Neocon David Frum Schooled By Noam Chomsky On Moral Analysis

[tweet_dis2]Neocon David Frum Schooled By Noam Chomsky On Moral Analysis[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Robert Berger 2 weeks ago

    There's plenty of blame to go all over the world . No one nation has a monopoly on atrocities .

  2. Charles Warren 2 weeks ago

    Hey, kiddo: don't get too deep.

  3. Hit the nail right in the head

  4. steelersguy74 2 weeks ago

    Israel's not an ally, its a client state.

  5. Radical Theories 2 weeks ago

    Noam Chomsky will be remembered for centuries… He's truly a Hero

  6. lefthandovRA 2 weeks ago

    I disagree the solution is to cover all atrocities from self/allies , neutral, and enemy. Also yes you do have a responsibility to stop evil abroad if u can help and its obvious evil and you dont have an ulterior motive,kyle would be a person who would oppose entering ww2 while the Nazis gas jews

  7. Damian Oakes 2 weeks ago

    Sound engineer here. For those of you wondering why you can't hear the clips while others can, it's because the stereo channels are out of phase. What this means is that the sound waves on the left and right tracks are inversions of each other (when one goes up, the other goes down, and vice versa), and when they're mixed together (as they are on close speakers or a phone speaker), they cancel each other out. Think of Rick & Morty's brainwaves; the right channel is exactly as dumb as the left is smart. The easiest way around this is to listen to it on stereo headphones, which will give you enough separation to avoid phase cancellation.

    Stupid technical fuck up on the part of Secular Talk, because it's the kind of thing you can fix by pushing one button.

  8. runcycleskixc 2 weeks ago

    If I made this video I would keep my own voice volume below Chomsky's

  9. Slicktop 2jz 2 weeks ago

    Benign bloodbath. Wow.

  10. Hans Moelders 2 weeks ago

    Seriously Kyle? Nobody can understand a word!

  11. Every Noam Chomsky clip I've ever watched has weak audio.
    The irony is, this is a man you want to hear speak and America desperately needs to hear speak.

  12. cool breeze 2 weeks ago

    Noam Chomsky, who is brilliant and articulate is shunned and ignored by the mainstream "media" while murderer/shill David Frum gets a top position in the White House years after this clip. Shows how backwards we are as a nation.

  13. Straight White Male 2 weeks ago

    Conflating politics and ethics leads to suicide.

  14. Jose Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    You need to be wearing earphones to hear the clip he inserted smh

  15. FUCK GOOGLE 2 weeks ago

    RIP, Sound…

  16. Darryk 2 weeks ago

    I reckon Chomsky's naive moral purity, and black & white view of the world, would last about one day, were he to actually take a position of leadership where he's responsible for protecting people.

  17. matt walker 2 weeks ago

    Needs a need headphones warning label lol

  18. Antony bro 2 weeks ago

    America the genocide experts. How many real citizens (Real native americans) did you slaughter and vilify since 1776? Pretty well all of them . No? You exterminated 98% of them and you fail to point that out in your school history books. Shame on your Government. What's left too slaughter next? Mexicans, Russians and Chinese.

  19. David Vosspoor 2 weeks ago

    Of course! Frum went on to become a powerful official within an administration that destabilized the world and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Chomsky continued being a humble academic with no political influence, and ridiculed by media and most official discourse.

  20. Orange Hitler 2 weeks ago

    Chomsky has the biggest cock!

  21. randall2020 2 weeks ago

    Neo-Cons are simply Neo-Nazis. Frum is a war monger. Look up the BBC Documentary "The Power of Nightmares" which explains how cynical and crazy these disciples of their guru Leo Strauss are.

  22. Haliel 2 weeks ago

    morale bro

  23. fatheadnumber215 2 weeks ago

    It's funny because David Frum has moved light years closer since this interview.

  24. thorinbane 2 weeks ago

    Makes me sad that Frum is from Canada such a POS.

  25. Luis Benitez 2 weeks ago

    Excellent video footage. This should be played over and over again on massive jumbo-trons in order for some people to get "it".

  26. Cindy Bachynski 2 weeks ago

    Couldn't hear any of the Chomsky video.

  27. Dylan Holt 2 weeks ago

    Smart leftist schools dumb leftist.

  28. Mr Bennett 2 weeks ago

    Wear headphones to hear the Chomsky clip friends

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