Netanyahu Admits Starting War To Distract From Scandals

[tweet_dis2]Netanyahu Admits Starting War To Distract From Scandals[/tweet_dis2]

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Photo Credit: “Benjamin Netanyahu, Argh!”, © 2010 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Jimmy Dore Show JULY 1st Portland, Or. Tickets

  2. ihartevil 4 months ago

    jimmy i have an idea to make cenks life easier see if he will agree to this

    since cenk is trying to keep things together at TYT maybe he will agree for robby to come to MA and we stay around MA until after voting and then he brings me to TYT

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    also i wasnt paranoid about the moths and it would be impossible for me to have my stomach pumped and by the time i can contact rey it might be to late (that would be worst case scenario but this is the stuff i have to think about)

    thx for this ha bisky vid i hope you can help me and i really dont want TYT to be this way

  3. samy701 4 months ago

    Make Israel Palestine Again! Drain the Swamp!

  4. tangolobo 4 months ago

    Wow…. I ask myself did Trump listen to this and did his ego get a bit hurt.

  5. Filthy Connoisseur 4 months ago

    Trump sucky netenyahoo dicky

  6. Erfan Moshtagh 4 months ago

    the level of joke politics is. USA funds Saudi Arabia, Al Qaeda, ISIS. then attacks country claiming there are terrorist. Then carry out there corporate facist agenda

  7. 54683NS 4 months ago

    Jimmy Dore does some great work, but he really should stay away from humanizing an Israeli mass murderer like Netanyahu at the very moment when caged and tortured Gaza protesters are being murdered and having their bodies hideously maimed by cowardly and criminal Israeli occupation and aggression forces. And yes, I understand that these voice impersonation phone calls are all about drawing out the lies and contradictions of some repugnant people, but there is still a strong element of humanization in these pieces that are simply out of place in the current context of ongoing atrocities committed by the racist, ethnic-cleansing state of Israel. … How can anybody f##king laugh as this crime is happening … yet again!!

  8. IssacNewton 4 months ago

    Hahahha best impression

  9. Norma Harris 4 months ago

    At last Jimmy does something truly satirical, so funny 🙂 (even though it's shining some true light on the hypocrisy of politics).

  10. Rob Reiken 4 months ago

    Taking the piss, but this is so true, Israel are the No 1 Terrorists. ISIS Israhell Secret Intelligence Service.

  11. Woodkeeper Jakbop 4 months ago

    check to see who launched the missiles first – I believe it was Syrian military positions, and they do have the right to defend themselves. Secondly, They were launched into areas of occupied Syria, not Israel. The syrian government is not so stupid as to give assent for Iran to retaliate from Syria, and take the bait.

  12. dunamis 4 months ago

    IsraEL needs NO excuse to START a war – They have more than enough uninvited help!

  13. Ben Saremi 4 months ago

    The nation of israel from Abraham (Biblical history in a nutshell)

  14. Jim West 4 months ago

    Utter nonsense.

  15. dubyajayyo 4 months ago

    What is the downside of the fall of not-legitimately-Israel?

  16. Gabriel Arnett 4 months ago

    This criminal in'e gone too jail yet SMFT.

  17. Car Lover 4 months ago

    Go and fuck yourself Netinyehu, you're the biggest liar, in the world, the stupid USA fighting your battles, but don't worry, your time is numbered, let's hope the Americans woke up, and realise, that yourself, blew the USA ship and killed, so many, also the towers, were done by your own people, shame on Trump, to fall for your lies, also letting you kill those people in Gaza. God is never on your false people,side, down with Israel, and may God, drowns you in a ball of fire, and send you all to hell,

  18. Philip Dawes 4 months ago

    As funny as it was, the comedy aspect really has no place with a thug and terrorist nation such as israHell. Yesterday it massacred 60 Palestinians and injured some 1300 while Palestinians justifiably protested at the grave stupidity of Trump in moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Trump's brainless decision will have far-reaching negative consequences for America around the world.

  19. tiborvivi 4 months ago

    I wish the 'holocaust' really happened. We would be better off today

  20. fatimamovement 4 months ago

    This impression is too real… I wonder if that really is Bibi

  21. John Cofield 4 months ago

    The middle east has been slaughtering itself since the ding dong of time but now it's Bebe's fault?! ROFL!!

  22. Sue Damonus 4 months ago

    Israel’s Shin Bet: Iran Funding Hamas-Led Riots at Gaza Border

  23. arnold trogman 4 months ago

    Yet so called journalist H A Goodman completely supporting Netanyahu and Trump on this yet pretending to side with Julian Assange he needs people to go to his side and rip him a new one over this people are dying by the by the scores and being injured at a hundred and Mr. Goodman is defending it completely and pretending he's on our side… he needs feedback in a major way.. because he's dripping with arrogance and couldn't care less what happens to the Palestinians..

  24. It is not to distract from scandles! Its to start war

  25. 20170712 112444 4 months ago

    Anyone who supports the fake nation called Israel is a war criminal.

  26. shibby dibby 4 months ago

    stop being a coward by painting Netanyahu as the big bad villian mastermind, along with the main conspiracy behind this is that it's a "Distraction". The problem isn't Netanyahu. Neither is it the 'far-right' in Israel. It's not "Zionists". It's not even the Israel in and of itself.
    It's Jews being Jews. This is what they do. Everyone knows it, you're all just too weak and literally close-minded to admit it. They are parasites devoid of all empathy. They instinctively have a genetic drive to decieve and subvert, exploit and corrupt other peoples. The are G_ds Chosen people, and the filthy goyim exist solely to serve them.
    Also, daily reminder tthat Hitler was E V I L and gassed 6 billion innocent Jews, for no reason whatsoever.

  27. jeanie ling 4 months ago

    Jimmy Dore. You are so naughty. Thanks.
    Pitch-y-man Netanyahu, Bibi Pitch-y-man.
    Do you suppose the worldwide corruption executive order will scoop him up?

  28. Neal Millstein 4 months ago

    One of the greatest democracies in the world Israel, a wonderful place to live with the strong IDF always taking care of business on behalf of the Israeli people!!! MAGA

  29. White Stag 4 months ago

    The voice of Bibi is not satanic enough , if you played the voice slower it would be deeper and more sinister, just like Bibis.

  30. m al 4 months ago


  31. Sparkie Lyle 4 months ago

    Yeah, Trump the Tru Sock Puppet 4 IsraHell. & a Lap Dog 4 the, War Mach 4 Profit Oligarchs. Another Tax Break 4 the 1 %'ers, any 1 ?

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