Poll: Americans Don’t Care About Russia

[tweet_dis2]Poll: Americans Don’t Care About Russia[/tweet_dis2]

The non-stop Russia coverage continues, even though less than 1% of the nation cares.

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  1. Car Lover 2 months ago

    Did America wanted Noddy and turn around head Clinton to rule them ?. Also she's very ill, why don't she enjoy her wealth and go for a long due holiday, that woman was evil, and killed any one in her way,

  2. Car Lover 2 months ago

    You said it Mr Jimmi Dor, the people who we should fear are the ones who rule us, they are the ones whos banning free speech, and putting us in jail for telling the truth, even thresthen us for watching RT , people should wake up, and see the truth, that sheman gender woman needs to be flushed in her Zionist toilet, Trump made a mistake in not shutting down those channels,

  3. Naimul Haq 2 months ago

    Jimmy you are right, the dems faithfully endorse the evangelical attitude of the reps. In effect you are in the position today (which you describe graphically), because of the Zionist controlled media. You are fed intelligence from the Israelis. Rather than fighting the Muslims and Russia, you should fight the Zionists, if you like to survive an alliance of Russia, China, EU, ME while US and Israel will play the axis of evil.
    Alexandria Cortez had the guts to protest illegal occupation of Palestine on FOX's face.

  4. wilkinsolk 2 months ago

    stop the phony fight between the dems. and reps. how are we going to stop wars if were always worried about each others race sex etc etc? we need to unite and stop our gov. from going into more wars stop the baby behavior..

  5. Heinvandah 2 months ago

    Youre a Russia Apologist /s

  6. Joseph 2 months ago

    Without playing up foreign threat how could US increase defence spending? I think that is the more important point.

  7. Nick Beach 2 months ago

    No body get's it, it's locked in what we do has no affect on them what so ever. They watch us squable and carry on.

  8. Alex Delarge 2 months ago

    Seth Rich leaked the Clinton-Podesta emails. Seth Rich was murdered. Ask Assange.

  9. blindedby2monkeys 2 months ago

    imagine what the media would say if trump meets with a russian billionaire who has publicly stated "not one day goes by where i don't think of russia" as he does with sheldon adelson!

  10. Greg Rush 2 months ago

    They want war.

  11. hellohempseeds 2 months ago

    Thank you for all the dots you guys connect! I disagree in only one key area…. that the fight between the elites (trump, hillary, bushes, obama, intelligence agencies, etc) is real. I don'T believe it is real. I believe it is a stage show/a fake fight put on for the masses with the main objective being divide & conquer, fear mongering social engineering to keep us misinformed and at odds/divided from the "other" side (our neighbors) and also keep us as intert as possible supporting & defending the very same corporate agenda & war no matter which "side" we're on. At top levels i believe there is full collusion and that we have a monopoly disguised as a duopoly – dupe-opoly. Welcome to WWE Political~

    (I apologize bc i've posted this twice. Think it ended up on the wrong video the first time).

  12. Shan Man 2 months ago

    People are great at forgetting how our first celebrity president, Obama, ridiculed Romney for calling out Russia as our biggest geopolitical threat in 2012! Obama was an utter failure in protecting us from intrusions into our democratic process by foreign agents during his presidency!

  13. vladviking 2 months ago

    That little whining rude snot Acosta of CNN is probably giving Trump a point every time he throws a fit.

  14. vladviking 2 months ago

    ALL countries and peoples screw with each other at a petty level all the time . We are screwing with Russia and everybody else right now. BUT when Hillary lost suddenly Russia and only Russia became an issue. Somebody should have stuck a dirty sock in her and Podesta's mouth. Because up until that time nobody said anything about Russian hacking. Even Obama said their was NO Russian hacking of the election. Until after Hillary lost, suddenly he said their was Russians all over and under your mattress.

  15. andruha1067 2 months ago

    Hey Jimmy Dore, I thought you may find this interesting.

  16. Chris Ossman 2 months ago

    Cenk pushes the bullshit Russia narrative all day. Keep it 100% and point that out. He cites the 32 indictments as proof

  17. William Hill 2 months ago

    FACEBOOK WAS PAID TO PROMOTE TRUMP, BY RUSSIA. Fuck You idiot Dore. you have questioned gallop polls before when gallop doesnt fit your narative. suddenly gallop fits your narative. russiafacebook got trump elected.

  18. porculizador 2 months ago

    i care, huckleberry

  19. Greg James 2 months ago

    Amen! It has all become mosquito buzzing around my ears.

  20. Nal Deryoga 2 months ago

    the first 40 seconds, so much truth…..

  21. ToldYouSo 2 months ago

    Rachel Maddow is the perfect example of a raging lesbian man hater. She's smart, not scientist level smart but smart for a liberal arts major. But her hatred for men, accumulated in years of lusting for straight women shitty men have more of a chance at than her simply because of their dicks clouds her mind. Lesbians are very sad people, straight women are very cruel to them. Homosexual men don't have that much struggle in their lives, straight men don't tease them. But women are very intimate with other women without being sexual and that must drive lesbians crazy. Imagine having a sleepover with your crush, knowing she's so close, literally in your bed, but completely out of reach. When Hillary ran Maddow saw it as a women's triumph above all things, a slap in the face of men. When she lost to Donald Trump of all people, the kind of man she hates most, a asshole that still gets all the super hot women because life ain't fair and shit, she went nuts with rage. She's crazy, but I pity her more than anything.

  22. staci davis 2 months ago

    the source is the Epoch Times?

  23. adam kovelesky 2 months ago

    Mr. Dore, would you like to see Rea Maddow take a merry little trip?

  24. adam kovelesky 2 months ago

    What, KISS ASS?

  25. hermenutic 2 months ago

    Jimmy and Kyle are 'right on'.

  26. Working Class Gotham 2 months ago

    Ah – perfect. Jimmy opens up without all of the rub and tug and gets right to the point.

  27. WDeeGee1 2 months ago

    Epoch Times has a great inforgaphic about the Russian Dossier, how it was fabricated …

  28. Mark Magenis 2 months ago

    How many hours did they invest in HRC and that failed them too.

  29. Harry Mathew 2 months ago

    Its incredible that Jimmy has to point out that vagina hats don't win elections.

  30. fkujakedmyname 2 months ago

    ya i only care about Israeli and Saudi interfering with elections

  31. Steve Hayes 2 months ago

    Apparently according to Congress, the Russians are destroying US democracy by putting memes on social media. https://youtu.be/kytrd9aMByE

    Virtually the whole of the US political media elite are either delusional or lying or both.

  32. Julius Dennis 2 months ago

    the Democrat Party as a whole in the media are very stupid I hate to say this they're focusing on the wrong issue as long as they focus on Russia and the relationship with us this will only guarantee the Republicans will win in 2018 and 2020 they don't understand that there are more important issues than that they are basically shooting themselves in the foot instead of focusing on Medicare for all Single Payer even reducing People's rent that is way more important in that helps people out in a huge way I'd rather focus on the reduction of rent then focus on Putin because Putin has very little to do with my life I'm more interested in Medicare for all and single pair that I am on Vladimir Putin I'm more interested on how the immigration issue will go yes the migrant workers who barely get any pay for working on our Farms and nobody wants to talk about that so you want to use Hispanics as your labor force but you don't want to pay them a decent minimum wage that's slavery by any other definition but instead of focusing on that you want to focus on rush hour all day no wonder Trump won and you're giving him a second term without even knowing it this is why I love the Independent Media shows like Jimmy Dore Infowars and a few other shows that I can mention have open me up two different things and I appreciate that

  33. crazywaffleking 2 months ago

    TYT talks about Russia daily.

  34. smlifyrasor 2 months ago

    wtf? I care about it.. It's a serious threat to our country! Why is he downplaying it, just as an excuse to criticize dems?
    He seems to ignore that a LOT of people who were against Trump BEFORE the election, were TRYING to warn people about Russia being involved back then.. But there wasn't as much public evidence back then as there is now, just some loose business ties and rumors. We now KNOW there's a LOT more too it.. But rather than all of us on this side saying "toldyaso" to the Trump voters, now those of us who SAW THIS AHEAD OF TIME have to deal with guys like Jimmy downplaying the seriousness of this, and saying it's just the dems trying to play spoiled losers..
    Of COURSE we know most of the real problems are caused by the rich donors controlling our politics, but with Russia interfering to the degree they are, it's almost impossible for us to fix the real issues now, they helped bring about Trump and now all the progress is being turned back.

  35. Vaughn Gainey 2 months ago

    I'm also in that 1% whom doesn't care or believe these Russian collusion stories.

  36. Antzon 777 2 months ago

    mad cow and the jewish media havebeen abandoned by the light of reason and replaced by insanity and psychosis. these people create lies after lies after lies that they themselves begin to believe it

  37. Dr. Zippy Mcscoots 2 months ago

    Collusion? Maybe not. But Trump having no problem with handing over 11 of our fellow citizens to Putin for "interrogation" simply because they criticized him? And Trump stated that that was a "great offer"? To me that's the impeachable offense. Putin is fuckin balls deep in Trump.

  38. OpHal 2 months ago

    THis is EXACTLY WHY we need Hillary Clinton to Run Again in 2020!!

  39. skyler theresrot 2 months ago

    Jimmy man, they're pure evil. The majority of them. Zero empathey

  40. M Till 2 months ago

    No, but (Soviet)Russia did subvert you into believing that Socialism is a good idea.
    So there's that I guess.

  41. ConcernedCitizen 2 months ago

    That's the most Rachel Maddow I've watched in 3 years

  42. Hitman GFX 2 months ago

    Keep talking about Russia. It's helps Trump a hell of a lot more than it hurts his cause.

  43. eugenegm 2 months ago

    Rachel Maddow knows damn well she'll talk about whatever her corporate employers / owners want her to talk about.

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