The Beginning of the End of Net Neutrality is Officially Here

[tweet_dis2]The Beginning of the End of Net Neutrality is Officially Here[/tweet_dis2]

As of April 23rd, 2018, parts of the FCC’s repeal of Title II will go into effect, thus marking the beginning of the end of net neutrality in the United States. Other parts of the repeal order are expected to take effect months later, but in the meantime, more than half of states are weighing their own legislation that would protect net neutrality.


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  1. Mr. Otaku Productions 5 months ago

    we still have the internet, the internet is not over, man the left is so annoying

  2. Ted Becker 5 months ago

    Your an idiot. Nothing has happened and there will be plenty of bandwidth. You do not understand anything with our communications systems. If you are paying for a service they can control it. Choose another service provider and pay for more bandwidth internet speeds in 5 years will blow you away and in 10 blow that away study up on free markets, competition and tech before you speak.

  3. Santopotter 18 5 months ago

    Net neutrality won…repeat net neutrality won!

  4. Bucky 123 5 months ago

    I bet ajit pai wants to ban the internet from us so he can look up porn I mean it will look like a fucking blocked sign

  5. Fucking Colossal-Nose-Kikes. They're Always Up Ta No Good.

  6. Why hasn't legit pie died yet

  7. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    why you gotta lie and fear monger

  8. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    i hate your videos so much i am sick of your god dam fear mongering you don't even bother to do research into things like throttling someones internet already being illegal under the FTC or looking into regulation and corporatism you idiots are helping the corporations not fighting them

  9. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    Are you people so stupid that you think net neutrality is going to protect you people have been getting there freedom attacked under net neutrality, big companies like youtube and google have been censoring and blocking websites channels and people that don't agree with them. so you people are just delusional

  10. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    If you people really truly give a dam about the Internet you will hand it over to the free market not the government government regulations has never worked, we let the government regulate our health care and school system look how that turned out you morons.

  11. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    For example did you morons even bother to search the simple fact that throttling someone's Internet is already illegal under the FTC

  12. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    All of you people screaming for net neutrality have no fucken clue what you're talking about.

  13. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    Not to mention all this sketchy stuff you people worry about has happened under net neutrality before you go around screaming for government regulation you need to seriously glooc up corporatism and lobbying before you even consider screaming for government regulation

  14. Ancap Otaku 5 months ago

    Good Net neutrality is useless it has been around for a couple of years versus the Internet's entire existence and the internet has been perfectly fine

  15. Kill Me 5 months ago

    Gotta' love living in Europe.

  16. SeeriousBizness 5 months ago

    it is though

  17. Alex Miramontes 5 months ago

    The helll am I gonna do

  18. War Nuts 5 months ago

    So the only place i use to escape… is getting destroyed…

  19. Dana Shelton 5 months ago

    There about to vote on it, as long as John McCane dont show up Net Neutrality will be safe.

  20. Will that affect tge whole world??? DX

  21. Does any one know how to get to the T.O.R engine.

  22. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    The FCC’s bullshit will get defeated in court.

  23. Ambyli 5 months ago

    I dont really believe most republicans oppose net neutrality. Havnt met anyone I know who is republican that agrees with getting rid of it.

  24. Thomas Jess 5 months ago

    Why is it every time I see Pai's ugly face, that I have to literally turn away from him? I honestly can't stand to look that creep in the eyes. There's something… scummy about him. (Besides the obvious fact that he's violating our freedom)

  25. Grafmec X 5 months ago

    Ajit Pai must die

  26. Andy B 5 months ago

    Ashit Pie

  27. Masquerade Parade 5 months ago

    Well. Pack your bags, we're moving to canada!

  28. Masquerade Parade 5 months ago

    That guy cheated and managed to ignore how countless reviews were made. Even for dead people!

  29. ABC123 5 months ago

    Is this good or bad?

  30. Not Fittedbat 5 months ago

    Here I come japan

  31. Colt3945 5 months ago

    Why isn't the internet free? The internet was created by the air-force who got all funds from taxes. Meaning that the internet was created by taxpayers.

    And corporations have the balls to charge us as a service that we as a people funded? No that's straight fucked up. I'm fucking sick of what happened to the internet. It's not that we need net neutrality, we need the free internet we fucking paid for.

  32. josh is not here 5 months ago

    Mr.Pie needs to die for telling such lie, he breaks the law and is sued but somehow still wins.

  33. Random Asian 5 months ago

    So 3 Man could backstab the whole country, but the whole country could do nothing against him.
    You know, that's how you know USA is Shit when the same thing could solve by a man with a gun.
    Garbage USA LOL

  34. Sunbreaker7 5 months ago

    Time to pack your bags and leave that sinking ship of a country.

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