Montana Implements Net Neutrality! Will The FCC Come After Them?

[tweet_dis2]Montana Implements Net Neutrality! Will The FCC Come After Them?[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Chuck Finley 4 months ago

    What I find confusing is the FCC basically told us they wanted to remove regulations by letting the the service providers do whatever they want. Then they added in a regulation saying States couldn't make up their own mind. Makes it kind of obvious what they really had in mind.

  2. SmithN' Wesson 4 months ago

    I find it hilarious you thibk only Democrat states are for this. Todays Republicans are not religous. They are for freedom of everything more so than anyone since individual freedoms is their cornerstone

  3. JARED BARATTA 4 months ago

    The Republicans, they really prove they're the states' rights party everytime.

  4. Kokoro Wish 4 months ago

    Hey would you look at that. Kyle for a socialist alternative!

    It's almost like… Capitalism… is terrible.

  5. Fuck Montana.

  6. Piksil Demon 4 months ago

    i kinda wish this was a direct democracy. american people, heres shit we wanna do. yay or nay?"

  7. malcolm jones 4 months ago

    we move to Montana

  8. CONfusion2021 4 months ago

    I think you're forgetting that that particular rule they put in was something they aren't allowed to do. Montana could argue that the rule in itself was illegal and I doubt the FCC's gonna risk going after them for that simple fact.

  9. Would that apply if the states prove customer hardships through price gauging? If the states prove that sock-puppet deutsch-bag ajeet pi repealed net neutrality allowing corporations to run rough shod over their customers, do the states have a chance?

  10. B Rod53 4 months ago

    The city I live in as well as the cities of Ft Collins, Greeley and Longmont CO all have public or will have public broadband soon. And guess what…. Comcast just gave me a free 50 MB upgrade. I pay about $100 / mo for 200 MB access and they bumped me up to 250 MB for free. Whoopi….Like I'm so impressed. They are frightened of the competition and are trying to make a preemptive attempt to curry favor. But I saw the price that Longmont's Nextlight system was charging for GB service and it was under $50 / mo for charter members and only $55 / mo for non-charter members. Need I say more?

  11. Jack Rasmussen 4 months ago

    as a Montanan I totally support Bullocks decision. The retard in charge of the FCC said that no state could create a law,. They did not say anything about Executive orders.

  12. Mike M 4 months ago

    conservatives are like STATE LAWS! unless it is something they do not like… then its like fuck STATE LAWS.. lol.

  13. Josh Sawyer 4 months ago

    Its States rights when it comes to denying people civil rights or teaching kids actual history instead of the red blue & white-washed version where America did nothing wrong and Columbus was a great guy. When it comes to actual popular things like legal weed & net neutrality, nope supremacy clause fuck the States.

  14. Hariank Mistry 4 months ago

    Good for Montana

  15. Victor Yanez 4 months ago

    All states must band together and present their case! Keep fighting America. It's time to take off the gloves! Keep the internet neutral. This force is about to get bigger and stronger!

  16. Happy Schwagg 4 months ago

    I'm from Arkansas and Kyle does a better southern accent than I do 🙁

  17. Branfrd 4 months ago

    Federal law overrides state law but the FCC is not Congress and cannot create laws.

  18. Loki Scarlet 4 months ago

    Federal law overrides state law IF ALLOWED BY THE CONSTITUTION. The Tenth Amendment limits the Supremacy clause.
    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
    In the case of telecommunications, there's nothing saying that the federal government can block states from deciding how one does business within those states.

  19. Jimmy Biggs 4 months ago

    The lizard people cannot go against humans when we unite!!

  20. JWil42 4 months ago

    1:56 on the other hand, we also have the Tenth Amendment, which says that anything that isn’t mentioned in the constitution is left to the states. Plus, these are “government contracts”, and if this doesn’t work, Montana can simply ramp up corporate taxes for ISPs that don’t implement net neutrality

  21. D N 4 months ago

    But Republicans are all about states rights.

  22. Tahir Rana 4 months ago

    Ajit needs to build Toilets in India!

  23. Julius Smith 4 months ago

    VOTE THEM OUT !!!!

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