1. Shane Moore 11 months ago

    Wow these leftist are out of touch there about to get that smoke in 2018 after everybody gets them fat income tax checks and doubled child tax credit he needs to all funds from the UN to build the wall Trump just keeps winning and you losers still beat the lying hype drum start telling the truth scum lets make america great again!

  2. They Have A Cavetroll 11 months ago

    Unions didn't fall because of inherent flaws (at least not only), they were crushed deliberately by the management class through government. An example of this are the "right to work" laws.

  3. The BIE 2018 11 months ago

    Good stuff and left me with plenty to think about. Happy holidays!

  4. Big Unc 11 months ago

    Your idea about taxation is somewhat wrong. The first and foremost reason for taxation is to force the population to use government issued currency/money for transactions. Regular table salt was currency at one time because it was what governments, kings, despots etc. demanded as tax. Therefore everybody has to obtain salt which increases its value. Same with the dollar, you must obtain dollars to pay your taxes which raises its value. Who issues dollars?…the government hahaha. Ask yourself how did the dollar became the worlds reserve currency? Its a simple scam really. Convince Saudi Arabia to accept only U.S. dollars in exchange for their oil. Everbody has to obtain U.S. dollars to run their factories,vehicles, heat their homes etc. which increases dollars value and the petrodollar is born, a psuedo tax on the world.

  5. BiiaviansGalore 11 months ago

    Best show on BD and my main reason for being a patron, happy holidays! Love the content.

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