Michigan Gov Declares Flint Water Crisis Over, Stops Supply of Bottled Water

[tweet_dis2]Michigan Gov Declares Flint Water Crisis Over, Stops Supply of Bottled Water[/tweet_dis2]

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder, announced he’d be stopping a state program that supplies residents of Flint with bottled water. Why? Because—according to him—the lead contamination crisis is now officially over. The reality is that Flint residents still don’t have clean drinking water, and the supply of bottled water was a crucial resource for residents that they still very much need.


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  1. I'm in Cincinnati,and my water is brown for a about a minute before it turns clear!! They,"tried" to fix it,a month later it is still brown!

  2. swishhhhh 4 months ago

    I wish Flint police would lock up snyder for crimes against humanity

  3. A Dominguez 4 months ago

    I don't feel sorry for them!!! They have the power of the vote!! This has been going on for 5 years now and administrations have not changed??!!! I believe elections for local officials are every two years. Areas afflicted have had two chances to put someone into office that will fix this problem!!!

  4. But the federal government standards are bullshit that has been proven a loonnggg time ago

  5. You literally have 1 source in the description… And it's to the Washington post… Wtf? No actual scientific evidence sources? Nothing at all to actually back up what the mayor is saying? How about evidence that points out exactly what the governor is getting wrong? And why he believes the crisis is over?

  6. Nishida Williams 4 months ago

    That mother fucker is ganna rot in hell

  7. Militant Wakanda 4 months ago

    Five years? Who does care?

  8. Thunderhead Videos 4 months ago

    OMG! I cannot believe this is not over! How is there not more coverage? How has our government over that douche Rick Snyder not stepped in? That is outrageous that they would be expected to pay for hazardous waste coming through the faucet, they should be getting paid for being poisoned, and left for 5 years without water! I think it should be classified as what it is, criminal neglagence. Send that douche to prison, with the citizens of Michigan.

  9. Sue Elias 4 months ago

    reminds me of "Mission Accomplished"

  10. Dat Fishe Boi 4 months ago

    Well he’s a dick

  11. Casey Bleu 4 months ago

    How do they shower?

  12. TheRockyCrowe 4 months ago

    Can someone please assassinate this governor already??? I have a feeling that if this was 1800's America he would've been 6ft under a long time ago like he rightfully deserves. Schneider is a fucking devil.
    However, I also wonder why these people haven't moved out yet. I would've left a LONGGG ASS time ago if the water source of the ENTIRE town is poison. I'd seriously rather live unemployed in a hostel than put my health at risk like that.

  13. Spit Dragon 4 months ago

    I am here because of Michelle Wolf. I hope things get better for you, Flint.

  14. obie d 4 months ago

    USA donate 3.3$ billion dollars to Israel every year to buy weapons to bomb innocent women and children !!!
    I belive they should kerp at least the half amount for domestic infastructure devolepment

  15. DV McFarlin 4 months ago

    Who gives a fuck about Flint, Michigan. You literally have to be insanely retarded to live there.

  16. Alfred Pasly 4 months ago

    Good for them not to pay the water bill.

  17. Alfred Pasly 4 months ago

    I hope every resident of Flint all get a free shot at Rick Snyder.How can he sleep at night?

  18. kkajj5 4 months ago

    If it's clean then you drink it. Dam idiot, show him next election, get his ass out.

  19. WCUK Radio 4 months ago

    America is a shithole country.

  20. Gatica Antonio 4 months ago

    Typical SOB Republican does not care for the working class

  21. Gary Duby 4 months ago

    Fuck no it's not i challenge him n his family ta drink sewer water!!!!

  22. Matt 4 months ago

    I plan to buy my own water testing kit to make sure mine is clean evidently you can't count on corporations or the government to test it for us

  23. Möppy 4 months ago

    1st world country have cities with dirty water supplies.
    Same first world country spending billions of dollars on a millitary that's not needed in 2018.
    Same country interfearing in the middle east.
    The U.S. has its priorities upside-down.

  24. Kay Omholt-Montague 4 months ago

    Mike – Thank you SO much for this video and information! I have been worried about the residents of Flint and wondered how things were going. Demon possessed Snyder's nefarious plan is working out GREAT for him. The residents? Not so much . . .

    Can this governor be sued? If so, he should be sued. Shame on him and the psychopath that he is!

  25. Colin Sherritt 4 months ago

    Rick Snyder doesn't care about Black people.

  26. wayne montgomery 4 months ago

    let him drink it then

  27. robohobosapien 4 months ago

    Rick Snyder shouldn't be allowed to have clean water until everyone else has it again.

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