New York City Wants To Ban ‘Smoking While Walking’

[tweet_dis2]New York City Wants To Ban ‘Smoking While Walking'[/tweet_dis2]

Smoking while walking would be banned in New York City if a new bill is passed into law. Councilman Peter Koo is introducing the legislation on Wednesday, in what he says is an attempt to keep secondhand smoke away from pedestrians.

If the bill is passed into law people would be fined $50 if they were caught walking and smoking on city streets. Smoking is already banned in many public spaces in New York City.

Former mayor Michael Bloomberg, a passionate anti-smoking advocate, banned smoking in public parks and beaches in 2011. The city prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants in 2003.

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  1. João vitor Oliveira 2 months ago

    False issue. False law.

  2. Khalid Saad 2 months ago

    I support this. Also ban it in bus stops.

  3. Geoheenalu .Delmar 2 months ago

    People who smoke treat the world like an ashtray. They are assholes get them off my planet.

  4. Ballas E 2 months ago

    oh xd smoke yooooooo

  5. jha1927 2 months ago

    Kyle, you articulate the point by saying NY should ban the internal combustion engine.

  6. Amie 2 months ago

    people throw the butts on the sand at public beaches and when you get millions of butts its nasty. same in central park or public spaces.

  7. Smitty 2 months ago

    Good cancer sticks gtfo

  8. Kuma Sama 2 months ago

    Good! I agree.

  9. Patrick marrazzo 2 months ago

    I actually think the beach smoking ban was good for an entirely different reason. Cigarette butts fucking everywhere. But yeah, this is an over reach

  10. Michael Tarren Scott 2 months ago

    Ban Smoking all together!!

  11. rsca is god 2 months ago

    You won't hear me saying smoking doesn't kill. However in my country there are alot, ALOT of people that smoke. Way more than in the US. Yet our average life expectncy is still a few years higher then the US.
    Passive smoking from just the people you pass on the street won't do shit to your lungs. Maybe it would be better if the US would (also) tackle it's massive obesity problem and adopt the same extremely strict regulations on what kind of poison companies are allowed to put in your food.

    This ofcoarse is less notable for people and thus it's way more convienent to bitch whether or not you can walk while having a cig.

  12. Ben Grimm 2 months ago

    Lol… People are so dumb. Break dust is far worse than 2nd hand smoke in the city.

  13. Fun fact people don't know under it's illegal to smoke in section 9 low income housing. Section 8 allows it but not section 9. So you can't smoke in home, at a bar, in front of many public areas, and now when walking. Restaurants banning cigarettes makes sense but in bars with risk of liver disease, dui, kidney failure, and other alcohol related health risks do the clientele really think that the health argument works.

  14. Mushtaq Bhat 2 months ago

    Human Nature!

    It is a typical product of a middle class mentality. It is a breach in the castle that you can actively do something against! And it makes you a brave civil warrior amongst the like minded!

    A middle class family will not hesitate to protest against the neighbors and children; if they happen to be too loud. But they will fatalistically accept the noise from cars, jet planes, fighter planes maneuvering overhead, big noisy and polluting factories in the neighborhood or noise from construction works; even if they much louder or more polluting.

    A middle class family will not protest against radioactive isotopes from nuclear disasters, radioactive clouds, polluted cities but cry hell if the neighbor is using some exotic spices, smelly paints or anything of the sort.

    It is because they can do something against it!

    Whereas the other things: Kismet! Karma! The games of the Overlords; of powers beyond their control or even judgment!

    It reveals a fatalistic attitude historically acquired as submission to authority, inculcated unto the progeny.

    Whereas jumping whole heartedly at the neighbor, especially some one not from the inner-tribe is a passion that one can legitimately indulge in.

    Moreover it sure does give one the feeling of having: "Things under control!"

  15. James Jeans 2 months ago

    My best friend is allergic to cigarette smoke, it basically puts him into as asthmatic fit, so I can say from experience spending time with him that second hand smoke can be just as detrimental outdoors as it can in doors. If someone is smoking anywhere in his vicinity and the wind happens to change, his throat begins to close up and he begins to hack and cough as though he's the one that's been smoking for the last 25 years. And it's pretty shocking how often these people give him dirty looks, like he's somehow the problem.

  16. Pablo Fuckmuslims 2 months ago

    Ban cars then. Stupid fuck.

  17. Robert Fisher 2 months ago

    He clearly doesn't know about the walk-around that literally EVERY VETERAN knows. Light it, walk, stop, take a drag, walk, stop take a drag.

  18. airmark02 2 months ago

    …. cigarettes? lol ~ really ? Peter Koo is looking to distract every one from the real issues he won't deal with in Queens ~

  19. balamor1 2 months ago

    First of all if you are a smoker you are not free, and I don't trust the opinion of someone who believes that beaches are The Big Ashtray of this world. Of course you have the right to kill yourself by smoking everyday, but do it in your own place, not in a public space.

  20. plad plad 2 months ago

    Japan had a much better excuse to limit smoking while walking.. to prevent kids from losing an eye..

  21. Lukas Betz 2 months ago

    If you stand still, people that don't smoke are only bothered for a few seconds.
    It is fucking annoying to walk behind a smoking person. Why should I be punished for your smoking? I don't want to smell that shit. Not because it affects my health but because it stinks like shit.

  22. I got new rule: If you smoke a city oficial would wip you every 10 seconds.

    That´s getting ridic and I´m not a smoker.

  23. Kiz Epic Journey 2 months ago

    This bill doesn't go far ENOUGH. They should just ban smoking in public altogether. It's disgusting.

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