Roy Moore Becomes Sacha Baron Cohen’s Newest Victim on ‘Who is America?’

[tweet_dis2]Roy Moore Becomes Sacha Baron Cohen’s Newest Victim on ‘Who is America?’[/tweet_dis2]

Watch the Full Clip Here::
Roy Moore’s Response to Cohen’s Prank:
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  1. the op kingdom 2 weeks ago

    OMG- Jim's "Gay-dar" detector!!! Wow- priceless.

  2. Sp0okeh 2 weeks ago

    he got trolled by a metal detector hahaha!

  3. Majoofi 2 weeks ago

    low hanging fruit.

  4. Opethian 2 weeks ago

    The same man is asking his quacks to pay for his legal fees? HAHAHAHA! Get em, Sacha!

  5. Lee Gilliam 2 weeks ago

    The irony of politicians getting upset when someone tricks them into going along with a course of action that is not in their best interest…

  6. Heavy Metal Collector 2 weeks ago

    Politicians flop and play the victim harder than football/soccer players

  7. Tim Bradley 2 weeks ago

    "Well maybe Israeli technology hasn't developed properly."
    This is when I really cracked up.

  8. Tim Bradley 2 weeks ago

    Is America great again yet?

  9. Chris B 2 weeks ago

    This is no random interview. Sacha Baron Cohen's team have been doing this for years in Britain before moving to the US – they know exactly what they're doing. And their results are jaw dropping! There are good reasons that legal cases against Sacha (and there have been many) never succeed. The targets are carefully selected/studied beforehand and they are persuaded to sign carefully worded contracts for a brief moment in the spotlight. Sacha's characters always have some kind of obvious vulnerability, cultural difference or racial/sexual minority associated, which makes them more difficult to call out infront of a camera. It's a lot of 'crazy talk' but with bundles of conviction. Have to admire him for the way this is set up. And he does get to the truth of his targets. The kind of truth that is often hidden in mainstream media news interviews but exercised in government policy making.

  10. Gore Shade 2 weeks ago

    Roy Moore is a diaper sniper.

  11. Link 2018 2 weeks ago

    I never thought I would laugh at a politics show

  12. Christopher Freitag 2 weeks ago

    Roy Moron, lololol

  13. ghenulo 2 weeks ago

    Why do politicians keep going on Cohen's show?

  14. celvester allison 2 weeks ago

    I love how Moore-on blatantly lies by saying that he's never even been accused of being a pedophile when he absolutely has. If he was gonna lie, why not just say that he isn't a pedophile, why go as far as to say something that is so easily disproved like "I've never been accused of being a pedophile"? Come on Roy, that's not very Christ-like of you to lie like that. Especially when it's so easy to fact check that through public record. Fucking jackass.

  15. He said it was technology that detects pedophiles, not perverts. You can be a pervert and not be a pedophile.

  16. Danny Dan 2 weeks ago

    please tell me he can get Ajit pai.

  17. AZOffRoadster 2 weeks ago

    Love the unibrow.

  18. Adam 2 weeks ago

    Conservative Mexican is demanding you debate him. It’s like a little fishy trying to get in the face of a shark

  19. Karl Kaiser 2 weeks ago

    Still waiting for SBC to interview the racist-supremacist ethnic cleansing Jews squatting in the Occupied Territories of Palestine.

  20. Apple Slipper 2 weeks ago


  21. Ch33to Sesh 2 weeks ago

    Debate the Conservative Mexican Mike. He is requesting you to debate and I'm willing to see your response.

  22. Tony Favilla 2 weeks ago

    While not necessarily original (the whole "deviant detector" comedy bit has been around), it's mildly amusing.

    This sort of thing just unsettles me in general. Guy like that should slink away into obscurity.

  23. Lol! You actually think this is real?

  24. Johnny Gamer 2 weeks ago

    I've cursed Roy out in a Po'boys Dinner in Gadsden… He fucking rn and talked Meekly.

    When the cops showed up he got all puffed up, but he backed down when the cops said "Judge, We know him, You may put people in Jail, He changes your life forever."

    He went all meek again.

    He allowed Cops to steal money from a Elderly Couple of Color.

    They stole 25k from them.

    2 MCs I helped create Ran a fundraiser that weekend and we gave that couple nearly 50k

    They moved closer to the MC so they'd be protected.

  25. Link10103 2 weeks ago

    An innocent person wouldn't believe it, immediately catch on, and start laughing.

    Guilty people on the other hand…

  26. Benjamin Kramer 2 weeks ago

    I wish Mike would've shown the part where SBC had the cameraman come over, so he could test the wand on him, which resulted in no beeping, of course.

  27. Prometheus 2 weeks ago

    "Trickery, deception and dishonesty."
    Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

  28. Laringo flamingo 2 weeks ago

    He's good at baiting & conditioning conservatives.

  29. Vostera Deadeye 2 weeks ago

    he just has to say he's from israel and all these politicians just eat whatever he says up

  30. jubey97 2 weeks ago

    Just Republicans. They're just that stupid

  31. Samadh1 2 weeks ago

    Has he pranked any Democrats yet?

  32. P Bass 2 weeks ago

    Roy got absolutely trolled to no end

  33. Paul Berevoescu 2 weeks ago


  34. jim bob 2 weeks ago

    I can't imagine how he can keep a straight face and not crack.

  35. Dalton Bedore 2 weeks ago

    moore triggered as fuck lol.

  36. BatMashUps 2 weeks ago

    Sacha Baron Cohen makes Andy Kaufman look like Allen Funt.

  37. Communist Satan 2 weeks ago

    Sacha's fake eyebrows there weird me out. It's like he's got two caterpillars on his forehead.

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