Netanyahu: Palestinians “Died” While Israel Showed Restraint!

[tweet_dis2]Netanyahu: Palestinians “Died” While Israel Showed Restraint![/tweet_dis2]

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Photo Credit: “Benjamin Netanyahu – Caricature”, © 2015 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:

  2. pod pod 4 months ago

    Or they could just stop trying to attack Israel and come to the table. Barring that they deserve everything Israel throws at them.

  3. Tennis Rich 4 months ago

    there should be as many places to go see a JDS type quality truth and laughs, as there are fast food joints… we need a way to send donations that does not require the intra web. how about going on radio- replay old shows. and a way to send contributions in the mail, and or to a real local rep!

  4. Rick James! 4 months ago

    Put 2 horns on his head and call him what he is, Satanyahu

  5. MrHandss 4 months ago

    in other news, Palestine just shot rockets and an Israeli Kindergarten, but yes let's cry for dead terrorists because MAYBE 1/6 of the people showing up to tear down the fence aren't hamas operatives like the majority of them clearly were.

  6. edgar gonzalez 4 months ago

    Talmud allows for a jew to steal from and/or kill a non-jew. Guess that explains that…

  7. Waggish Shegetz 4 months ago

    The only upside of this tragedy is that it has put to rest any doubt about what life would be like in a "full on" Zionist state. If anyone is wondering what will happen to the US goyim if/when the guns are confiscated they need look no further than Gaza. The Banking "elite" (they who shall not be named b/c if you name them then you the namer are the problem for being intolerant) has brought us many "isms" in the last century. We can debate the true racial makeup of the communists, and we can also debate the true racial make up of the neoconservatives and their cheesy neoliberal sidekicks so pinning the millions of deaths from those 2 "isms" solely on the members of "they who shall not be named" is an approximate at best. However, with regard to Zionism there is no debate. These people are truly fucked up. Jimmy D I get where you are at but if best we can do is a fucking comedy skit after the events in Gaza then we are nothing more than a pathetic bunch of cow – ards and we deserve whatever fate we get.

  8. Paul son of Paul 4 months ago

    The Jimmy Dore Show
    ; you're a puppet. I have seen footage taken on Palestinian phones where they breached the fenced and headed towards the nearest Israeli homes, armed with meat cleavers and machettes to kill people. They have been burning Isreali crops, throwing moletov cocktails. If the Palestinians wish to follow their Hamas leaders and take their children into a violent RIOT, that is their problem. Wake up fool.

  9. Glenn Stockley 4 months ago

    Temple Mount is shrine to ALL earthly that third temple so it can be destroyed…

  10. Kevin Johnstone 4 months ago

    Too true

  11. big meme 4 months ago

    Netanyahu is so mean to those poor Palestinian holocaust victims

  12. Shabbat Man 4 months ago

    Don’t want to die? Stay away from the fence. You suck Jimmy.

  13. Yuri Bezmenov 4 months ago

    fn hilarious

  14. Jo John 4 months ago

    The people of Palestine suffer under the Jewish state of Israel. Jews are some of the most racist evil people on earth. To stand by and allow the shooting of innocent people of Palestine is wrong and full of hate. The MSM is jewish owned and control. And will never ever report the truth. We are fools for supporting Israel. And Jewish media has a lock in our nation. Jimmy is a honest man who wants truth and does not cover up for Jewish war crimes in Gaza. I wish he will run for congress.

  15. Sam Downer 4 months ago

    Israel will prevail over any Arab attempt to destroy its soveriegnty and people. If muslims want to die trying to breach its borders then that is their choice and responsibilty, no one elses. Gaza is a breeidng ground for terorrism and conflict. The current bullshit march of return is just another excuse for Hamas to place people in harms way and garner some public sympathy in the western media and other shit outlets like thes one from Jimmy the Bore as a means of emboldening terrorists all over the world, including the USA and Europe. These are the facts losers. Too bad you are such cowardly creeps as to think that Hamas has some legitimacy and was "democratically "elected and that the Israelis are solely to blame for this escalalting conflict. Want to see what life under Hamas is like?

  16. Sam Downer 4 months ago

    You fucken idiots would rather live iunder the Sharia of Hamas I suppose. because that is the only choice the Fakeistinians now have. Meanwheile as islam takes over western countries and imposes itself on the local population anyone speaking out agianst them gets thrown in prison. A progressive outlook that supports oppressive Islam, that is what you retards are now, nothng more. You get your rocks off criticising Israel but would shit yourselves if you were on the fironntline fighting this Islamic lunacy.

  17. Michael Van Ausdall 4 months ago

    absolutely hilarious and tragic of course

  18. Jerry Lewis 4 months ago

    BDS!!!. the 57 Islamist supremacist APARTHEID nations that oppress Christians, Women, Gays, Minorities and Journalists !

  19. Trump-a-tron 5000 4 months ago

    I lost my sh*t at "Goddamn, I want a milkshake now."

  20. Rob G 4 months ago

    sounds like the brand of 'restraint' US cops are so good at 🙂

  21. Ethan Derstine 4 months ago

    Jimmy do a video about the public option bill introduced by Merkley on 18 April!

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