Obama Adviser Gets Schooled On Politics By Twitter

[tweet_dis2]Obama Adviser Gets Schooled On Politics By Twitter[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Rosy Mendez 2 months ago

    Electronic with a printout of the vote in case of audit.

  2. A S 2 months ago

    Digital voting will never be unhackable – a paper ballet is bulletproof and can be checked – wanting everyone to vote doesn’t mean you’ll get the best results – if you hate trump imagine the next populist politician that you’d get if voting was just pushing a button – someone who’s walked a mile or waited in a lineup to vote has actually taken the time to think about the election – WTF is it with millennials and their fuckin laziness when it comes to life.

  3. onephatdude 2 months ago

    The Electoral College serves a purpose by keeping California, New York & Texas from electing our President every time.

    If you can't even split the Midwest, I'm sorry but you don't deserve to be President.

    If Hillary Clinton had run even a somewhat competent campaign and told Rust Belt Voters how she'll make our lives better she would've won.

  4. Jae Lynn 2 months ago

    There is secure online voting but of course I cannot recall the name. I think it uses block-chain tech.

  5. Craig Browning 2 months ago

    David, suck on an Axle-Rod!

  6. Liberty 2 months ago

    jimmy is extremely ignorant on the electoral college, it was built to prevent domination of America by a few dense cities/states, it has nothing to do with race

  7. Domenico Curro 2 months ago

    They spent all day every day telling us that Trump was the worst thing in the world that could ever happen. Then I saw Obama water skiing with Richard Branson and I knew that they lied. It's as bad as they said, but not for them.

  8. AnarchoHumanism 2 months ago

    They don't want you to vote, let alone make it easier for you to do so, because the white racist germanic, anglo saxon is the minority! They should do what we do in Europe, if you don't vote you have to pay a fine!

  9. Toggle of Baelgun 2 months ago

    Ah yes! The electoral college is racist because whites in rural areas get a voice. Nothing racist about turning over all power to the cities leaving flyover country looking like fields of cotton to be picked by people with no voice. OH YEAH!!! That's the America the Democratic Party has always wanted. They even fought a Civil War to maintain it. Sorry Jimmy but it's the UNITED STATES of AMERICA not AMERICA! Something you guys on the left sure embrace now that you don't hold power.

  10. shelly 2 months ago

    I Completely support online voting. We trust our money to an online banking. I think it’s worth the risk. I agree with him in that who knows how or if your paper vote is counted?

  11. danny j 2 months ago

    Paper ballots, filled out in ink and hand counted multiple times with witnesses from any interested parties is a technology that isn't broken, and doesn't need to be FIXED. And don't trust electronic tabulating machines to count those paper ballots either. Internet voting is completely opaque. One could never trust the results.

  12. Paul Gauguin 2 months ago

    Paper ballots are the most reliable. Witnesess from each party, in each district, can watch them being opened and counted. You can't hack a ballot box with witnesses standing all around it. If young people are interested in voting, they'll vote. If they're too fucking lazy or ignorant of the importance of voting then fuck 'em. They don't deserve a voice.

  13. kathy sizemore 2 months ago

    Electoral College needs to end. Super Delegates need to end. Everyone should automatically be eligible to vote as soon as they turn 18. Show ID, go to a booth and vote. Period.

  14. James Cordell 2 months ago

    It's not hard to vote, in my state we have early voting where you can go to any poll with no wait for two weeks starting three weeks out

  15. sinbad77 2 months ago

    Paper ballots can be checked

  16. sinbad77 2 months ago

    Paper ballots are a no brainer

  17. Michael Williams 2 months ago

    Yo, I was glad to hear blockchain mentioned. To me that's the elephant in the room!! Get on it. I know there a few orgs already on it because with blockchain it's supposed to be unhackable so it's the key we needed to have direct democracy. We can vote for leaders online and also upgrade to voting on policies too so that, with checks and balances, the citizenry really will vote for what they want. I liken it to having a 4th check on gov having blockchain voting/polls. You need to commit an entire episode to this topic.

  18. Adwai Nandi 2 months ago


  19. MastermindX 2 months ago

    >that's like making a shitty movie and screaming at the audience for not buying tickets
    That's literally happening right now.

  20. Jo Bob 2 months ago

    FYI… OREGON has had for YEARS a paper ballot mailed to each voter for all of our elections. It can be returned by mail, or to many (conveniently located) ballot drop off locations. The paper ballot we use, is an optical scanner type. No punching, no chads, it works GREAT. Little or no fraud since inception. There is a paper trail, the ballot is easy to use. Not precincts means no opportunity for shenanigans there. Simply, it WORKS, is an easy practical way to vote fairly. It’s been tried and true.
    To Oh… if voting is done electronically, it is IMPOSSIBLE to prevent fraud and manipulation. No paper ballot = no possibly of knowing for sure that voting has been undertaken honestly, fairly, and ACCURATELY. ANYONE that tells you otherwise, is either lying, uniformed, unknowledgeable, a corporate hack, or just plain stupid.

  21. plexx365 2 months ago

    White supremacy = KKK = Democrats. Learn history

  22. Pekka Lauttamus 2 months ago

    You know i live in Finland and darn they actually mail me voting papers ,no bullshit registration just 18 years old and finnish citizen. 🙂 Got also multiple voting places just need voting paper and some ID like drivers licence. How the hell you actually make it so hard in USA?

  23. tremeree jphp 2 months ago

    It's just me or Steve is an idiot?

  24. K C 2 months ago

    Voting works in my small hometown, because no one here is a millionaire, but nationally, voting is a perfunctory exercise meant to distract us from how new heads of state are positioned, so,vote? I dunno, doesn't seem to matter how I and the majority vote, old white men always win, including Obama, a safe black man who knows no struggle

  25. Jimmy! I loved you ever since you spit water at AJ. I'm conservative that agrees with you about corruption. I disagree with your white supremacist comment though. The electoral college gives states more balanced power in elections. Remember how states are individual and separate from the federal government?

  26. Russell Meyers 2 months ago

    No. The electoral college prevents every election from being decided by four states- FL, CA, NY and TX.
    The SAME four states that have the highest concentration of the 0.1% and media control GLOBALLY.
    That said, I always agree with most of what Jimmy says. I cheer for him, share his videos all the time.
    Want to enact change? We need paper trails, ranked choice, ELIMINATE superdelegates (with a firing squad if need be) and TAX FUNDED ELECTIONS!!! Eliminate campaign PACs completely. Equal funding for the top 3-4 parties, not two. Open primaries, open debates.
    Then we can work on making lobbying a criminal offense. Mandatory prison time for lobbyist and lobbied official.

  27. D64nz 2 months ago

    Since we're being loose with the technical terms there is no advantage to the paper ballots, and they have been proven, like in the last election, just as "hackable" as electronic votes. In real terms, they are far easier to hack when voters can't go in and check up in real time who it says they have voted for, and that it's officially counted. With a paper vote once it leaves your hand there is zero traceability. An electronic vote you can review at any time and see that it is still valid and it has been counted. And unlike paper votes, you can't just throw them all in the trash, or have them deliberatly mis counted by staff with an agenda.

    When I look at my eletronic vote I can see who I voted for. I can see that it is valid. I can do it in the evening so it doesn't inturrupt my work. I don't have to waste hours standing in any line. And no vote counter can change what it says.

  28. Mohamed Elmaazi 2 months ago

    paper ballots are still considered the 'gold standard' by election observers. with paper ballots there is physical proof of a vote. There is no technical skill required other than literacy in order to verify what is written. electoral systems are owned and managed by elite interests, the software is not open source but rather they are protected trade secrets, the US electoral system is considered unsound by international election experts for this very reason.

  29. Lois Drumheller 2 months ago

    Pennsylvania is jealous of states like Florida, who not only has voting by mail, but early voting. I think voting ON LINE would be great, but what I DON'T understand is why many in Florida with these extra options still don't vote. Maybe it's because they have been screwed with over and over again by names removed from voter rolls, caging, and flat out THROWING OUT VOTES.

  30. raquel brac 2 months ago

    What good is online voting if it's not accurate, it's hackable, many of them do not have a paper trail, what good is that when everyone knows that the experts state that only paper ballots counted by hand give an accurate count. So yah, more people will vote? Bull! their votes won't count when the hackers get through with those votes.

  31. Benjamin Figgins 2 months ago

    Election days mandated Federal holidays. Automatic voter registration for every citizen of the minimum age with a pulse. Automatic vote-by-mail, completely free of charge. Hand marked, paper ballots, hand counted in public. This isn't complicated.

    If you don't hear someone offering up these solutions, they aren't actually seriously interested in solving the problem.

  32. Cockcheese Maghee 2 months ago

    If Hillary won, this uproar about the electoral college would never have happened. Quit trying to move the goal posts just because it seems to benefit you at the time. Besides evil "whitey" is the majority; do you really want majority rule i.e. the "popular" vote to determine the president? :))

  33. Cockcheese Maghee 2 months ago

    Jimmy pulling the race card just because "white" people are the majority is RACIST you dumbfuck. We "white" people voted for Obama TWICE so get off our D. "White" people don't have to apologize or feel guilty simply because of the color of our skin asshole.

  34. Pedro Rios 2 months ago

    I love you, Brother Jimmy

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