NYT Columnist Blames Palestinians For Being Shot

[tweet_dis2]NYT Columnist Blames Palestinians For Being Shot[/tweet_dis2]

Thomas Friedman, who has a shameful & disgusting history of warmongering & victim blaming, blames Palestinians for being shot.

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. Wingate Swing 5 months ago

    Friedman pure garbage evil

  3. ihartevil 5 months ago

    thx for this ha bisky vid and dadadada i gave sam my address to give to mike papantonio

    i redid the math from the first batch of moths and i wont be able to even live until sept i dont even care about the election at this point

    if i can get an absentee ballot for sept 4th then great if i can also get one for my bday then double great

    my town is pretty good about us emailing and making sure we stay on the voter rolls

    also if marc wants to read some of my resume that i created for cenk its hidden in a file on the downstairs computer in jewel quest audio (it might be called jewel quest 2 and then go to audio) he will find it (i tried to even get the grammar correct)

  4. snagh 5 months ago

    Gaza has been under siege by Israel since 2007 . With lack of drinking water , medicine , and basic daily needs , those people did not go out because of Hamas , those people had it with Israel , Hamas and the united nation
    Mostly they are acting on their own and even Hamas can not stop them .

  5. snagh 5 months ago

    I wonder if Friedman is blaming the student in the school shooting for simply attending school

  6. Yuri muckraker 5 months ago

    apparently 160 or more people who disliked this video are Thomas Friedman reader in the NEw York times: all the bullshit that's fit to print, and actually read his stupid books and are Ultra Zionist supporters. I say to you all, go kindly fuck yourselves and retire from talking about politics. Your the scumbags who blame a rape victim for being drunk or wearing something sexy for getting raped as opposed to the scumbag who can't keep his hands or dick to himself and control his libido. Thank you Jimmy, Max Blumenthal, and likeminded folks for the great work you do. oxo!

  7. audrey zee 5 months ago

    Guns don't kill people. Israeli snipers kill people. And Thomas Friedman cheers them on — but only after he sets them up! Nice bird-dogging, Thom.

  8. d_Giuseppe a 5 months ago

    I have a suggestion… I did like your video.. but start using the adjective White, …when you're describing events and unjust things..And do it relentlessly

  9. Roger Làfreniere 5 months ago

    America, Nation Of Pathetic Fucking Sheep, Ruled By Psychotic Fucking Wolves, Owned By Perverted Fucking Pigs

  10. Lying Press 5 months ago

    (((Thomas Friedman)))

  11. Richard Anderson 5 months ago

    Friedman is a jew and often some Jews are tribal. Doing damage to Arab people and nations is considered favorable by tribal Jews. I have seen and heard this over and over. Sad.

  12. Chi Chi 5 months ago

    Hillary Clinton (with directions from Obama & Valerie Jarrett) created the chaos and death of Libya and Yemen. FACT!

  13. Chi Chi 5 months ago

    The legacy media has the back of the Deep State that is called the Federal Govt

  14. April Watters 5 months ago

    The JOB/"CAREER" is the Mass Abusive "family"!!! I fought back harder at "home" when I was 7!!

  15. April Watters 5 months ago

    JIMMY,, Just Letting you Know,, when I tried to share this video on my FB,, it wont' let me! It shares as a regular youtube post without anything loading that it's a Jimmy Dore, NYT Columnist Blames Palestinians for Being Shot,, Nothing. It will bring people to this video but, people have No idea what video it is to make them click on it. Normally the picture and title of the video load,, now it isn't doing that.

  16. April Watters 5 months ago

    I've spoken out, studied, tried to teach about emotional/relationship health for Decades! People do NOT value Health,, especially mental/emotional. Many people Get off on abusing the vulnerable, that's what we've created. Say this out loud, EMOTIONAL CLIMATE CHANGE. We are in a Mental Health CRISIS!! Sayn and taking action for Decades. Most people are Arrested Development. This is the Climate Change people need to speak about

  17. April Watters 5 months ago

    Support me in joining the Freedom Flotilla to Gaza for a leg of their heroic journey! Only certain people will be on the boat all the way to Gaza including Col Ann Wright https://www.gofundme.com/freedom-flotilla-coalition-2018

  18. April Watters 5 months ago

    I just wished people got upset about all the innocent children being abused right in their own "homes" that's been normalized for decades. The abusive "family" is the In Your Face, Micro of the Macro Hidden in Plain view! What' Israel is doing in Palestine is The Mass version of that. More should have been done a Long time ago. But,, hey,, as long as it wasn't happening to you

  19. daysjours 5 months ago

    I like the description of Friedman as a "garbage person."

    Thomas Friedman is such a fraud. But this, Jimmy, really shows him to be not only a gas bag who loves the sound of his own voice but also a vicious and vile man. Shameful

  20. Rolf Laugaland 5 months ago

    He's just another US American. Self-obsessed overdosing on mindless Hollywood action movies.

  21. Michele Patak 5 months ago

    Have u not looked at a map isreal doesn't have much

  22. Raisoh Khongnoh 5 months ago

    Can USA & Israel white-listed themselves?

  23. Know Thanks 5 months ago

    Thomas Friedman needs to get the fuck out now.

  24. Arshan Mostafavi 5 months ago

    I give it 2 weeks until he makes it onto Trumps cabinet . Replenish the swamp!

  25. Nicole 5 months ago

    anybody that sides with israel these days needs to read 'the drone eats with me: a gaza diary' by atef abu saif. i never supported israel but after i read that book i realized the extent of just how horrible that country really is to palestine. quit falling for propaganda america. if you were a palestinian you would be protesting too.

  26. Kris S 5 months ago

    Victim-blaming is what the US does best.

  27. King Elvis 5 months ago

    You're getting more like Alex Jones every day, and I love it. It's ironic you're turning into the Youtube Progressive Cronkite where TYT intended to do it.

  28. sa saleh 5 months ago

    you are the best jimmy

  29. Gastyne 5 months ago

    it IS their fault, they shouldnt have been in the way of the israeli soldiers and the dust and dirt the soldiers were aiming at

  30. Palikaroui 5 months ago

    If anyone knows where this guy lives (Thomas Friedman) please let me know and I'll make sure his wife, children and neighbors know who he really IS.

  31. Brian Jacobsen 5 months ago

    That P.O.S was hired by Fox to spew Fox Bush BS about Iraq they fired him Fox. Wanted him. To call suicide bombers Homicide bombers he wouldn't do it. Documentary called outfoxed

  32. Charles F 5 months ago

    As sick as American Empire is today, flash back to 1969. The US was in the middle of a 2 million+ person genocide in Southeast Asia. Flash back to 1951. The US was in the middle of wiping out 30% of the North Korean population. Bomber pilots started telling their commanders: There is nothing left to bomb. As Americans we are all forever swimming in a sea of blood.

  33. Life Goes 5 months ago

    He is a typical Zionist Jew.

    When will people realize that the reason why Jews and Zionists are the way they are is because they are mentally ill? You can't negotiate or fight mentally ill people in a normal fashion. That is why they are so strong…because no one has really stood up to them in the proper way.

    You don't use a soft hand to deal with Jews. You just don't. It doesn't work.

  34. Haithem El-Zabri 5 months ago

    thank you for your courage to speak the truth.

  35. 251omega 5 months ago

    Absolutely AMAZING to hear what we all know but none dare admit.
    >>> Jimmy, that was spoken so clearly, so exactly correctly and was so honestly expressed with nothing less than the proper amount of heart-felt rage and gut wrenching outrage that any truly decent person anywhere on Earth would instantly understand in his own heart.
    >>> Thank You, so much Jimmy; as usual, you completely NAILED it!!

  36. MauiGirl 888 5 months ago

    Although in our core we know it is true when said out loud it seems unreal.

  37. DON MCKINNEY 5 months ago

    Friedman is a mass murderer and cover up acomplace to the genocide in Iraq and the attack on New York on 9/11 .whodidit.org. , add this evil doer to that list . "the mob on steroids " ," what is the act of 1871 ? , teach this in all schools ".

  38. Sparkie Lyle 5 months ago

    I thought, Hmm ? My first mistake. I thought the "Devil went dn 2 Georgia." 2 get a Job, not CNN &. All Mass-Media. Charlie D. r u Shure bout that, I asked ?

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