Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos

[tweet_dis2]Pornhüb Bans Convincing ‘Deepfake’ AI Videos[/tweet_dis2]

Technology, since it has been around, has been a double-edged sword, and as technology becomes more advanced, so does its potential for use, and abuse. And the abuse shows up in numerous, nefarious ways, deepfake videos being only the latest trend to hit the world.

For those who don’t know, the world hit by deepfake videos (or just deepfakes) is the often-sleazy one of pornography. Using artificial intelligence or machine-learning technology, the face of an adult performer is replaced with the face of another person, who could be a celebrity (as is usually the case) or an acquaintance or an ex. The video so produced, with a face that doesn’t actually belong on the body below it but still looks convincingly real, is called deepfake…

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  1. Canadian Turtle 2 months ago

    Aww, I wanted to see Trump and Hilary fuck.
    Just kidding. I only like watching porn videos of humans, not dogs.

  2. mmddyyyyalphabet 2 months ago

    Good. This is not needed. It's not like we have hundreds of millions of videos and pictures already, right???

  3. Andam Aziz 2 months ago

    its fine if its porn but what about framing people in crimes and shit

  4. Torkel S H 2 months ago

    They should at label the video as fake, otherwise it could be seen as slanderous/libel (not sure which is the right one, pardon my English)

  5. SiCk SiDer 2 months ago

    This isn't a hard one. You can make whatever you want, but pornhub and every other site like them shouldn't give them a platform, or maybe itll be like fake news. But yes, remove this garbage, this would probably qualify as defamation, or even under laws now about revenge porn, they would still apply.

  6. deathuponusalll 2 months ago

    Am i the only one here concerned about the government fabricating crimes to criminalize certain citizens in the not so distant future with this technology? Kind of like the Drug war laws meant to arrest civil rights groups and political dissidents.

  7. Patrick Schaefer 2 months ago

    this has implications WAY beyond just porn.
    Think about false evidence or even confessions….
    And with that how can we even have a legal system when evidence can be easily and indistinguishably falsified?
    In that case there is no way to ensure proof beyond a reasonable doubt because there is ALWAYS reasonable doubt that the evidence is fake.

  8. Audrey Muzingo 2 months ago

    Well, taken beyond porn, imagine the possibilities. Imagine if this hologram concert thing got out of control, and some people start making tons of money off musicians who are no longer alive to approve or disapprove of how they are portrayed. Or just think, you could make a commercial with Prince or Maya Angelou or Steve Jobs driving the new Lexus such-and-such, or raving about what wonders Senekot did for their constipation. People, famous or not, should have a basic right to consent to any use of their faces, bodies and voices.

  9. Salty Admiral 2 months ago

    Kyle, we can't effectively police speed limits either, is that an argument for removing them? Of course not. That is basically the "prohibition" fallacy used to death. The argument is about this deep: Oh we banned guns, but still one managed to get a gun and shoot someone, this means that no gun laws and regulations work because having 1 gun death per year is the same as having 30.000 gun deaths per year. Taken to the extreme, that is literally the essence of the logical reasoning behind such arguments.

  10. Salty Admiral 2 months ago

    When it's indistinguishably from reality, it IS reality for all intents and purposes. Imagine how easy this can ruin everything from careers to relationships. When this becomes good enough, your basically reduced to whether or not people take your words for it. If it's reasonable to except the viewer to belive it's real from the quality of it, then it should be treated as "revenge porn" from a legal stance. The argument that you wouldn't give a shit Kyle is you thinking about it isolated from the consequenses, you WOULD give a shit if you lost your girlfriend over it.

  11. Darwin Xavier 2 months ago

    Next step, copying scans of celebrities onto sex robots complete with voice emulators.  What's next Futurama?

  12. Darwin Xavier 2 months ago

    I wonder if there was as much controversy over Photoshop.

  13. Ingrid P 2 months ago

    So no deepfakes of Kyle and Pakman together going down in some action? Damm it!…oh well

  14. Jae Lynn 2 months ago

    You know what's even scarier? The video's from Vegas shooting I do believe are real, but technology is so good now that you cannot tell fake from real anymore. I just saw a movie with Jared Leto where he join Yakuza family post WWII, The Outsider, and the violence looks so damn real!!! So, that means they can fake ANYTHING we see on TV and convince the public. No wonder there are so many conspiracy theorists. A term invented by the CIA to smear people who get info RIGHT!

  15. The Turing Test is becoming increasingly easy to pass. Not because of the increasing intelligence of computers, but because of the increasing stupidity of humans.

  16. james g 2 months ago

    Now politicians will say their sex scandal is deepfake

  17. Thomas Smith 2 months ago

    For men, they would slander you by putting your face in GAY porn.

  18. xX Valtiel Xx 2 months ago

    Kyle trying to suggest that we should borrow his face and jerk off to it, jahahaha

  19. BartJ583 2 months ago

    Is he drunk? This is just dumb.

  20. Tim Reutemann 2 months ago

    … How long until Stormy/Trump Deepfakes start showing up all over the internet?

  21. Deacon Verter 2 months ago

    Artists who make fake porn with faces they made up should be OK.

  22. austin runge 2 months ago

    So Kyle is against revenge porn, but not against deep fakes because there will come a time when the two are indistinguishable? He needs to rethink his position logically

  23. AMK 347 2 months ago

    It's defemation. Good on pornhub for taking this shit down.

  24. FUCK GOOGLE 2 months ago

    One minute they got you fucking on PornHub, the next they got you assassinating the president. Scary times are approaching. Not hard to dupe mouth breathers on YT.

  25. Mya Mi 2 months ago

    youtube made this deepfake of kyle and turned him into a green oscillating waveform. can't say i'm convinced :/

  26. Mooseheads 2 months ago

    The is a hard, hard issue.

  27. Steven Kennedy 2 months ago

    They have every right to pull the videos. Private company. Also, consent is an issue

  28. Kirk Chamberlin 2 months ago

    A I is artificial intelligence. I think you may mean CGI.

  29. Man, if I wanna jerk off to a video of Eva Green banging Kate Beckinsale, who the fuck is anyone to stop me?!

  30. Ben Thomas 2 months ago

    I think existing Free Speech law pretty well covers this.

    If you're a "Public Figure," Deepfakes are protected if it's satire / parody (would need to be declared, I think). For everyone else, it's libel and therefore an illegal defamation of character. Existing jobs and future opportunities can be lost, relationships destroyed, and overall reputation tarnished.

    In other words, making a Deepfake of Kyle getting DP'd by a gang of conservatives ending with a Crowder Chowder money shot to the face is protected free speech. Uploading a thousand photo's of your ex doing the same, illegal.

  31. Guacamole 2 months ago

    Damn… no official Kyle Kulinski porn videos.

  32. The Virgin Marty 2 months ago

    If someone wanted to put my face on a guy having sex with a hot girl, I wouldn't complain.

  33. Cure Optimism 2 months ago

    If someone put my face in porn, I'd jerk off to it.

  34. Alexander Nöthlich 2 months ago

    For me, this is a no brainer. It is definitly not okay to portray anybody in a porn video without his oder her consent. You can have a lookalike and call him or her a similar name, that would be a grey area, especially when it's done in such a way, that a reasonable person is able to find out easily that it's fake. Making a montage with someones head is absolutly wrong since you put another person in the position to have to deny this and defend themselfes. And since this technology is only getting better, soon nobody will be able to tell the difference. So yes, Pornhub is doing the right thing and all Porn sites should do the same. Otherwise, and you can be sure of that, they will crack down on porn alltogether.

  35. Night Dark 2 months ago

    How is this even a question. OF COURSE you do NOT have rights or ownership of something just because it looks like you! It is animated or fake, it is not the real you! If someone paints a picture and it look like you, do you have the right to that painting? Can you go to the art gallery and say to the artist, hey give me that painting. NO!

  36. Sophistafunk 2 months ago

    2:59 seem like you're trying to cover something up Kyle

  37. Sophistafunk 2 months ago

    This better not effect my shrek porn addiction.

  38. bigbaddawg101 2 months ago

    Here some nightmare fuel for some of you. Ted Cruz watching porn videos with his female lookalike while using this technology to make the other person in the video look like him.

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