Noam Chomsky On Trump & Bernie In 2018

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  1. glorytogodemperor 45 4 months ago

    He wasn't just some random archduke. Franz Ferdinand was the heir to the throne of Austria Hungary. He was no minor figure.

  2. Marie Burns 4 months ago

    Noam Chomsky imagine a world where everyone shared this mans and Bernie Sanders love of humanity. Well we can dream. Noam for A NOBLE PEACE PRIZE. FOR GOD SAKE NOT TRUMP.

  3. John Kesich 4 months ago

    The MSM gave Trump billions in free airtime. He received about 6 times the coverage as Clinton. Clearly Trump was the establishment's darling, regardless of how many pundits – including Chomsky – tell us otherwise.

    As for Bernie Sanders "coming from nowhere", bull crap. Sanders got out in front of the landslide which had elected Obama, despite the fact that exit polls showed that millions of votes for Obama were suppressed.

    Unfortunately, Bernie "enough with the emails" Sanders is a Democratic shill who lead them into a dead end – telling them to vote for Clinton or disengage from politics. He never said the latter explicitly, but the 2016 results indicate that many Sanders supporters stayed home. If anyone knows of any polls or other research showing whether Sanders supporters voted and how, please post a link.

    Given that the Democratic Party decides who appears on the primary ballot one should really ask, why did the Democrats let Sanders run? Would they have let Jill Stein run?

    Neither Chomsky nor Sanders has ever pointed out that, thanks to the electoral college, unless you live in a battleground state, you are free to vote your conscience without worrying about flipping your state to the worst evil.

    Has Kulinski ever pointed out any of the above?

  4. Anonymous 4 months ago

    kyle= stop telling the exact courageous truth, it's depressing

  5. Platypus Paws 4 months ago

    I love Bernie. But to me, especially because his Chief Economics Advisor is or was Professor Stephanie Kelton, an MMT Professor. That is really important – it provides flexibility for both good Liberal & Conservative policies.

  6. billytheweasel 4 months ago

    Thanks for bringing us more Noam.
    Imagine Bernie being allowed to run against Hillary fairly – and then beating Trump.
    Polls said Bernie would beat Trump, not Hillary.
    Imagine Bernie.

  7. Sheldon Cooper 4 months ago

    I feel like I can’t say this enough: BERNIE SANDERS WOULD HAVE WON.

  8. gunsmithbasic 4 months ago

    To say Trump had the backing of finances and the media is a bit off. He was outspent 4 to 1 by the Clinton campaign, and his media "support" was almost all negative. I know that they say that there is no such thing as bad publicity, but c'mon. It's proven that attack ads work so obviously that's not true. But yes, there is an interesting case with Bernie, who was the Democrats' Trump in that they are both anti-establishment, but who was defeated by a stronger, richer Dem establishment, and the Dem aparatus of super delegates.

  9. Robert Schaeffer 4 months ago

    Chomsky lives in a very gray world… his lines are not defined…sits on the fence kind of person…. Bernie wants to be Santa Claus at your expense… can you afford these clowns… I can't…

  10. Airbender 4 4 months ago

    "Two minutes to midnight" Great song, great lyrics!! 30 year old song by Iron Maiden, speaking out about all this. The rich, the military-industrial complex, etc. And BTW, Bernie would have won more, if the Democratic Party, and the media wouldn't have scewed(sp.) the nomination against him.

  11. teifur Nordal 4 months ago

    I wish Bernie would come out ass atheist

  12. RStaR RaptoR 4 months ago

    Wtf stop lying!!! How would the temperature in the middle east be too hot to be uninhabitable???? That's a lie!!!
    Not to mention there's more ice on the north pole since recorded history started!!!

    Climate change is partially a hoax. The thing is we eat meat and FARM ANIMALS MAKE MORE CO2 THAN ALL HUMAN ACTIVITIES COMBINED!!!

  13. RStaR RaptoR 4 months ago

    I still don't understand sanders. Do you really think free health care free education and everything is sustainable? Not that we aren't in debt or anything. Such as obama left us 50 trillion in debt.

  14. RStaR RaptoR 4 months ago

    9:00 fracking!?! It's a fuckin job!!! Stop lying!!! I sell battery equipment and gas and propane and diesel mowers… battery will kill millions of jobs. Check out the auto mower and imow. They are too early and shitty and the manufacturers are forcing the dealers to loose more money and make less. It's retarded and they want us to have landscape crews to all the dirty work. It's not easy so it will fail miserably.

  15. Priyanka Bajaj 4 months ago

    Real life Dumbledore's Army 🙂

  16. James Ahern 4 months ago

    All of these pro-Bernie comments, lol. Have you no clue how asinine re-distribution is? How EVIL. Any of you who thinks Trump is dumb or stupid, realize he is more successful in more varied spheres of activity than you are. In any way success can be measured objectively, other than successful marriages, Trump is more successful than YOU.

  17. realrunner2000 4 months ago

    In all honesty, if we want to seriously fight climate change, then we also need to be vegan. That's where 80% of it comes from. Animal agriculture

  18. Jessie Mathiesen 4 months ago

    I agree.

  19. Aaron 4 months ago

    he doesn't say that lightly & you dont say it lightly?? Nice try asshole but you are NO Noam Chomsky to even put yourself in the same sentence as a guy like that you are so fucking delusional that you think your little tyt ass-kissing self & channel is somehow relevant your a little grub you are like the lefts version of Milo the gay republican that loves sucking cock you two would likely get along very very well me thinks

  20. andiepoopoo 4 months ago

    Was that Lawrence Krauss to the left of the clock?

  21. Million Dollar Rabies 4 months ago

    Many of the people who actually wrote Germany's terms of surrender actually said: "This is not a good solution and we are probably going to go to war again soon".

  22. Abd Issa 4 months ago

    Th election was not about him. But he is making it about him.

  23. david gregory 4 months ago

    Chomsky denies that 911 was an inside job. This guy has more mud beneath his mud. How about building 7 Noam?

  24. Ronald Hinchley 4 months ago

    Bernie like candidates are blocked going forward by California and Texas moving up their primaries. Only known party approved candidates can get the nomination.

  25. Lauren Het 4 months ago

    Thank you for making this video. I wish other people watched this and not merely those who seek out this information. You are on point in every way.

  26. Kevin Owen 4 months ago

    She was the worst candidate the Democrats have ever put up. That’s why Trump won.

  27. Uncon TROLLable 4 months ago

    Trump = orange Hitler

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