Religious People Love Trump Because They ‘Take The Bible Seriously’

[tweet_dis2]Religious People Love Trump Because They ‘Take The Bible Seriously’[/tweet_dis2]

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager told the National Religious Broadcasters Convention yesterday that President Trump has the support of “religious Jews” and “orthodox” Christians because those people “take the Bible seriously” and know that the important question to ask about a politician is not whether he is a “good” person but whether he is “good for America.”

Prager, who during the 2016 campaign compared the choice of Trump over Hillary Clinton to choosing to ally with Stalin rather than Hitler, told the audience about a recent column in which he had written that criticisms from evangelicals about evangelical support for Trump “are not biblical, moral or wise.”…

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  1. Charles Pascuandos 2 months ago

    I hope you find Jesus sometime in your life and get saved.

  2. Charles Pascuandos 2 months ago

    We all need Jesus

  3. Araf 2 months ago

    If you don't hate religion now, you are bound to hate religion after watching people like Pence and Prager. That's why millennials don't go to the church anymore.

  4. Amergin Tadhg 2 months ago

    I have always made one prayer to God, a very short one. Here it is: "My God, make our enemies very ridiculous!" God has granted it to me. (Voltaire)

  5. I've noticed the only way the left can argue is by straw man. They can't handle the Truth!

  6. El Aquapimp 2 months ago

    Dennis reminds me Zackary Hale Comstock from Bioshock Infinite.

  7. 4David Westwater 2 months ago

    i love this show but i live in a rough neiborhood where the church and aa are the only positive things. most people want meaning in life and the most socialy involved people i know spend there time in church basements.

  8. Haidyn W 2 months ago

    It's weird because Dennis Prager sounds smart. He's more articulate than most, but when you actually listen to what he says he's spitting shit.

  9. TheDark Nite 2 months ago

    Christians support Trump because they're racist, warmongering, hateful, uncontrolled fascists- just like Trump!

  10. Hate goo gle 2 months ago

    Prager did NOT say, "When a human being is really, really, REALLY flawed — That's why really religious people can stick by that person and love that person and support that person."
    Prager said, "When the public good is concerned, the private sins of an individual are not the only thing to take into consideration."
    VERY VERY different.
    YOU are working backwards from your conclusion and this is why you shouldn't be taken seriously. It's just so dumb. This is why you're not a serious person. This why you're not an intellectual. That's just sad. You're doing high-minded rationalization. It's pathetic, it's sad and it's gross.

  11. Akeem Masha 2 months ago
  12. Bill Will 2 months ago

    No matter what you say out of you're foul mouth, I'm still voting for Trump.

  13. PersistentIllusion 2 months ago

    Wisdom from the bible?

  14. Know Thanks 2 months ago

    Dennis Prager should be gassed, skinned for a lamp shade, and his fat rendering into soap

  15. cufflink44 2 months ago

    What a ridiculous, pompous buffoon Prager is.

  16. Ben Ford 2 months ago

    Bombing 8 countries, is that in the Bible?
    I guess you never read the book of Joshua. To sum it up, kill everyone that isn't Jewish.
    There was one city that made a peace deal with Israel and God was pissed off because it meant that they couldn't kill them like he wanted

  17. Tamilla Igidova 2 months ago

    This is the reason I prefer CrashCourse.

  18. Tamilla Igidova 2 months ago

    Corporate shill. Ultra-orthodox jews actually protest against Israel, never heard Prager do it. Guess he's not as ¨wise¨ as he thinks.

  19. Lumrodger 2 months ago

    lol just saw a prager u ad

  20. brigham2250 2 months ago

    I'd like to take the bible seriously, seriously take it to the trash bin or fireplace and deposit it where it seriously belongs. Prager is preaching to the converted. So is Kyle. There is an impasse all around. No one can prove their side to the satisfaction of the other. Think of the Richard Dawkins-Wendy Wright interview. No matter what evidence was presented to her for evolution it didn't even matter. It was never going to be real evidence or enough evidence or the right kind of evidence, or whatever. Didn't Ken Ham (in his debate with Bill Nye) say that there could never be evidence to make him change his mind? People are going to believe what they want to for all sorts of reasons. What we need to do is get everybody on board with a secular government because that protects everyone, including the religious. But selfishness and greed and the need to control others and a lack of foresight seem to get in the way.

  21. travishunt9 2 months ago

    By this guys logic Bill Clinton should have been your guy.

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