Sean Hannity Blames Market Crash On Obama

[tweet_dis2]Sean Hannity Blames Market Crash On Obama[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Tom Erickson 5 months ago

    I personally don't blame Obama for the crash…but, when it was doing well, all the Liberals were crediting Obama…so, using their logic, it should be his responsibility now.

  2. Chris Ziegler 5 months ago

    All of you who still believes Obama is still President and can influence the stock market, here is the facts Chump is President.

  3. True Fan Forum 5 months ago

    To say that the stock market benefits only (or mostly) the rich or corporations is not exactly true. There are many people who have 401 Ks, retirement funds, small stocks and such who are not exactly the rich. Yes many people who invest in the market are rich, but not all. There's a variety of investors and a variety of involvement. Let's not just play the blame the rich game just yet.

  4. Steve Washington 5 months ago

    So Hannity blames Obama for the plunge does that mean he disagrees with Trump saying he boosted the market?

  5. D DOLLAR 5 months ago

    Hannity, blahaha!

  6. Nico Martinez 5 months ago

    “Money will not be available but there will be more money available. “
    He makes it up as he goes along

  7. Norman1951 Norman 5 months ago

    Hannity a true American ignoramus with all the bells and whistles. The personification of the "ugly American" along with the mouth breathers that listen to or watch his show.

  8. Martin Ljubic 5 months ago

    The market crash is two fold, (speculators/short sellers) and (FIAT MONEY CORRECTIONS). (Speculators/short sellers) are like tree shakers who gather the fallen fruit, except that they want "the fruit"-  "THE INVESTOR", just to FALL out of the MARKET. It is also akin to a BULL hitting a tree- a BULL MARKET. The gain is to sell high to a buying market and buy low from a selling market. The selling market is 'falling out of the proverbial tree. NOW it stands to reason that Obama supporters could be amongst those SHAKING THE TREE. It is already known THAT OBAMA PRINTED ALOT OF FIAT MONEY AND SPENT IT.

  9. MCES LEX 5 months ago

    The big bang, Obama's fault

  10. Gina Gasior 5 months ago


  11. Notmy Name 5 months ago

    I will never understand why Hannity still has a platform to spread his ignorance.

  12. T.R. Plume 5 months ago

    Hannity needs a bullet in the ear.

  13. Ray Kelly 5 months ago

    Hannah Hannity is a Racist Bitch ass pile of shit..

  14. Roger Williams II 5 months ago

    Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!!!

  15. dale murray 5 months ago

    I understand Hannity completely. For enough millions I would screw a goat on Public Television.  He's just doing a different version of the same thing,.

  16. Big Salmon 5 months ago

    he's not 100% wrong, just like 75% wrong lol. Trump might have bumped the economy slightly due to businesses thinking that he's going to be business friendly… but most of the huge bubble we are sitting on is due to the policies of the Obama era Fed. near zero interest rates and massive bond sales only push a problem back instead of confronting it. economists like David Stockman have said for months that Trump needs to stop taking credit for Obama's economy.

  17. Virgil Anderson 5 months ago

    Thanks Obama….

  18. andola jackson 5 months ago

    yeh def isnt a recoil to the "print more money" and the implications it has on the fed as well as inflation, paired with the publicized "weight" the dollar now pulls and its growth and the parameters necessary market/economy wise for it to strengthen nono………its big O…….smh false idealism is so humorous yell this yell that still taken at face value boy i love my pundit puppet projectors that keep them afloat………"my opinion is an expert opinion it is word for word the same as puppet pundit" how could i be wrong?………america in a nutshell…..dont even get me started on psudo sports/motorsports fans…….same shit different felcher

  19. This Democrat vs. Republicans nonsense is totally funny. But ok, lets see, biggest Market Crashes in the USA:

    1929: President Calvin Coolidge (REP)
    1937: Franklin D. Roosvelt (DEM)
    1987: Ronald Reagan (REP)
    1989: George H. W. Bush (REP)
    1990: George H. W. Bush (REP)
    2000: George W. Bush (REP)
    2001: George W. Bush (REP)
    2002: George W. Bush (REP)
    2008: George W. Bush (REP)
    2018: Donald J. Trump (REP)
    2019: Donald J. Trump (REP)
    2020: Donald J. Trump (REP)

  20. byteresistor 5 months ago

    Yesterday I hurt my toe. Must've been Obama.

  21. Billie Bleach 5 months ago

    Who cares what this Hannity-douchebag is saying….he’s preaching for the quire anyway

  22. Nicole 5 months ago

    this guy lives on another planet…the sad part is he has a national outlet to spew his shit and kyle is getting throttled by youtube.  but we don't have a propaganda machine in america.  noooo…only the big bad communists have propaganda rollseyes

  23. Ste H 5 months ago

    Love the way Hannity says "Now what's cheap money?" and makes no effort to explain what he's on about. He's such a turd blossom.

  24. NyYankees1985 5 months ago


  25. Milan Thapa 5 months ago

    He isn't even trying

  26. Rpground 5 months ago

    Hannity…the fuck did you just say? You're just saying words with no meaning or substance, the fuck is this "cheap money borrowing" and "ironically more spending money" you hack!?

  27. anthony mazy 5 months ago

    Neoliberalism is good

  28. halo4evr124 5 months ago

    Well, even Neoliberals are against keeping rates this low. Anyone who doesn't understand how interest rates works doesn't understand how the stock market works.

    Is it Obama's fault? No, but it is a result of bad federal reserve policy under Obama and Bush…

  29. Captinprivate 5 months ago

    The reason why the Tbills are going up so fast is because the "conservatives" added 3 trillion to the debt and the Fed will have to sell T-bills to cover the debt

  30. PcGameHunter 5 months ago

    So … the Obama economy is bad – > it's caused cheap money -> The Fed is 'artificially' keeping price of money and price of borrowing down [Notice that one of those basically nullified the other then] -> But somehow that means economy is strong [Wait so Obama economy is strong now ??] -> What ?

    Am I wrong? I literally rewrote everything to double check:
    "Because the Obama economy was so weak all of these years. We had just artificially cheap money, now what's cheap m- cheap money, cheap money is when you can borrow at ridiculously low rates. The era of cheap money at some point has to come to an end. And the Government- the Fed is artificially kept the…. price of money down and a- and the price of borrowing down and now that's gonna come to an end. And in many ways it represents, actually [websters night or something]- And in many ways it's a sign of strength of the economy, more than anything else. So I think the underpinnings of the economy are so strong now that the adjustment is coming, there is I think a lot of people understand, that cheap … money is no longer gonna be available."

    I think Hannity should adopt the philosophy of verbal minimalism: "Less said is more."

  31. Orange Monkey Hunter 5 months ago

    Sean hannity is one big fucking turd he wants a regime where genocide can be easily carried out. He is a fucking cancer that needs to be eradicated

  32. TCt83067695 5 months ago

    Me after reading the title of the video: Noooo waaaay! This fool done lost his mind

  33. joseph castro 5 months ago


  34. John Crock 5 months ago

    Wrong about the jobs report. Higher wagers mean more inflation which in turn means higher interest rates. And that is bad for just about every company except for the financial institutions. But as you said, the stock market is an indication of companies and not people.

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