One Question RussiaGate Pushers Never Ask w/Jesse Ventura pt. 2

[tweet_dis2]One Question RussiaGate Pushers Never Ask w/Jesse Ventura pt. 2[/tweet_dis2]

Jesse Ventura and Jimmy discuss the overlooked issues RussiaGate disciples ignore.

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The Jimmy Dore Show is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country. It is part of the Young Turks Network– the largest online news show in the world.

Photo Credit: “Vladimir Putin – Caricature”, © 2014 DonkeyHotey, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Jimmy Dore Show JULY 1st Portland, Or. Tickets

  2. Ray Martinez 4 months ago

    Spread the truth!!!

  3. ihartevil 4 months ago

    i love everybody at the jimmy dore show i just wish somebody could at least let me know i am still being protected i know mike papantonio did what he could to protect me

    thx for this ha bisky vid i am also happy bearcat didnt end up on the random block words list (mainly because there is a red panda bearcat at the jimmy dore show)

  4. Troy Turton 4 months ago

    I was also under the assumption, that all 7 of those countries on Cheney & companies list? Were countries that didn't have banks connected to the worlds central banking system.Which of course, we know is controlled by the United States, NOT the world as a whole.

  5. Troy Turton 4 months ago

    when was the last time congress officially declared war? Try WW2 on for size. Every war since then, has never officially been declared. None of them.

  6. Yuri muckraker 4 months ago

    two great minds speaking to one another 🙂 and so glad Jesse called out Bernie on being an independent in name only, and what a sincere guy supporting Ralph and Jill Stein 🙂 love his RT program! watch RT, they help question more, and don't worry you won't die from a heart attack if you watch several programs or documentaries on RT

  7. Carwin Byington 4 months ago

    Nobody likes carpetbaggers. That's why Utahns didn't want Romney, either.

  8. Doctor Feelfunny 4 months ago

    Dore's been shifting from liberalism to libertarianism for several months now. It's depressing, but I understand why it happened.

  9. Rod Pruitt 4 months ago

    Jesse – Arrogant and self promoting. Sounds EXACTLY like Trump.

  10. PRao A 4 months ago

    That Putin art work was pathetic, please don't do it again. I'm a follower of your channel and liked a number of videos!

  11. STEPHAN FEIBISH 4 months ago

    Just so you know. If the U.S. didn't do what was being alleged. And allowed the dollar to fall. That would mean the purchasing power of every U.S. citizen would be diminished, and our standard of living would fall. So you can fight for what you consider right. Just know the consequences.

  12. Dorrene M 4 months ago


  13. Jessica Miller 4 months ago

    I said that same damn thing for a year now! I voted for Trump, and can you guess why? Because Bernie got railroaded (fucked over). The left said to themselves (and I can hear them saying it) oh we got a black man elected so now let's get a woman in there! Fuck that all you black people better savor the flavor of that because their Will Not be another! He wasn't worth a runny shit! My hand was forced! No way was that lying bitch getting my vote! I would have voted Bernie but oh well!!

  14. Pu55y i8 4 months ago

    6:10 is exactly what I thought he was doing. Pushing people to vote for Clinton

  15. James Hansen 4 months ago

    Your program is so good for the mental health of the country.

  16. Brandon 203 4 months ago

    We as Americans will never be able to say thank you enough to Governor Ventura.
    Especially for his assistance in the 9/11 Truth Movement

  17. Timothy Blackburn 4 months ago

    Hey Jesse, we didnt go to war!!! Sending a message and declaring war is a big difference !! You out of all people should and DO KNOW THIAT!!
    However!! You are spot on with everything else.

  18. boeingdriver29 4 months ago

    Democracy and the Democratic Party are an oxymoron.

  19. T Jay 4 months ago

    Zero actual evidence leading to Russia. This is an attack on the ignorant, there's absolutely no way elite level hackers at the kremlin hack with an old script found on the DNM.


  21. Satwa Dude 4 months ago

    Ventura just became irrelevant by criticizing Bernie for saying he would endorse the winner. And then saying Hillary won because of Bernie supporters sitting it out. Fukk you Ventura. HILLARY LOST THE ELECTION YOU FUKKING MORON. SHE LOST BECAUSE SHE WAS THE WORST CANDIDATE EVER.

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