Nancy Pelosi Endorses Anti-Gay Right-Wing Democrat

[tweet_dis2]Nancy Pelosi Endorses Anti-Gay Right-Wing Democrat[/tweet_dis2]

Illinois Democratic Rep. Dan Lipinski’s career is on life-support. The seven-term congressman from the Chicago area, who inherited his seat from his father, is facing a formidable primary challenge from businesswoman Marie Newman, whose campaign has been fueled by progressive anger at Lipinski’s opposition to reproductive rights, LGBT rights, and Obamacare. EMILY’s List, the national organization that supports pro-choice women candidates, has backed Newman and, along with a host of progressive groups—including Planned Parenthood and the pro-LGBT rights Human Rights Campaign—has spent heavily on ads against Lipinski…

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  1. Charla Lee 5 months ago

    This is the same bitch that sent out how to bullshit black people into voting for Democrats without meeting our demands during the 2016 election cycle so Nancy Pelosi decrepit ass backing a sellout over a true Progressive candidate doesn't surprise me at all. Republicans are kicking Democrats asses because Democrats stay giving the middle finger to their base and we are staying home in the 2018 election cycle because fuck the Democrats because we don't owe them shit so when the Democrats lose again I don't want a fucking lecture from the fucking Democrats.

  2. dsarrafi 5 months ago

    The Democrats agree with the Reps on all the policies that matter to the ruling elite: Wall Street, big defense, big pharma, health insurance, corporate welfare, empire & wars. There rest is Machiavellian "divide and conquer" bullshit identity issues.

  3. shamus248 5 months ago

    4:22 opposhit

  4. Arcticnerd 5 months ago

    This is why all these old people have to go.

  5. Anonymous 5 months ago

    Lol i got an nra ad

  6. Spruce 5 months ago

    Get this bitch out

  7. Greg Gupton 5 months ago

    LMAO! Racquetball is fun though. That caught me off guard

  8. Adrian Garcia 5 months ago

    As a gay man I appreciate you calling out the hypocrisy on both the left and right.

  9. Benn Conner 5 months ago

    I like how Kyle is populist but I really do think he should look into nationalism as then JD would find it a lot easier to attract lots of white voters that normally vote republican because they feel the dems don’t represent them anymore. It’s very difficult to get the majority of blacks and Hispanics to vote with us, remember Bernie Sanders would have still managed to win the democratic nomination in 2016 if it wasn’t for the Black and Hispanic voting blocks. Over 90% of blacks voted for Clinton and over 70% of Hispanic voted for Clinton over Sanders. Remember identity is an important and powerful force.

  10. Will Rogers 5 months ago

    Shes still alive…

  11. DIEGhostfish 5 months ago

    I'm not so sure it is completely impossible to run the other way. Republican "Big Tentism" can happen too. Provided a politician isn't TOO public about praising immigrants they can pass lots of pro-cheap-labor immigration expansion or at least enforcement-curtailing programs.

    And though he went back on his promise Trump did at least run on "Fuckin hell Iraq was a stupid mess."

  12. Tom Cross 5 months ago

    yeah, i'm pretty disappointed in pelosi now. as someone who was more left than obama or hillary, a bona fide progressive herself who didn't support the iraq war, opposed bush on foreign and immigration policy, austerity trickle down economics, and fought for gay rights and a more progressive version of obamacare, i am repulsed.
    she was wishy washy and mildly entertaining before with her somewhat doddery and loveable gaffes and those mannerisms but was always laser focused and with astonishing memory and eye for detail who got things done and was ruthless, now she's somehow lost the plot with trump and is a shadow of who she was. like hillary and joe biden, she is impotent in today's political scene.

  13. rudy verajr 5 months ago

    As long as u sell out yo in got it Nancy

  14. emerald3331 5 months ago

    Establishment Democrats are slaves to their Corporate overlords and do not care if they win or lose as long as they keep getting that money.

  15. Richard Reeves 5 months ago

    I think you’re being too stubborn on your beliefs Kyle, whether you like it or not not everyone is gonna believe 100% in Medicare for all, free college, a living wage and other things. Every party needs to be a broad church party of people who agree on majority of things but may defer other things otherwise you won’t be able to win seats in republican strongholds and a rainbow coalition of Americans.

  16. Joseph McDermott 5 months ago

    2 Points:
    1. It's not "pro-life", it's "pro-force"
    2. 0:49 "and he inherited his seat from his Dad". Out of curiosity, what was 1776 all about anyway?

  17. Richard Mays 5 months ago

    Everybody wants a pony. The Dems don’t want you to have one!

  18. AirgiodFeochadan 5 months ago

    Pelosi is a Republican that ran on the Democratic ticket. She's no more a Democrat than Trump.

  19. Liz Brooks 5 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi is very pragmatic. If you can't beat the GOP on their ideologies and your party is ran with no message and nothing of value. The best strategy is to enlarge the tend and to join them. After all the Undemocratic Party was once abandoned blue collar workers to recruits Republicans. This is in line with Chucky grand strategy.

    “For every blue-collar Democrat we lose in western Pennsylvania, we will pick up two moderate Republicans in the suburbs in Philadelphia, and you can repeat that in Ohio and Illinois and Wisconsin.” – Chucky The Great Strategist.

  20. Ali T 5 months ago

    This bitch has to go!!!

  21. Kro Legend 5 months ago

    Can Nancy Pelosi please just leave politics or join the Republican party. She actually said she misses Bush and likes working with the Republicans anyway.

  22. So are pro-life people not welcome in the Democratic Party? If so those anti Socialist and anti life pieces of shit can go fuck themselves with a rusty nail/

  23. markponicki 5 months ago

    Nancy Pelosi is addicted to pills. 100%. she is nonstop pilled out of her fucking mind 24/7. she's definitely on some heavy drugs.

  24. Thomas Tarrants 5 months ago

    The Democratic Party is there to offer voters a choice, not an alternative.

  25. PJB Rown 5 months ago

    Weird how they throw an NRA ad in front of your video.

  26. Carl Zulauf 5 months ago

    Holy crap. My tweet opened this video? Is this real life?

  27. Mike Guthrie 5 months ago

    Go play racquetball dipshit

  28. Storie Grubb 5 months ago

    i think it's worth pointing out (preaching to the choir here, i'm sure) that Hillary wasn't for Gay Marriage until 2013. The establishment really are 'republican lite'. it's gross. money and greed is their religion.

  29. Storie Grubb 5 months ago

    sooooooooooo many dumbass NRA ads!!!

  30. Nicole 5 months ago

    why the fuck do the voters of san francisco vote for this woman? will someone in the LGBTQ community in sf get their asses out there and knock doors for stephen jaffe? all progressives in the country need you people in sf to step up and live up to your radical left name and find the whole country someone that will actually represent us.

  31. The Outsider 5 months ago

    Evil goblin woman.

  32. Sean Brock 5 months ago

    If they espoused the things that they actually cared about they would instead of saying nothing they would never be elected as Democrats. They definitely believe in stuff but it doesn't exactly add up with their "public positions."

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