Netanyahu Brags About Controlling Trump – Media Silent

[tweet_dis2]Netanyahu Brags About Controlling Trump – Media Silent[/tweet_dis2]

In a leaked tape, Benjamin Netanyahu boasts about making Trump pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal. This will not make the evening news.

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Photo Credit: “Trump visits Israel”, © 2017 StateofIsrael, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. New Jersey Devil 2 months ago

    Trump was in debt & Rothchild Zionist's pulled him out sources say.

  2. david gregory 2 months ago

    (Zion) is a menace to the world. They act out their psychopathology upon the world in an attempt to reconcile their historical trauma. Like a pedophile they were once a victim with profound psychological wounds and now they have becomes the perpetrator of abuse.

  3. Blaze Duskdreamer 2 months ago

    lol Most of the people who watch this show are having a fine example set of how propaganda works though your attempt at it is pathetic af. You seem to think one international agreement makes our President a puppet of a foreign leader. Pathetic attempt to discredit him. On and on about propaganda and you're nothing but. It's of absolutley no significance even if true. International leaders reach agreements all the time. It's really not a huge deal that Isreal and the US – allies – did. If your honey, Jill Stein, were President, she'd have to reach international agreements too — or else lead us into unnecessary wars that accomplished nothing but destruction. But even the claim itself is ridiculous. Even if Netanyahu himself believes it – it A doesn't make it true and B it is just international diplomacy and C many Americans wanted out of that bad deal so Trump was putting Americans first. Just not the ones you think he should.

  4. Firko Kafi 2 months ago

    US is being sucked by Israel. US will suffer one day. The evangelists are helping Israel.

  5. Mazyar Zagros 2 months ago

    Trump is right about one thing, fake news(media).

  6. Nick Tesla 2 months ago

    TRUMP "Make America….I mean Israel great again!"

  7. Dear: You 2 months ago

    Jimmy how do you have the nerve to criticize Israel? Dont you know about the Holocaust!?!
    Remember how bad Hitler was!! Send them your money NOW!! Or your a Nazi! lol

  8. U.N. Owen 2 months ago

    Thanks Jimmy

  9. XeserUpseinOPelttil 2 months ago

    Lmao, (((Donald Trump)))

  10. B B 2 months ago

    Israel will destroy the United states by our American puppets in our government .

  11. Faith Deen 2 months ago

    this is karma america enslaved africans for their dirty works and for profit today the jews enslaved the west for their dirty works and for profit ,the africans who where enslaved became amerikan ,the amerikan enslaved by jews became filthy junks faggots athiest and brainwached scum

  12. Idah Elgae 2 months ago

    i am an iranian thank god iran does not need anything from us usa bad news allways and every where.

  13. h30202 2 months ago

    Breaking news…..only here. Hey Cenk and Ana did you hear this? Are you surprise? Sorry but most of the US presidents are traitors and cows of Israel.

  14. MWcrazyhorse 2 months ago

    Giving Iran 650 billion $?
    I hate jews as much as the next man, but I agree with them on this one. No need to give an islamist theocracy Barrack's deal and our money.

  15. Dan Gouger 2 months ago

    God bless Jimmy Dore. The balls on this guy…. Like he said, there's nobody reporting on this, including the supposedly anti-semitic alt-right. Nobody but Jimmy. I'm a fan for life now.

  16. qynsar 2 months ago

    We shouldn't be giving money to Israel, other than that I support Israel. Everything that Trump has done is what wanted him to do. Build the wall, enforce our borders , make better trade deals , support U.S. citizens only.

  17. James Rossi 2 months ago

    If you want to know more about Israel and the early years of military, espionage and political development, check out LaCarre’s The Little Drummer Girl. Israel is just one of the back stories in the book but LaCarre (a former M.I.5 agent) gives excellent insight and information.

  18. great vengeance 2 months ago


  19. lone ranger 2 months ago

    Trump is controlled by jews. He gave his daughter to one and she converted.

  20. Prince Blizzard 2 months ago

    The puppet.

  21. Amy Bruch 2 months ago

    I believe they are controlling his mind.

  22. Eleanor LeTourneau 2 months ago

    Watch this to learn how cold blooded they are and what they think of us:

  23. daniel allen 2 months ago

    So great having a moron who can’t think for himself as president

  24. gonzalo u 2 months ago

    Facebook bans any comment I send about Israel´s crimes and his control over sheeps in USA

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