The Onion Not F*ing Around Anymore With Israel

[tweet_dis2]The Onion Not F*ing Around Anymore With Israel[/tweet_dis2]

The Onion publishes a blistering satirical piece on the brutality in Gaza.

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Photo Credit: “ISRAEL-USA/PROTESTS-PALESTINIANS”, © 2018 Jordi Bernabeu Farrús, Flickr | CC-BY

This article was originally posted on The Jimmy Dore Show

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:

  2. EGH181 5 months ago

    The lack of humanity displayed by the Israeli soldiers who committed these horrible acts is truly saddening. However events like these do open peoples eyes to what the Israeli state has evolved into. It’s disturbing to think that the state created by the victims of the Holocaust could turn around and use the very tactics that were used against them.

  3. ihartevil 5 months ago

    thx for this ha bisky vid i love you so much dadadada

    the onion seems to be doing more real news then the mainstream media even though they are supposed to be satire

  4. Sandra Molnar 5 months ago

    It seems the Israelis have learned that if you want to commit genocide without anyone noticing do it slowly using one sniper at a time.

  5. AO 5 months ago

    The onion is a rag……………. Just saying.

  6. Tyler Jarjoura 5 months ago

    Vote Patrick Little on June 5th to end all foreign aid to Israel and to put an end to wars for Israel!

  7. Anonymous 5 months ago

    I know you're one of the most class-conscious people in #America, Jimmy.
    You're class #consciousAF.
    But, I still doubt your total #racial consciousness.
    You DO know it's wrong to murder ANY child, no matter his/her nationality, don't you?
    If so, then you must SURELY know it's wrong to kill a child BECAUSE of his/her nationality.

  8. DezOnsBull 5 months ago

    When it comes to the land & religion, these Muslims will follow each other blindly. The Hamas is orchestrating the war at Israel border. When Israeli Military distributed the flyers to not come near fence or try to cross it, why are these mad dogs Palestinians are joining Hamas in this? There are Palestinians who are protesting vocally in Gaza but if they are attacking the fence and trying to force themselves beyond the border, every govt including Israel has right to defend it's border.

    Hamas has always used women, children as shield to make Israel look bad, whenever Hamas launches rockets into Israel territory they used Hospitals, schools & public spots to do that so that when Israel's defence system try to kill the origin of that rocket innocent civilians die & then they can run the propaganda that Israel is killing innocent children & women. You draw palm to help a Muslim, he will take your whole arm. Stop believing in Israel is bad while overlooking the Hamas policies.

  9. Chief Ryback 5 months ago

    Dear Jimmy Dore, please help America break out of this false phony Left/ Right paradigm. If people really are serious about making a change in our world they need to never vote for any candidate supported by AIPAC. Dems & Repubs are two heads of the same Israeli snake.

  10. Chief Ryback 5 months ago

    This is why the Jews have been kicked out of 112 countries the last 2000 years.

  11. Vilayat Ali 5 months ago

    The kill jesus so children is no problem.

  12. Unhinged Cringe 5 months ago

    Guy must have never cried.

    Cant pronounce tear gas

  13. Soozee P 5 months ago

    The Gaza Strip is land that Israel THREW OUT ISRAELI’s to accommodate Palestinians. Look, the Jews worked Kibbutz’s to create a great nation. And you can’t see how the Palestinians never ONCE planned on how to create a great nation for themselves before 1948. And given Gaza, they still can’t create a place where they can be INDEPENDENT. Instead, Iran, Hezbollah & Hamas PAY the Palestinians to do nothing except being a thorn in the everyday lives of Israelis. And you can actually say this is about oil?! I respect you, Jimmy, but you’re just wrong on this issue. 100% wrong. Here we go, another group of people (the Palestinians this time) being Iran’s bitches to keep up the chaos. Have you already forgotten the tunnels built from under Gaza into Israel JUST so they had access to cause terrorist activities? You’ve forgotten how Gazans provoked Israel out of the blue by lobbing mortars into Israel? You forgot that recent war? Oh, and after the tunnels were destroyed, it’s been found they have rebuilt them? C’mon. Jimmy.

  14. Americans First 5 months ago

    Take your anti-Semitic bullshit and shove it up your ass. Down-voted the video and unsubscribed from your channel. Furthermore, fuck the squatters known as Palestinians. Israel shouldn’t have ever given them any land. They should have eradicated the squatters years ago.

  15. Dienekes 5 months ago

    That quote could be used for our militarized police, here in the U.S.

  16. John Sawatzky 5 months ago

    Hey jimmy dore. Your a moron.

  17. Brian 5 months ago

    Dumbass liberals

  18. Barry McConnell 5 months ago

    The fake jews in Israel are going to be exposed, says the most high Yah

  19. Cool hat 5 months ago

    Not one mention of the rockets and mortars that are fired regularly from Palestine into Israel? Is this supposed to be journalism? Not.
    I have no ax to grind in this conflict, but this is grotesquely UN-balanced "journalism".
    You know very well that hamas' stated goal is "the obliteration or dissolution of Israel."
    Your failure to acknowledge that reality and your failure to recognize Israel's right to basic self defense is at the very least, lousy journalism, and at worst profound dishonesty.

    Islamic hatred of the Jews is mandated in the quran and has existed for centuries before the U.S. even existed. You also fail to point out that most muslim victims are victims of >>>other muslims<<<. ….pfff. Stop bullsh*tting and trying to blame the "west". That's crap.

    I've just learned that I cannot expect balanced coverage from Jimmy Dore. Shame on you Jimmy for your failure to bring clarity on this issue. You're not going to solve the issue by only telling half the story.

    I will look elsewhere to further my understanding of this.

  20. Sepehr Forghani 5 months ago

    Israelis are Nazis and i dont give fuck a fuck how they feel anymore. They have been spoiled by American support and our money

  21. Royal Satan 5 months ago

    Apparently those who are being massacred are terrorists according to US

  22. morehn 5 months ago

    I got dumber watching this monkey

  23. zfreak280 5 months ago

    You are outright lying, propagandist.

  24. shawnee reid 5 months ago

    It’s a complete propaganda joke . After 80 years don’t u think that Israel could’ve bombed all of the Palestine ( Palestine is Israel ). By now ? They commit global genocide every year and they can’t get rid of ppl in their own. Nation. Oh boy do i a lot to say about that lol

  25. RAIN MAYHEM 5 months ago

    Gaza is a concentration camp. And America has used there UN veto to stop the UN from punishing them for human rights violations. America sponsor's terrorist activities. America perpetrated 911 and blamed it on. Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with it. All so they could steal there oil. War is a form of population control. And it is always the poor who die. The rich thrive while the rest of us suffer and die. People need to wake up the government don't give a shit about us. We are pawns and like the game of chess we are to be sacrificed to protect the king. The greed of the 1% will always come before the needs of the 99%. There was no ISIS until America armed and trained them to carry out terror attacks. There is a purge on the horizon the world is over populated. And it is the poor they will kill off. If you trust our government you are a sheep and the government loves dumb fucks like you

  26. Rudy Leon 5 months ago

    Jews came to the land, Arabs didn’t like it . They terrorized the Jews . Now the Jews are terrorists . Islam says eye for an eye . Well . Terror creates terror . Soon you’ll see other terrorist organizations using terror because it’s effective. The future is bleak

  27. Micheal Portwood 5 months ago

    Armani is crashing it won't last long before we are all in the pits

  28. Danny In Oak Park 5 months ago

    Those Israeli snipers were Chris Kyle's wet dream come to life there!

  29. xslogic 1917 5 months ago

    never forget you are infidels yes ever liberal's

  30. Chris Perry 5 months ago

    I'd subscribe but I'd never work in this country

  31. Chris Perry 5 months ago

    Absolutely correct it's not religion its $$$. America is israels bitch, taxes go for defense systems and all else israel does. Although like all countries there are good people. It's the crooked ones who run the show. Keep it up,they'll shoot you 2.

  32. Barry Flint 5 months ago

    Rubbish!!! Israel blockades materials that can be used for weapons. Food and supplies still gets through. Secondly noone talks about the Egyptian side that Egypt also blockades their side of the border. They dont want radicals and terrorist which Hamas is to flourish and gain weapons. Any imports and materials can still get through it is simply that they will need to pass through Egyptian and Israeli border controls which will stop weapons and contraband. Hamas wants a direct import ability to which they can bypass these controls and directly import weapons.

  33. chris oldie 5 months ago

    Join Noam Chompski and friends support Gaza ! go to

  34. Jamaal Osman 5 months ago

    The ppl of America have to free their country from the grip of Satanic Zionism

  35. Michele Patak 5 months ago

    The onion is fake news everyone knows it

  36. Eamon Brady 5 months ago

    Why bring kids and baby's to a violent conflict,are they being sacrificed for a greater cause.

  37. Cameron Merrill 5 months ago

    israel, the worlds pariah. they want to end their existence more than anyone else. you dont behave this way and expect people to just take it (and for decades).

  38. Brandon Moreland 5 months ago

    Sad part is they're going to end up naming Jimmy as an anti-semite. Any criticism of Israel whatsoever these days the same as anti-semitism, it's ridiculous in America it's legal to walk up and call me nigger but one thing I've come to find out is any criticism towards Israel whatsoever will be met by unified campaign of accusations of anti-semitism. Regardless of the causes for the excuses what Israel is doing to the Palestinians right now is no better than what happened in South Africa or in America for that matter. Take all the emotion and religion out of the equation and the fact is that on one side you have the six most powerful military in the world with the most powerful military in the world backing them against some of the poorest people in the world protesting. There have been overwhelming casualties on one side and but a couple on the other now I don't need to be an expert in Middle Eastern affairs to see a Slaughter when it happens. All the b***** narrative they're trying to push that the Palestinians are really Hamas is just ridiculous because terrorist goals are to kill people not just be killed which is what's happening

  39. 1Ephraimite 5 months ago

    "Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people deserve a homeland in the biblical land of israel" , That's modern propaganda spouted by these imposter "Jews" who have hijacked the ideology of the true lineal Israelites in order to recapture their homeland of CANAAN .;


    “The Canaanites Who Call Themselves ‘Jews’”

    Canaan was the fourth son born to Ham, Noah’s 2nd Son, and was the youngest of Noah’s grandsons through the lineage of Ham {Gen. 6:[6]}. After an apparent many years post deluge, the Israelite records (Bible) describes Noah being in a completely drunken state and within his tent when he was sexually violated by his grandson Canaan {Gen. 6:[20-25]}, Noah was obviously drunk and unconscious and is why Canaan was able to sexually molest his grandfather whilst in his stupor. The narrative gives good indication of this within the following clues.

    -Verse 21 states that he was uncovered (naked) within his tent.
    -Ham was the one who found him in this condition.
    -Ham is the father of Canaan, as repeatedly mentioned in Verses 18 & 22 which helps to underscore the protective attitude Ham had towards his son Canaan against his father Noah after Ham discovered what had taken place. Ham blamed his father Noah and pointed out the perceived transgression to his brothers in order to gain a mutual condemnation towards their father.
    -And finally, in verse 24 there is a reference to a “Younger Son”, and most people have assumed that this was a reference to Ham instead of Canaan. However, Ham is the second son born to Noah as indicated in the Bible’s constant and rudimentary succession demonstrated in Gen. 5:[32], Gen. 6:[10], Gen. 7:[12], Gen. 9:[18], Gen. 10:[1], 1 Chronic. 1:[4]. The expression “Younger Son” is in fact pointing to Ham’s younger son Canaan {Gen. 10:[6]}. So when Noah was pointing out “His Younger Son”, he in fact was addressing Ham’s (“His”) younger son and not stating that Ham (Noah’s Son) was his youngest son, since there is no true Hebrew (not Yiddish) word for Grandson, this then demonstrates how this misunderstanding was given birth.

    This helps to clarify a lot of misconceptions that have been floating around about what is really being described in the event that took place with respects to Noah’s drunken state and what proceeded it. You see, this is the catalyst of the depravities that became a hallmark of behavior patterns among these Canaanite sociopathic corruptors of morality and their lineal descendants, of which later on in history the sons of Esau would be partakers in their depraved hegemony.

    Historically Canaanites, of whatever sub-sect, were characteristically known for the following depravities, behaviors, and perversions:

    1.) Homosexuality
    2.) Beastiality
    3.) Necrophilia
    4.) Pedophilia
    5.) Prostitution
    6.) Human Trafficking/Slavery
    7.) Idol/ Image Glorification
    8.) Polytheism (The promotion of religious synergy)
    9.) Incest
    10.) Child Sacrifice
    11.) Blood Drinking (Hemaetophagy/Hematophagy)
    12.) War Mongers/Belligerent = this is what the term “Hawkish” truly means and why it’s often heard applied to Pro-“Jewish” Politicians
    13.) Provocateurs/ Antagonists/ Subversive

    (These corrupt people have merely changed identities in order to disguise themselves from being found out, because once the world rediscovers who they really are…there will be no hiding from the consequences that will come crashing down on them.)

    The behavior and practice of some of these horrors of course is not just limited to the Canaanites and can be found in other nation’s history as well. However, they are one of the most famed psychopaths that history has recorded who exercised such vehement debauchery in such a nationalistic united sense as seen with the destruction of the 2 major cities of Canaan known as Sodom & Gomorrah, of which Sodomy is now a trademark identifier towards sexual deviancy of the anal orifice.

    The records (Bible) is handled like a hot potato by the descendants of Canaan who modernly call themselves “Jews”, in that they use the records of the true lineal Israelites to masquerade themselves in order to take back their forefather’s (Canaan’s) lands under the “Greater Israel Project”. But let me not get ahead of myself.

    The records (Bible) demonstrate the Canaanites lived up to their corruptive and belligerent character, but what has happened to the Canaanites in history that have caused them to be falsely identified as the Biblical Israelites? In part it has been the toxic relationship between Canaanites and Edomites (European Whites) that has caused the Canaanites to be reduced to a lower estate to where they’ve had to engineer and fashion ways to reestablish themselves on the world stage.

  40. Wildlands 1 5 months ago

    If they're Muslims, shoot to kill. Fuck Islam!

  41. Den Revel 5 months ago

    Nikki Haley always talk about human rights and now what… just cricket*……TALK SHIT

  42. The Bible Study Helper 5 months ago

    Israel is eternal .

  43. Spider Mann 5 months ago

    Get Patrick Little on your show.

  44. NoDramaQueens 5 months ago

    More main stream media needs to admit this also. The UN is sitting on their hands.

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