Michael Savage: Deep State Tanked The Market To Undermine Trump

[tweet_dis2]Michael Savage: Deep State Tanked The Market To Undermine Trump[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. arthur soctomah 5 months ago

    Deep state tanking economy to hurt trump…? no, not when they're in cahoots. Puppet..fall guy..maybe.

  2. Jeffrey Cheng 5 months ago

    Weiner Savage is an actWHORE!

  3. Jeffrey Cheng 5 months ago

    Weiner Savage is a 100% buttplugging Jew fag. The Jews are the Spawns of Satan!

  4. Nieroshai 5 months ago

    Michael Savage is Alex Jones Lite, and this is from a former listener. He claims to have invented medicines, that he doesn't have to sleep, and other hilariously stupid drivel. Back when I drove delivery at night, I used to listen just to blow off steam, and because he was on right before Coast to Coast. Listening to crazy is cathartic to me for some reason.

  5. A Plate of Hot Dogs 5 months ago

    Savage went from being a more extreme version of rush Limbaugh to a second rate Alex jones

  6. Jason Vernoff 5 months ago

    I disagree with who you think the deep state is. I don’t think that the FBI and CIA are the deep state. Those are just some government workers doing their jobs. I agree the deep state exist but I think they are mega elites that really control society not a bunch of random government employees at the defense (and offense) agencies. The agencies are just a tool of the deep state.

  7. KingJustice98 5 months ago

    The fed has to raise rates because nobody is going to buy bonds at a 2% yield, when inflation is around 4-6%-maybe higher. Of course the fed likely won't raise rates out of fear of tanking the market. Thus bondholders will rush back into stocks when inflation ensues.

  8. friend2truth 5 months ago

    Savage should be run over by a truck.

  9. Michael Brandt 5 months ago

    Market Watch just published a story about fear gauge being rigged.

  10. Warrior Waitress 5 months ago

    As the mother of a 15 year-old autistic boy as well as an advocate/activist for LGBTQ rights for more than 25 years, I can only say this about Michael Savage:
    fuck you fuck you fuck off fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck ALL THE WAY OFF!

    An infamously outspoken homophobe, Savage is also an "autism denier" who says that the blame lies with bad parenting, instead of, you know, fucking neurology. Ugh.

  11. 888strummer 5 months ago

    Savage has multiple phd's from Berkley , so he's highly educated and smart as hell. The guy doing the video knows nothing about the stock market. As the markets have moved from 9,000 to 25,000; this guy has been predicted doom since the market was 12,000. He's an idiot.

  12. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    "It's real simple to me." Yeah, everything you right-wing FUCKS make up is simple.

  13. John NoNameGibbon 5 months ago

    Did it also tank to make Obama look bad during the 2008 market crash?

  14. gb1701 5 months ago

    Michael Weiner is a mental disorder and Rockstar energy drink taste like ballsweat…that is all.

  15. Ray P 5 months ago

    Kyle: The thing you said at the end is the entire point of his job. It might be absurd, but it’s “entertaining.” And that’s all it has to be to get listeners, aka advertising dollars.

  16. The Deep State wants to be anti-Russia? You're going to have to explain that one to me. Hell, resource exploitation alone makes that statement laughable. To pretend a deep state could exist without the likes of Rex Tillerson, or Goldman Sachs, seems a fantastical notion to me.

  17. How much meth do you have to smoke for this nonsense to seem realistic to you? I really hope rational conservatives manage to pull themselves away from this cycle of insane, hyperbolic insanity.

  18. Tarl X 5 months ago

    Why does he dress like a Dick Tracey villain?

  19. TheEvolver311 5 months ago

    This is the major flaw of the conspiratorial mind, you start having to make ridiculous claims that negate your other ridiculous claims.

  20. Cath' J J 5 months ago

    In your fucked list you forgot the extreme defunding of the government through the taxcuts for the rich. That was also the trigger, after those same elites also had become directly members of the gov't, for the 1929 crash.

  21. Wayne Bess 5 months ago

    Savage is an old ugly fart.

  22. alterX2ego 5 months ago

    This stance on Russia that you have is just wrong… you keep referring to democratic sovereign countries as Russia's backyard or borders. The distinction between a country or a nation and a border seems to be lost on you. One can do this if they are either dumb as a door nob or disingenuous af and you are definitely not dumb.

  23. wd0675 5 months ago

    I listen to Michael savage to get a laugh, but after a while it gets depressing with how dumb he is.

  24. Dave La Violette 5 months ago

    Mike Savage is a scary looking face.

  25. Red Hunteur 5 months ago

    I heard "cooze of foreign governments" at 3:06.

  26. Australican 5 months ago

    The Right wing are intellectual elites. Said. No. One. Ever.

  27. Red Mansen 5 months ago

    if people quit contributing money to this system and quit going out buying things those Elites will go bankrupt and it systems will crash.

  28. DarthCipient 5 months ago

    If the market goes up, it's because of Trump. If it goes down, it's a conspiracy against Trump.

    Once enough of the electorate gets to this point of retardedness, the country is fucked.

    There's no way back from this.

  29. Hk 4lyfe 5 months ago

    No Kyle, the deep state CAN tank the economy. All their wealth is backed by the gold they've been quietly stealing from national banks, so their stocks don't mean anything to them because they still have all their gold which goes WAY UP when they have a crash. Also, if they can crash the economy they can raise it back up as well. 


    . Boom deep state profits from the crash .

    Also, its no secret they hate trump after he knocked out their Hillary puppet, so of course you can't put it past them to put a dip in the market for a couple days just so the media their media can give him bad press after the state of the union.

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