New Poll: Progressive Agenda Priority For Voters

[tweet_dis2]New Poll: Progressive Agenda Priority For Voters[/tweet_dis2]

A new poll reveals that a large majority of Democrats and Independents think that a progressive agenda should be the top priority for 2018.

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Photo Credit: “Nancy Pelosi Sketch Agenda Under Fire”, © 2010 Don Relyea, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. B Jung 5 months ago

    #California make your vote heard. VOTE Gayle McLaughlin for Lt Governor on June 5th!
    Gayle's a true progressive with a 14 year proven track record of accomplishments in Richmond, CA. She is corporate-free — takes NO corporate money and has NO Super Pac.

  2. Andrew Birbeck 5 months ago

    So this poll tells us nothing.

  3. David Mester 5 months ago

    Break up the corporate power structure, socialize and get control of the international banking system. Give everyone healthcare and education. Trump is unfit, and his off-the-wall constituency is done. US criminality is done.

  4. Brian Wolle 5 months ago

    god bless jimmy dore

  5. Tracy Rosellini 5 months ago

    Let's promote President Trumps agenda while we all start working on a nude erection

  6. Tracy Rosellini 5 months ago

    Nancy is detached. I thought almost everyone wants to get started on a nude erection.

  7. bigraviolees 5 months ago

    if the only thing Dems offered was a spine Id take that. FIGHT back against deregulation  Cit United  GOP pollution murder policy and their evangelical horseshit. Chuck Schumer cries like a wuss, no . They fight 10 X harder and are 20 X worse. Dems are  like TV news , cowards

  8. Dragitall 5 months ago

    Polosi has a face like a parrot fish.

  9. TheJohnswa 5 months ago

    Great point about most men would like to do Stormy Daniels! But, the Dems will never get it! Most Americans could care less about Russia!Russia! Russia!

  10. D N 5 months ago

    I'm anxious to hear about Ron's progressive comedy tour of the south.

  11. Nunya Binness 5 months ago

    I can't believe democrats have been dumb enough to go after gun rights during an election year. And you didn't just go after them, your party actually openly flirted with the ideas of confiscation and repealing the 2nd Amendment altogether. The generic ballot gap really tightened after that. Who but a DUMB ASS makes repealing the Bill of Rights their platform?

  12. Nunya Binness 5 months ago

    It amazes me how confused you democrats are about how to win again. lol
    How about stop assaulting the Bill of Rights? Stop trying to shut down free speech. Stop trying to curtail or repeal the right to bear arms. Start giving a damn about border security. Just those few things would make a world of difference in democrat support.

  13. Jo John 5 months ago

    Jimmy a Progressive agenda is one for the common wealth of all the people. Like a healthcare system that cures people Not treats them. A mass transportation system that like Mono rails A space program that works. A end to private banking system know as the fed and have congress control and issue the money supply for the benefit of all the people. Way too much wealth collected on wall street bank Way too little for the people. They alway have us fighting over social issues and give us the best Yellow journalism (MADE TO INCITE ) FROM THE 5 MSM OUTLETS.

  14. Xavier Lamar 5 months ago

    God forbid that this doesn't happen in the 2020 primaries.
    If it came down to Clinton vs Pelosi. Who would you vote for.
    This will not happen but in a world where democrats have loss there freakin minds who would you vote for.

  15. Nunya Binness 5 months ago

    I find this whole thing fascinating. Because to me, Trump isn't really a Republican. To me he's a lot closer to an old-school conservative democrat — back when dems were strong proponents of the 2nd Amendment and were at least somewhat vocal about the need for border security. The old dem sure is kicking the new dem party's ass. It's very entertaining.

  16. Nunya Binness 5 months ago

    Let's see… You can't beat Trump on the economy. You can't beat Trump on national security whatsoever. You came out against the 2nd amendment, and have even flirted with repealing it, during an election year. You refuse to enforce immigration laws, tho it's a top 3 issue for most voters. You bash the White male voters on a daily basis who you desperately need… Oh, and Nancy Pelosi is the shot caller. Yeah, you're pretty much screwed. I like you Jimmy, but you're screwed.

  17. Nunya Binness 5 months ago

    This is where the entire Democrat party outright REFUSING to work with Trump AT ALL is going to really hurt them. Almost 70% of the people give Trump credit for this great economy, yet you dems say you're going to oppose everything he does. In other words if we elect you all you're going to do is FXCK IT ALL UP. Damn you have totally screwed yourselves. lol

  18. king tundra 5 months ago

    Jimmy- your shirt!!!!!
    That's a look.

  19. Warner Bauer 5 months ago

    The "progressives" will turn America into Venezuela.

  20. Stunami 5 months ago

    The Democratic Party are nothing more than hecklers and tabloid gossip. Brilliant!

  21. Robert Simon 5 months ago

    I love the topography of this country but can't stand this Government.

  22. Robert Simon 5 months ago

    Current dem leadership will say anything to get elected,than get in there and not do what they said.

  23. GoPostal1st 5 months ago

    Why would you like to be with Marilyn when you have Stef 🙂

  24. mit mumo 5 months ago


  25. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    So stream of the pornstar is bad but molesting women with your wife's backing it's okay yay Clinton's

  26. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Bill Clinton maybe sit with pornstar man I wish I was him that's all the men of America would say or I wish I was him

  27. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    I have not literally just on p o r n h u b hahaha. Nobody's checking her out she's getting Millions for the publicity. I don't even deny it to my old lady that I was jacking off of that

  28. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    If you had put Bernie Sanders in the White House what do you think would happen the same thing that's happening to Trump.. they would fight his agenda of no money in politics free school free medical unless War… just because you put a guy in the White House doesn't mean the country will change you have to change Congress and the Senators that would side with Bernie otherwise he went to get s*** done either.. the president doesn't run the country Congress and Senators do we need to fire them all except for the poor ones

  29. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Money it's a hit don't give me that you good b***** money it's a hit with that geopolitical b*******. We don't want to be like everybody else we want to be us the people of the United States versus the governess of the United States

  30. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Just like the Mad Hatter from California waters now you're living in her own District or anywhere near it because she can't stand those poor people

  31. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Everybody in Congress except for a few and it is a few and everybody in the Senate except for a few I'm talking anywhere from 5 to 10 and each group or money takers hacks who want destroy your life for the almighty dollar. Your poor I'm not I don't know what the problem is that's the Congress and the sentence Outlook on you people who voted for them.. that's why I say I higher the poor guy because no money is backing him because she's going against corruption and doing the work of the people for the people you'll get no money no big money anti-establishment people

  32. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Anybody there has the same agenda she has whether they admit it or not the proof is in the pudding.. for two years Democrats ran everything and didn't pass a damn thing for the people

  33. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Yeah but Nancy Pelosi cat help but speak the truth about her party's agenda that's why they want her to shut up. If Pelosi shut up and more of those corrupt politicians got me office that they endorse they will still do business as usual screwing American citizens. So if they get Nancy Pelosi to shut up check out the people running yourself don't rely on ads because the mainstream media is bought and paid for by Soros and other Elites like him. Now Bow Down to your ruler hahaha

  34. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    No Jimmy people want things to go the way they were can you hear Pelosi she's a real touch with the people she knows what's going on we just want things to be the way you used to be. Unemployment Rison race crimes everybody on food stamps subservient masses kneeling to their God The Giver of food and rent. How do you control the people control the food control the money hell.. Nancy Pelosi is crazy yeah but even she knows that that's how you rule a country

  35. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    When does the politician have enough money. Vote for the guy with no money the guy you hardly ever see on TV the guy that say bad things about and can't rebuttal because he gets no air time that's the guy you want to vote for. He knows what it's like in the real world. Fire the rich higher the poor that should be a model for both sides

  36. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    The Pelosi wanted to give free healthcare I don't think it would help her plight. You just know it's a lie that there's no money in it for her she ain't going for it

  37. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Where is mr. Wasserman Schultz anyway. I hope she's not in office anymore haven't heard anything. Then I try not to follow people who are against freedom

  38. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Single-payer insurance would win anybody in election on that alone. Everybody would have an insurance card and get Medical that they need

  39. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    Look at England where they have neighborhoods the police won't go into because they're afraid of the violence and they tell people they're not part of that community just stay out of there because they can't protect them and won't go in there to help them. Clinton more than all 4 the England agenda which is happening right now. The fact that we have guns has slowed that down

  40. Drew Hanscom 5 months ago

    You just put the last nail in the coffin for Democrats. Take the money out of politics then dirty scumbag people would run for office cuz there's no money in it whoa. Then you get a person who actually wants to earn what he's being paid while helping the people by doing what they want. Not the minority but the majority

  41. Joao M. Alvarez 5 months ago

    Fuck the Democrats, vote Green

  42. drizzal83 5 months ago

    @ 1:38 Jimmy: "I'm not a math surgeon." Don't feel dumb, Jimmy– no one is.

  43. AndTheCorrectAnswerIs 5 months ago

    Trump IS responsible for our economic success, and that's why Democrats have no real political arguments against him. How can you say that record low Black and Hispanic unemployment is bad? How can you say 2 decade low female unemployment is bad? How can you say that a BOOMING stock market is bad? How can you say that lower tsxes for 90% of the American people is bad? How can you argue against a policy of rebuilding American infrastructure? How can you say its bad that manufacturing is flooding back into the US? Democrats have nothing, because Trump is hitting it out of the park.

  44. Doc Tyler 5 months ago

    Everybody knows who Donald Trump is that's why that the revelations about him aren't sticking, No one believes hes a spy and everyone knows hes been with supermodel's/porn stars, no one is shocked here.

  45. Doc Tyler 5 months ago

    The Dems are stuck with the "anti-Trump" agenda, its too late to
    change horses now. 28% lol
    Could be the first time a sitting president picks up seats in the mid-term elections in my lifetime…

  46. DrMerciless 5 months ago

    Go to the GREEN PARTY

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