1. Basil Razzle 4 months ago

    It this was switched to a black woman it would be blown 1000x bigger and more outrage, shut up and stop bring race into it. Cops were punk thugs and that’s it.

  2. mochawitch 4 months ago

    From what I understand, this "victim" later said, "you can't treat me like those 'niggers'(source: Niko House).
    This doesn't excuse the behavior of the cops, but on some level it does expose the attitude of this woman who was pretty comfortable that she could expect to be treated differently by police than black citizens, no matter how she behaved . And of course that's true. Can you imagine a black person saying or doing a fraction of the things she did(kicking the cop in the groin for instance), and not ending up dead?
    I'm sure the police will face real consequences for this too, not paid leave as is the practice when they murder black citizens for much less than this.

  3. G erman C arrasco 4 months ago

    Yes, alcohol is bad for her health (though in most countries 18 is the legal age to do whatever an adult does), so nice police officers were so worry about it that they violently took her down and punched her in the head…

  4. snipervictim 4 months ago

    As l9ng as blacks are shown on video getting killed and beaten way more than whites there will be no change because as we all know whites will allow this . They love watching us being killed it has been around so long it is probably in their DNA at this point. The fact is whites are hard wired for autoratian rule and democracy and free will is really a experiment that they are failing.

  5. bigraviolees 4 months ago

    Stop resisting! Stop Flinching! Stop bleeding! Stop breathing in a threatening fashion! ….Cops don't beat shoot and murder because they have to, they do it because they can. If a 4 year old slapped them theyd grin because its a free shot

  6. Jay Anderson 4 months ago

    It is true she spat at the cop?

  7. Chris Dunn 4 months ago

    Yeah… she had an AR10 concealed in her bikini….. "just using that cold metal to cool me down, officer." C'mon you guys, the restraint tactics did not fit the measly crime. Some police are out of control

  8. Lisa Baerga 4 months ago

    Glad to see you got the video and new set up!

  9. Henke Ria 4 months ago

    when the police strikes her in the face you can kick his face. it should be legal bc it is protecting someones life.
    it should be legal.
    and even if it is not, the police should know there is gonna be a backlash for hitting a minors head with a fist.

  10. nothere413 4 months ago

    Cops assault people who dare to not submit to their absolute megalomaniacal authority. They feel personally slighted whenever someone "resists", even when the cop shouldn't be attacking them in the first place.

  11. dusty48 4 months ago

    The obligatory "why this bitch was resisting, violent thug, should have complied w the police" joke because its soo "deep" and "satirical" because "becky's getting slammed" and "chickens roosting" etc etc.

  12. Jason Campbell 4 months ago

    Think of how much worse things would be if Miss Bring 'em to Heel had been installed by the deep state. God bless Trump and America. #MAGA

  13. The End Begins 4 months ago

    She should have followed orders. Naw JK, these cops are out of control.

  14. Bill Bixby 4 months ago

    Such a pity the crowd didn't kick the daylight's out of these thugs impersonating police and then leave them their for the dogs to piss on them!!

  15. Torri Taite 4 months ago

    Unfortunately, Benjamin that will never happen and the bystanders are nothing more than glorified apologists.

  16. René Moncayo 4 months ago

    Why wasn’t there a riot?

  17. Coco-Butta 4 months ago

    The system will start paying attention when black officers start doing this to white people. Just my singular opinion. ✌

  18. Hey…it is what it is, their problem is not my issue, cape if you like! We all know shit is not going to change regardless.

  19. aname7 4 months ago

    If the murder of Daniel Shaver didn't change things Then something like this won't. The people in power aren't going to make changes to the system for some poor middle class peasant being attacked or killed. Now if it was Ivanka Trump in that video we of course would see immediate change wouldn't even need to hold your breath Trump would be tweeting out threats and promising action before you could even start.

  20. Ghostrida100 100r 4 months ago

    This little Jewish girl and her community will NOT allow this to fly…..

  21. loki2240 4 months ago

    "Resisting" often amounts to not being a rag doll as you're being punched, kicked, beaten with a baton or flashlight, body slammed, etc. If you're being hit or kicked all about the head and face, and you put your hands or arms up to protect yourself from possible serious injury, then you're resisting. If you don't lie on your stomach with your hands behind your back, while you're being kicked in the ribs, then you're resisting (even if another officer is on top of you and preventing you from putting one of your hands behind your back).

    And worse than that, putting your hands up to try to protect yourself from the blows can be interpreted as "reaching for the officer's firearm." And then they can shoot you to death.

    Unfortunately, this will have to get a lot worse for "white" Americans before significant positive changes are made. We can criticize the mainstream media for almost exclusively showing incidents involving African Americans, despite the fact that more "white" Americans have been the victim of police misconduct (although at a lower rate). But most of the "white" Americans who bring up that fact only do so to try to silence complaints from ethnic minorities. They don't seem to actually care about the "white" Americans having been mistreated by law enforcement officers.

  22. WithoutRemorse12 4 months ago

    It's also the patronage system. A lot of white people have cops in their families. They are protecting their providers and those jobs.

  23. Theresa Aubry 4 months ago

    In  the  words  of  Taurean  Reign: I  feel  nothing…. because  no  one  gives  a  care  in  the  world  when  police-brutality  regularly  happens  to  us  black  folks

  24. Somniferous Almond 4 months ago

    Fuck the police

  25. TheUltimateBeing 01 4 months ago

    This is what happen when you don't punish cops for breaking the law. America's inept and immoral legal system is ENTIRELY at fault for these sociopaths working as cops! Like a bad child, you have to smack the fucker upside the head and lay down the law to get the point across STOP DOING THIS CRAP! But because people refused to do that, because people are SIDING with cops and putting way too much trust into law enforcement, because our courts NEVER send them to prison and ruin their careers, allowing them to literally get away with murder….

    You now have a police force across America abusing their authority. We have a legalized GANG in America now, all because authoritarian courts and politicians DID NOT EVER PUNISH COPS FOR KILLING BLACK PEOPLE!

    Now cops think they can do whatever! And sadly, they are right to think that. THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH MURDER! So what's stopping them from beating up and falsely arresting a random woman at the beach?!

    America, you made this mess. Black people have been telling people this for DECADES in this country, but our word has fallen on deaf ears. Now the chickens have come home to roost. Now white people are dealing with psycho cops too! Have fun!

  26. PoppONaya Shelly 4 months ago

    what a punk ass dude!! all those dudes shoulda kicked his ass!! …YOURE ON POINT BEN!!

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