. And the Progressives can not more forward until they propose a system overhaul before they campaign for more money like higher teacher's pay. When huge sections of the country are like Vermont where public sector jobs (that work off public funds) are the only decent jobs, this country has a big problem and it expresses itself as Trump. Rhode Island, a state that is only 50 miles long, has 54 school districts. Each district has a superintendent that makes over $100K a year. Fire 1/2 of the administrators, and use the money to fund programs and hire more teachers with a more simplified work load.

  32. Jennifer Grove 2 months ago

    I think part of that 76% paycheque to paycheque figure HAS to probably include people buying unnecessary bullshit for dumb holidays like Easter.

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