Rick Santorum’s Protest Response Is The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Heard

[tweet_dis2]Rick Santorum’s Protest Response Is The Dumbest Thing You’ve Ever Heard[/tweet_dis2]

Doctors and surgeons had an important message for former Republican senator Rick Santorum on Sunday: CPR does not save people who are bleeding to death from AR-15 wounds.

The news flash directed at Santorum came after he suggested live on CNN that learning CPR was a better way for young people to take action in response to a mass shooting, rather than protesting gun violence and asking “someone else to solve their problem” by passing a “phony gun law.” The panel on CNN’s “State of the Union” show was discussing the March for Our Lives, which drew upward of 800,000 people to the Mall on Saturday to demand gun-control legislation. Many of the marchers — including teenage organizers from Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where a gunman fatally shot 17 people last month — were students…

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  1. Joe Gillian 2 months ago

    This is the same nonsense argument as giving teachers guns. Let's have untrained people, who aren't going to be paid for the additional training and responsibility, take care if this extremely dangerous and complex problem. This is simply revealing for all to see where the true allegiance of the Republican party lies; with the rich donors who think dollar signs are more important than dead bodies.

  2. Leland Shennett 2 months ago

    *slow claps forever

  3. MsZeitgeist85 2 months ago

    Sit back and watch Frothy Freeze woo you with this wit.

  4. Sheldon Cooper 2 months ago

    I had to skip that clip because it was so fucking bad.

  5. James Wilkie 2 months ago

    How about those god damn kids just accept that there are going to be mass shootings and take CPR training.

  6. Jason S 2 months ago

    By his logic he should also be against the annual March for Life anti-abortion rally.

  7. Korbis Barkly 2 months ago

    Ah yes, CPR: The #1 treatment for gunshot wounds.

  8. pooperscoop54321 2 months ago

    The murder rate doesn't go down with a gun ban. London has the highest murder rate in the world, and guns are illegal. If you banned knives, there would eventually be less knife deaths, but the murder rate would not go down, so the fact that that one specific type of death went down is meaningless.

  9. AdaptorLive 2 months ago

    What comes out of Santorum's mouth is exactly the same 'substance' that was named after him. WARNING: If you have a weak stomach, maybe don't Google this.

  10. Txia Vang 2 months ago

    How about you shut the fuck up Rick Sanitorium

  11. DeathLeprecon 2 months ago

    There was an episode of Red Vs Blue where a character was given CPR for a gunshot wound to the head… and lived. But apparently Santorum didn't realize that it was a joke, not a How To guide.

  12. Garfield brown 2 months ago

    I'm appalled that the CNN panel did not tell Rick to shut the fuck up.

  13. Zachary Xavier 2 months ago

    Rick Santorum is an idiot and a religious nutjob who wants to get involved in your bedroom. How is same sex marriage or activity anyone's business? Butt out of people's business.

  14. Liam Burr-Knight 2 months ago

    Only thing cpr would do for a gunshot wound is create a temporary fountain out of someones stomach

  15. Neightrix Prime 2 months ago

    What makes mass shootings worse than higher crime and murder where gun laws are implemented?

  16. Charla Lee 2 months ago

    Rick Santorum is a anti black racist so he probably does have a problem with the civil rights movement and the majority of racist people aren't smart. Since he is one of the NRA bitches he has to defend their interest and anti black racist rhetoric isn't going to work this time because all races of children are out here protesting for real gun regulations not bullshit like giving guns to teachers or more cops at schools that ain't gonna do shit but hide from the Mass shooters. So all Rick dumbass Santorum got left are stupid arguments so his dumbass is telling kids to take personal responsibility for mass shootings and learn CPR which are worthless against bullets.

  17. A Plate of Hot Dogs 2 months ago

    In any other developed world country Santorum would be shunned from General society, like the shameless troglodyte he is.

  18. Brandon Bryant 2 months ago

    Agreed… Rick argument is super dumb…

  19. JaynardManback 2 months ago

    Keeping our kids safe IS politics. Santorum saying stupid shit per usual. Kulinski 2020

  20. Mozu Deadeye 2 months ago

    Why do I always get this feeling that not only do Republicans not care about children's lives, but they WANT them to die! And every time, I tell myself, that's nonsense, another one of these Dumbasses shows up and supports my theory yet again!

  21. Liberal Larry 2 months ago

    Phony gun laws? Who said they want phony gun laws? We want strong gun laws,not phony ones.Other major countries have already shown their gun laws WORK. Are their laws phony?What makes them phony?

  22. Fish Bowl 2 months ago

    This host is an idiot. Gun bans only make law abiding citizens a bigger target. Rick Santorum is talking about being realistic and proactive. These anti-gun people need to pull their head out of the sand. Guns helped the founders free themselves from what they believed was tyranny. Holocaust is the end result of "Gun Control".

  23. Paul a 2 months ago

    that guy is an ass and an idiot and a liar

  24. FUCK GOOGLE 2 months ago

    "We shouldn't be preventing forest fires. What we need to do is learn how to put them out once they eventually happen."

  25. FUCK GOOGLE 2 months ago

    Do CPR on the shooter, problem solved. They just want to feel loved.

  26. Jim Heath 2 months ago

    Rick Santorum is a Republican , so why would he say anything to make sense. It's not in his make up.

  27. terrencemcg 2 months ago

    Logical fallacies… GOP's bread and butter.

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