New York City Has Permanent Fix For Net Neutrality

[tweet_dis2]New York City Has Permanent Fix For Net Neutrality[/tweet_dis2]

Tech volunteers in New York City are building Mesh Networks. This needs to happen Nationwide.

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Photo Credit: “New York City”, © 2011 Yoann JEZEQUEL, Flickr | CC-BY

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:

  2. Jason Hoyt 5 months ago

    If Jimmy Dore spouts conspiracy theories, then this documentary must be a conspiracy theory as well….

  3. Jason Hoyt 5 months ago

    Wireless isn't all fun and games. Why has the entire country of France banned Wifi in kindergartens? The FCC is also suppressing info on the health effects of living in a large experimental microwave oven!

  4. Aaron Parnell 5 months ago

    yeah this is a nice idea but very very expensive and more complicated then you can imagine.

  5. Per Remme 5 months ago

    This is one step further, because the spread is incentivised. Please look into it. They are shipping out equipment to hundreds as we speak!

  6. Daphene White 5 months ago

    Yea… Corporations always have your back….but then they again always have both hands on your wallet as well. If the public can continue be fleeced for more and more money all the better for corporations. B4sstards.

  7. FranklySean 5 months ago

    But where does the super node get the internet from? A big corporate ISP

  8. TheJagjr4450 5 months ago

    There were a bunch of cities who were going to do this 15 years ago and the private industry bought them out… Gorilla Networks was one of the companies I saw the presentation which they went to cities to make the case… there were many Southeastern cities and counties which were interested and started the processes to implement and the private industry was not at all happy that they were not going to be able to monetize it.

    I think that the network companies should be required to provide this in order to get their municipal licenses.

  9. Jaguar Rose 5 months ago

    About what about privacy and security on this open signal? One of the reasons I don't like using public Wi-Fi is because I've always been warned it opens you up to your device big hacked.

  10. Ramin Honary 5 months ago

    The supernode needs to connect to the Internet. So if the owner of the Internet connection going to the supernode is an ISP like AT&T or Comcast, they can throttle or block the whole mesh network. only users on the mesh will be able to connect to each other, they won't be able to connect to (for example) BitTorrent nodes that are outside the mesh network?

  11. Stuart F. Andrews 5 months ago

    I predict Ron has a future in politics.

  12. Monkey Boy 5 months ago

    good job Ron!!!

  13. Nigel Palmer 5 months ago

    soon the whole world will be able to login to Elon's internet for a $ a week we will get almost free internet and Elon will get about 5 billion a week.

  14. Edward Yang 5 months ago

    Internet should be nationalized, or at least heavily regulated, democratically.

  15. Chris Richard 5 months ago

    That dog looks BAKED.

  16. Russell Meyers 5 months ago

    YEAH RON!!!!!

  17. Dennis Olof 5 months ago

    You guys should check out the Ubiquiti community, there are plenty of other citys or countrys that have WISP networks etc, this is most common in places where the infrastructure is bad or weak. But that is not the case in USA so I do not understand why there are not plenty of WISP networks to compete with AT&T etc. Also a lot of rural areas can benefit from this where you can do hybrid solutions and create fiber super nodes and then people use the WIFI link to get the access to the house. Works great and is a excellent solution for access outside the big city etc.

  18. Franklin Cerpico 5 months ago

    I'm literally crying laughing listening to these morons try to explain what's happening in the video to each other at the 4 minute mark. "You know that big thing sends the signal to the little things and badda bing, badda boom, free shit for everyone!!!"

  19. Franklin Cerpico 5 months ago

    Oh my god these people have no idea how wireless networking actually works. This idea will not bring "super fast" internet to people. Mesh networking exists to provide redundancy not throughput.

    These hosts are entirely clueless as to the how narrow the WI-FI spectrum is and what happens when hundreds of people are on overlapping channels. WI-FI was not designed for long distance transmission. What an utter fucking fail.

  20. Andrew Mefford 5 months ago

    I think this is great for most, but for those that work from home, most companies requires a wired connection. Now I know ways to spoof that but not many people do. Overall though, I think this is awesome and possibly only the beginning!

  21. BreakTheSpell 423 5 months ago

    gosh i love your doggie just beautiful. great reporting blessings xo

  22. james williamson 5 months ago

    Good show, Jimmy.

  23. james williamson 5 months ago

    Great work, Ron.

  24. Thinkb4utype 5 months ago

    Ron frickin' nailed that podium talk! GO RON!

  25. abmaw 5 months ago

    There's actual 3rd-world countries that do internet this way

  26. userwhosinterestedin 5 months ago

    3000 km would be a little bit overstretched xD

  27. Amy Whitman 5 months ago

    We need this in LA!!!

  28. JorgeXFBunny P 5 months ago

    Why don't they send that to Miami.

  29. A W 5 months ago

    The party that wants to censor speech also wants you to give the government the power to control speech.

  30. TL 5 months ago

    I have a wireless internet service provider and i get 25mbps down and 25mbps up all from a little antenna on my front porch, no contracts and a fair price and i live in the middle of nowhere. I usually get 27-30 mbps so i actually get more speed than i pay for and they are always there to answer my call and help if i have an issue

  31. jagdjohn96 5 months ago

    run those comcast assholes out of business!

  32. MoronSoldier 5 months ago

    Dore/Placone 2020.
    Make it happen.

  33. Tim Caffery 5 months ago

    Wow, just about 25 years late on understanding the internet. So, 2 yrs ahead on Syria, 2 decades late on something you use everyday. Wait till you figure out that this THING (purely psychological phenomena), [Representative] Government, is the same thing and works the same way [on you]. That is, you were tricked by corporate (Judaic) mimicry into seeing some made up delusional [self] interpretation of the interwebs, and anyone who told you different was a nut (compared to you).
    P.S. after that TN city did this the US Senate passed some stuff to prevent any other city in the US from doing this, that's why it's a singularity. I bet you all even did a show on it, yet you have no cognitive capacity to know it. While some would call you idiots, I know stress binds the memory as much the body, and the mind; and all limited mobility ends in restricted capacity…. relative to the static potential being REPRESSED.
    But I will work on jokes and satire from now on, as offerings and demonstrations of access to potentiality (people learn from seeing it…. unless you study Helen Keller… She is the key. If the world needs a Messiah or Savior, it's the study of her life; it holds the truth and all the answers to all your anxieties and traumas you seem unable to surmount, or embrace).

  34. Roger Starkey 5 months ago

    When 5g arrives it will (I believe) work the same way.

  35. Citizen Se7en 5 months ago

    Mark my words: all of this "benign" wireless communication is going to bite us all in the ass, eventually. Electromagnetic radiation doesn't have to be ionizing to be harmful. Non-ionizing radiation — even exposure down in the shortwave radio bands — can be harmful, given enough time. It's all cumulative. When cancer rates spike even more in major metropolitan areas, don't be surprised.

  36. The Humanity 5 months ago

    At the very least what we need is Internet as a public utility like how Electricity is generated by the state. That will cut companies like Comcast and AT&T out of the picture entirely and the world would be that much better for it.

  37. Zukka 88 5 months ago

    Just looked at the FAQ. If they rely on donations that are voluntary then where does the money to support themselves actually come from?

  38. andy andy 5 months ago

    "corporations always have your back" only when your wallet is in your back pocket

  39. Jay Smathers 5 months ago

    Awesome job Ron! When will Ron run for office?

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