Smarmball Ted Cruz Releases Goofiest Attack Ad Of All Time

[tweet_dis2]Smarmball Ted Cruz Releases Goofiest Attack Ad Of All Time[/tweet_dis2]

It will be a long time before we know all the ways in which Donald Trump has changed American politics, but with the first midterm elections of his presidency only months away, one of the Trump effects on politics is coming into focus — bullying is cool now.

So cool, that even Trump’s former victims are getting in on the fun. Take Texas senator Ted Cruz, dubbed “Lyin’ Ted” during the 2016 Republican presidential primaries, who is up for reelection this year. On Tuesday night, fresh off of his primary win in Texas, Cruz released his first attack ad on newly minted Democratic challenger, Beto O’Rourke.

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  1. xele fonte 5 months ago

    (4:25) Kyle’s Trump voice sounds exactly like his Bernie Sanders voice. I don’t understand why Kyle thinks this substance-less campaigning doesn’t work. It does especially with Texas hicks. They are superficial people…they see bright colors and country music and they like..very simple minded so credit to Ted Cruz for realizing this and capitalizing on it. And I hate Ted Cruz more than anybody, he is a slimey scumbag.

  2. Erik Humleker 5 months ago

    Remember Republicans always use these same tactics and they always seem to work.

  3. Know Thanks 5 months ago

    Ted Cruz ate a booger on live television (barf)

  4. Fahamut 5 months ago

    Shit kicker calling his own constituents shit kickers.

  5. eagledude4 5 months ago

    Here's an idea, instead of "Paid for by *insert candidate name here*", campaign adverts should disclose who is actually FUNDING the campaign.

  6. Kaiser Wilhelm 5 months ago

    The worst song I ever heard.

  7. Synful PK 5 months ago

    on CNN he said he has friends that are democrats. Republicans are the real ones making fake news, like the whole masturbation shit on CNN, you could tell he was lying

  8. Stephen Yin 5 months ago

    Aron Ra for senate

  9. Aldana Media 5 months ago

    The ad was meant to be ironic

  10. MJP Views 5 months ago

    Cruz is an embarrassment to Texas

  11. Matthew Mueller 5 months ago

    Adriana Bell: I am no man.

  12. F JV 5 months ago

    Beto O’Rourke needs to win. He’s progressive, and not Ted Cruz.

  13. ourhandsaretied 5 months ago

    Wow… That was hysterical… That's what politics in America has been reduced to…

  14. chabosmulm 5 months ago

    he is saying the truth tough in the song

  15. Hotaru Elanor 5 months ago

    that was the best mandark i have ever heard. you should do an entire segment like that.

  16. TekkaSage 5 months ago

    FACT: "Ted" Cruz is Cuban… Let that sink in.

  17. throatgorge2 5 months ago

    Actually Beto is short for Roberto, so that isn't exactly a name change. Ralph Cruz would likewise be more acceptable from stupid shit Raphael.

  18. Alex Cuellar 5 months ago

    Rafael Cruz.. call him that you know he despises not being white. Pathetic scum

  19. Knut Uppstad 5 months ago

    Start calling him Rafael Cruz from now………. 😀

  20. PbPomper 5 months ago

    LMAO! Reminds me of the South Park 9/11 song 😛

  21. Eric Price 5 months ago

    This is going to get Cruz soooooooo many votes. Thank god for Gerrymandering!

  22. Kiel Weiss 5 months ago

    How do 1.2 million people like him enough to vote for him…

  23. Techno Lion 5 months ago

    Although I agree with your point, I cant deny the song was catchy.

  24. Bruce Cooper 5 months ago

    I'm Ted ooze monster Cruz meh!!

  25. Humongous Olmec Head 5 months ago

    Well at least David Doel liked it.

  26. Robert Watson 5 months ago

    I wonder what that the band 'alabama' has to say about him ripping off their song. also the band described themselves as southern Democrats.

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