NFL Policy Isn’t About Respect It’s About Control

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  1. HakWilliams 5 months ago

    the NFL owners mostly do the math of their profits. The dumb conservative US populace is easily triggered by racist dog whistling and flag waving.

  2. HakWilliams 5 months ago

    Yo yo yo.

  3. Julius Dennis 5 months ago

    I hate to say this but Benjamin Dixon is 100% right on this issue this is nothing to do with taking a knee it's the fact that they are standing up and pointing out the corruption in our society when you have cops killing innocent black people for no reason they're not criminals and you're just killing people for no reason and I'm talking about the corrupt cops not all cops killing people for no reason you need to stand up against this so I applied what Kaepernick is doing and I applaud these guys for saying no the National Football League is only doing this to serve the military industrial complex they're literally getting paid to say the anthem go look it up if you think I'm lying so I applied Kaepernick for what he's doing and if you're a conservative you would be supporting what he's doing but most conservatives only support speech that agrees with them but if you are a true conservative you would be supporting Kaepernick even though you wouldn't agree with what he's doing and you would be supporting the football players that decide to do this as well this is about power and control it's not about taking a knee

  4. Zeph 5 months ago

    loving this new format you got Ben. Well done. Its good to actually see you!

  5. jim bob 5 months ago

    NFL will go down in history as a fascist and treasonous organization for capitulating to trump and the racists on this issue, and for not standing up for the players.
    I wonder how many people will stop watching. I never watched so it makes no difference to me, but I would imagine there are a lot of people turned off by this, it's going to hurt their bottom line.

  6. Pranay 5 months ago

    The picture of the 3 men you showed in the 1968 Summer Olympics, all three men had their futures crushed after that.

  7. Hazzycakes 5 months ago

    If you watch the NFL, you're part of the problem.

  8. Torri Taite 5 months ago

    I haven't watched the NFL in over 30 years and now I REALLY have no desire to watch that crap now! Trump needs to worry less about whether or not athletes stand or kneel and more on where this country is going! Athletes also need to decide whether or not they care about doing what's right.

  9. bugsz1 5 months ago

    Their rule violates a persons right to expression, a fundamental human right. Maybe the 'owners' like being wrong?

  10. dusty48 5 months ago

    This is all about the capitalist version of the slavemaster bringing his slaves into line in demanding respect from them. "Bow down to your master boy!" I stopped watching the NFL years and years ago, fuck that league, even when you look at an exploitative organization like the NBA, the owners would never collectively approve of such a thing but the NFL is a jar of maggots, I'm not even a basketball fan..

  11. loki2240 5 months ago

    A lot of people have claimed that the protests hurt the NFL's bottom line. For starters, I'd like to see proof that the NFL made less money last season or over the course of the last two seasons (since the protests started). The salary cap continues to increase, and two QB's (Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan) have gotten new unprecedented contracts with $80M and $100M guaranteed, respectively. I doubt that the owners would be so willing to give the players more money, as they're losing money. By the way, Matt Ryan plays for the Atlanta Falcons, and Falcons owner Arthur Blank was one of the owners who protested with the players, when Trump used the issue for his political ends and called the players SOB's. And many more NFL personnel participated in the protest of Trump's comments than participated in the original protest against police misconduct and social injustice.

    Also, the NFL signed a big streaming deal for next season. And that's in addition to its huge TV, advertising, and licensing contracts.

    Secondly, I would like to see proof that the protests were the main, or even a significant, reason why the NFL made less money (if in fact it made less money). There are many other factors involved, like Brett Favre and Peyton Manning retiring, Aaron Rodgers being injured for much of last season, Andrew Luck being injured the past two seasons, Tom Brady being suspended for the first 4 games of 2016, many teams having young, unestablished QB's or journeymen as starters, many more people streaming games (and TV in general) – which negatively affects TV ratings as they're traditionally measured, the Atlanta Falcons were the only NFC team to play in the 2017 and 2018 playoffs (lack of consistently successful teams tends to reduce fan interest), two franchises moving to a new city (Los Angeles, which has failed to provide the fan support for one NFL team, multiple times), ticket prices making it very difficult for people below a certain income level to regularly attend games, games being played in London when a lot of Americans are sleeping, prime time matchups between teams with bad records, the concussion scandal, the painkillers scandal, rule changes for kickoffs and contact, Thursday night games having to compete with college football games, prime time games being moved to ESPN and NFL Network (which many people don't have), more competition from people being able to binge watch Netflix and other streaming services, etc.

    Considering all of that, it seems like a very difficult case to prove. But of course, it's easy to make unsubstantiated claims.

  12. Comparative Reasoning 5 months ago

    National Fascism League

  13. Maurice Carlisle 5 months ago

    White people are nothing but deflectors. These athletes, especially these nigras need to realize this because this thing of forcing athletes to stand up is a violation of their First Amendment rights. White people don't even respect black people's humanity. So tell me why should I respect white people's humanity?? I wish for nothing more than white people being exterminated. That means as black people we need to separate ourselves from them, which is going to mean not cohabiting with them

  14. TheTruthNJ09 5 months ago

    The NFL gets NFL (No Fucking Love) from me, anymore. I love my team, but I hate the league.

  15. Jss Pss 5 months ago

    You said everything I was thinking. Also Tim Tebow as a NFL player took a knee during the anthem in protest of abortions but no one made a fuss about that

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