Progressive Victor! Now Running For CA Lt. Governor

[tweet_dis2]Progressive Victor! Now Running For CA Lt. Governor[/tweet_dis2]

Gayle McLaughlin has a history of taking on the banks and Big Oil, and she’s got some victories to boot! Now, she’s running for Lt. Governor.

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:

  2. Kathryn Hurn 4 months ago

    I love this woman! Wish we could clone her in every state of the union!

  3. Stuart F. Andrews 4 months ago

    Delusional to think the corporate controlled government can be contended with. What part of that Princeton / Northwest study was vague? Not sure of the answer but a firm step in the right direction is realizing the extent of the problem. Jimmy gets it.

  4. Alamo Defender 4 months ago

    Progressives always go down the Rabbit Hole and will take everyone down with them

  5. Diana Lazaru 4 months ago

    She gives me the Dolores Umbridge vibes. The way she reaches her political goals are by compulsion, blackmailing and abusing government power.
    Not once did she by convincing her oponents with the better arguments. Urgh… she is awful!

  6. Robyn Benson 4 months ago

    That’s fast food corporate; what about a family owned micro business with less than 20 employees? I’d like to see how those are doing.

  7. Derp Man 4 months ago

    jimmy, $15/hour is nowhere near a living wage in the bay area so it makes no difference if you raise it there. elsewhere in the states its a different issue… and that lady is a liar, even fast food in the bay area is more costly than elsewhere, everyone here knows this

  8. Derp Man 4 months ago

    oh god, a bay area politician, run for your lives. the reason why your city has high crime is because you have lots of section 8 housing. i dont see what “chevron” has to do with crime, are “chevron” execs out selling drugs to the kids? you should be glad that chevron based their headquarters in your area, offers lots of jobs. what a joke

  9. Brock Knudsen 4 months ago

    This fantastic woman is now one of my heroes. Love the response to the banks.

  10. Suzette Wright 4 months ago

    A PUBLIC BANK FOR CALIFORNIANS is an excellent idea that needs to be brought to fruition ASAP. Thank you Gayle!

  11. Suzette Wright 4 months ago

    Bravo Richmond!!!

  12. Suzette Wright 4 months ago

    Gayle got my VOTE!!!

  13. Abigail Brickler 4 months ago

    I’m totally a fan now.

  14. Abigail Brickler 4 months ago

    Fuck it, I’m moving to Richmond California.

  15. Mr. Internet Man 4 months ago

    This lady says year numbers weirdly.

  16. Mark crowder 4 months ago

    Wow lady lying though her teeth or dentures fast food in California is twice the price than any state in US Jimmy you know the truth call them out on this bull shit

  17. Mark crowder 4 months ago

    Hey Bernie communist Sanders and Pocahontas for 2020 you know Jimmy Trump will win like Reagan did in 84

  18. Martial Villager 4 months ago

    Progressives need militias for community defense and community service like the Black Panthers. No more Bernie BS – we need revolutionary socialism, marxism. EAT THE RICH

  19. TheG55coffia 4 months ago

    LOL….God help the fucked up state of California. I think When they give it back to Mexico they will do a better job than the screwy Democrats!

  20. John W 4 months ago

    What are her duties as lieutenant governor besides succeeding the governor if anything happened to him/her?

  21. Joao M. Alvarez 4 months ago

    Ro Khanna just voted Aye on the NDAA. Democrats can't be trusted. They aren't really progressive.

  22. La Bruja 4 months ago

    Im voting in the primary. I've already chosen a few candidates, but I need more suggestion that I can read up on. Anyone have a couple? I already have Alison Hartson, Delaine Easin, and McLaughlin.

  23. Khannea Sun Tzu 4 months ago

    Hearing this I am left speechless –

  24. Noel 4 months ago

    She's marked on my mail in ballot right now but can't decide on a governor.

  25. Nick Steve 4 months ago

    As far as the immanent domain thing, couldn't they create a separate insurance for that as a loophole?

  26. TR Was Here 4 months ago

    Ah, how comfortable it must be to live in the Progressive world where facts don't matter– evidence such as the adverse impacts of mandatory minimum wage that have been measured in study after study such as this recent one: Far more valid a methodology, says the Progressive, is to just look inside one's local Burger King to see if it still has workers.

  27. F S 4 months ago

    Congress is like, you're going to help the citizens by preventing banks from robbing them? Na no way Jose here's a road block

  28. Suburban Conan 4 months ago

    She reminds me of the kickers mum in Ace Ventura Pet Detective…."Oh yeah,Bobby will be back and start kicking again next season…."
    If her platform could be labelled progressive by definition, it sounds more like conservatively sensible to me.

  29. 800lbgrila 4 months ago

    Yup … luving the price of gas huh? How about those property taxes? What about the shit on the streets n sidewalks. Even the illegals n dead are going to vote ultra conservative. Speaking of the dead votes … since they vote they should pay property taxes on the plot they're buried in. If they default we can foreclose, evict to cremation, and then resell the plot to recoup those taxes in arrears. That's a progressive plan. In cremation they will generate energy n be considered fuel. Their ashes will be spread over the farms for soil fertilizer.

  30. Caroline Siegel 4 months ago


  31. John Tamburro 4 months ago

    Well, this was delightful.

  32. Ian Tanner 4 months ago


  33. Andrew 4 months ago

    She's a great left thinking lady

  34. Mal c.H 4 months ago

    PUBLIC BANKING?! FUCK YES I rarely hear people talk about this, GO GAYLE!!!

  35. Hass moh 4 months ago

    You rock Jimmy, really good job!
    If this interview was conducted by the kings and queens of the propaganda machine (AKA mainstream media), she would have been interrupted many times, asked multiple leading questions and made sure to muck her in every possible way.
    good honest interview Jimmy. As for those who gave you thumb down, they can go and suck a lemon or whatever else that turn them on!

  36. jmitterii2 4 months ago

    Since the Federal Reserve was gang buster for corporations.
    A Federal Co-Op Reserve Bank that could lend directly to co-ops at a very low rates as the Fed does to banks' overnight interest rate.
    Co-ops for both business as well as for housing and apartments.
    Change our country from a parasitical corporate structure to a mostly co-op economy.
    With capital formation coming from a National Co-Op Reserve Bank able to issue money supply via lending directly and taking deposits and setting up branches to co-ops, you don't need an oligarchy, a do nothing class but collect most of the spoils.
    And this provides ownership to the workers to make decisions on everything from how much to put in for capital expenditures, safety, compensation including wages/salaries, bonuses, dividends for themselves, a retirement structure possibly ownership of non-trading shares that allow workers and former workers to take dividends, etc. Profits and capital expenditures that actually benefit the workers.
    Such an economy would be even better than a universal income which could easily be reduced like social security or not keep up with inflation like social security… universal income is an easy thing for some bent out of shape oligarchs to de-fund later on as they're trying with medicare/medicaid and social security.
    Instead, chop the head of the beast of the patrician class. We don't need that class of society anymore; and your not giving the control to government directly. And making the work place democratized instead of as it is totalitarian top down.

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