The DNC and DCCC are Funneling Money to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC

[tweet_dis2]The DNC and DCCC are Funneling Money to Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC[/tweet_dis2]

The DNC and DCCC have paid Hillary Clinton’s super PAC, ‘Onward Together,’ a combined $1.6 million dollars for “list acquisition,” and a “generic committee list rental,” respectively. Why, exactly, is money that could be going to state parties being funneled to the super PAC of a two-time presidential loser?


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  1. Lord Tachanka 5 months ago

    May I see some proof working on a project for school tomorrow

  2. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    Why the fuck does she have a super PAC? Is she going to try to run again in 2020, so she’s trying to maintain control of the party? Or is it for personal enrichment? I bet you the Clintons keep 80% of the payments—including donations—that go to that PAC for themselves. It’s probably both: control the party for another rigged primary in 2020 & line her pockets. If you’re as corrupt and greedy as she is, it’s a win-win situation.

  3. bkim412 5 months ago

    And they still are going to waste money on that sham of a lawsuit? Gotta do anything you can to recoup Hillary’s cut

  4. monte68x 5 months ago

    Go, Hillary! She's doing an awesome job destroying this worthless party.

  5. George White V 5 months ago

    Bernie 2020

  6. George White V 5 months ago

    As a democrat, I hope that Hillary doesn't make it far in 2020

  7. Aaron Bear 5 months ago

    I want a small loan of $1.6 million dollars like Clinton. Anyways, maybe this cretin is trying to run again in 2020, if so the msm is going to push her onto us and she will lose again.

  8. Sandra Roberts 5 months ago

    List acquisition is buying a list which fits the variables you select. NO way it costs that much. Why would they give her any money?! This is such fraud; I'd like to see an audit of this Pac. These organizations do not do anything to help "the people"! The real, honest, hardworking student debt-laden citizens of the US!

  9. MIKELIN8 5 months ago

    The Democratic Party is beyond repair. The Clintons have their tentacles so far into the party, it will never again do what it is supposed to do…elect Democrats. It exists only as a funnel of our money to Hillary. This is why I am no longer a party member.

  10. Giovanna Liviana 5 months ago

    Why do you think it is "an objective fact" that "Democrats" are better than "Republicans"? What I see as an objective fact is that the two main parties are identical in all but name and other superficial appearances (including rhetoric).

    “… perché lo universale degli uomini si pascono così di quel che pare come di quello che è: anzi, molte volte si muovono più per le cose che paiono che per quelle che sono.”
    ~ Niccolò Machiavelli, Discorsi sopra la prima deca di Tito Livio, Libro Primo, Capitolo 25

  11. Gioan Thai 5 months ago

    I bet democrats wish Trump would send hrc to prison now…

  12. Duke Togo 5 months ago

    "They're better than Republicans"

    They're the same fucking thing!

  13. Puma Babushka 5 months ago

    This sounds familiar

  14. Liz Brooks 5 months ago

    You know her donors needs their money back and what is a better way than diverting donations from clueless loyal voters to pay back the debt. Like I said before, not a pennies to DNC or DCCC. They are corrupted.
    If you are dumb enough to contributes to keep these useless parasites power. You are stupid beyond help.

  15. Maiyanna 5 months ago

    It's called "corruption"

  16. Bob Riemersma 5 months ago

    Hillary is not robbing the DNC.  She owns the DNC.  The DNC is not yours.  The DNC is not your friend, any more than the RNC is.

  17. Jin 5 months ago

    Mike you are too young to have a beard like that. You won't have that face forever so show it off while you can.

  18. Barry Nichols 5 months ago

    Donate directly to candidates, fuck the DNC and the DCCC

  19. sean fay 5 months ago

    any blue won;t do….progressives only need apply

  20. 20170712 112444 5 months ago

    It is difficult to understand why the Democrats think HRC is a viable candidate.

  21. highrzr 5 months ago

    The establishment still has it's head in the sand, and the rectal-cranial inversion hasn't stopped…

  22. in wino veritas 5 months ago

    Hillary Clinton and her supporters should just go away.

  23. Conservative Mexican 5 months ago

    This is why we need smaller government yet you lefties never learn

  24. realeala 5 months ago

    the reason why they're giving money to her super Pac i think is because her pac will get corportist candidates to run and have the resources needed to go against actual progressive candidates. this will of course back fire because in a recent poll, it shows Hillary Clinton is the most hated politician in the country and anyone or anything involved with the Pac will get completely disowned and allow corportist republicans to win. as long as they don't have a progressive in power, they don't care.

  25. terry helton 5 months ago

    Why do you think I'm no longer a Democrat?

  26. Perry McCorkle 5 months ago

    I asked this question and folk all said that the contract had ended.

  27. NyYankees1985 5 months ago

    Hillary Clinton not only destroyed the democRAT party but the county as a whole by enabling President Assclown to win

  28. Anish Korula 5 months ago

    The Democratic party cannot move forward until the Clintons leave and let new leaders emerge. Because Bill and Hillary never want to leave the spotlight, and always want to be kingmakers for the party, the Democrats will continue to tread water in local, state and some federal races. The Democrats simply focus on the White House, and that will harm the party in the long-term. Shameful.

  29. Natalie Mae 5 months ago

    It was bribing money to flip votes that she could not be used

  30. Lawrence Magnuson 5 months ago

    She is America. No matter what it costs, she deserves everything she does not already have. I am writing a song about this. No tune suits her wonder so far. I keep thinking war and nothing for people but nothing rhymes. Hum it, you'll see!

  31. TheJagjr4450 5 months ago

    And yet Perez is spending money on Lawyers to sue the Russians, Trump, and Wikileaks… are we living in some alternate reality?

  32. Andrew Todaro 5 months ago


  33. Fire Fly 5 months ago

    From what i understand List Acquisition would be the acquiring of lists. Specifically lists of the "right group of people". Like an email list and the same can be said for generic committee list rental, though they wouldn't have purchased the list, they're just renting it. Either way regardless of what these terms mean. The DNC and the DCCC shouldn't be funding a superpac formed by any politician. All the more reason we gotta change the leadership in the Democratic party.

  34. jewelryby NaLa 5 months ago

    Despicable She II

  35. kmeccat 5 months ago

    When they finally put that evil witch in prison where she belongs, they should do a civil asset forfeiture on her entire estate. If anyone deserves it, the Clintons do.

  36. Brian Jingo 5 months ago

    I am sure Hildabeast has something up her sleeve of her pantsuit

  37. rose lyon 5 months ago

    Hillary ,loves to make sausage's.

  38. alphach1mp 5 months ago

    Annnnnnnd that is why no one is funding the DNC or DCCC.

  39. Pete 5 months ago

    The DNC and RNC are running a "Good Cop, Bad Cop" scam. They are in collusion.

  40. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    The fuck? Paid to lose party.

  41. DarkReflections86 5 months ago

    I think the only way to change things is to get rid of political parties. They have become obsolete and are the modern rackets of today's world.

  42. Akua Walters 5 months ago

    They are buying her list of donors……. it's clear

  43. K. A. 5 months ago

    #DEMEXIT – and if you're in New York, Cynthia Nixon.

  44. Vincent Saia 5 months ago

    Surprise, surprise. the MM isn't covering this.

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