TIME Editor Literally Admits He’s For Gov. Propaganda!

[tweet_dis2]TIME Editor Literally Admits He’s For Gov. Propaganda![/tweet_dis2]

A former Time Magazine Editor admits he’s pro-propaganda, refuses to answer panel question.

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. Fred Grimley 5 months ago

    Surprise… here's a very friendly propaganda article from the afforementioned Time. Now you can picture this coming from the Minister of Propanda himself.



  4. edgar gonzalez 5 months ago

    Most americans: "msm cant fool me with their bullshit!"
    After propaganda "Omg i cant believe assad gassed his people!"

  5. kay jay 5 months ago

    That is a TRINIDADIAN accent. I was born there. LMBAO!

  6. Richard Hunn 5 months ago

    When you don't trust the facts, you don't believe in the reasoning ability of the masses. World history makes it blatantly obvious that the media and governments are the ones whom shouldn't be trusted, especially. Brave New World Revisited, by Aldous Huxley, was published in 1958 – and goes right up there with We the Living (Rand) and 1984 (Orwell). . .

  7. Made Budiana 5 months ago

    film indonesia

  8. Made Budiana 5 months ago


  9. Ricky Stecz 5 months ago

    I think Jimmy and his friends are naive. All publications take a position and have their own position. That's the point of publishing (free speech). Why would I want to print your views in MY paper? If you want to get your opinion out, start your own paper. Your idealism has blinded you to reality.

  10. Jennifer Grove 5 months ago

    At least now it's confirmed that we shouldn't trust a single word he says.

  11. Saul Goodman 5 months ago

    By cutting off the last question, he demonstrates how propaganda has different forms, smh…. thanks for the lesson douche, I mean mr. propaganda

  12. Yuri muckraker 5 months ago

    WOW! WTFF?! I know Time Magazine is a waste of ink of a magazine but that current and former editors would be such douchebags of the highest order like how that guy treated a last questionnaire. says all you need to know about where they stand, that our propaganda is good and those overseas or counter narratives are bad. what a windbag lol

  13. Kate Baldwin 5 months ago

    WOW. Just wow.

  14. Disband the CIA and DARPA

  15. joe bongiovanni 5 months ago

    Sooo, he was where during the 2012 campaign ?
    And, he did, what, exactly ?
    Propaganda R US at Time and Friends, but, hey, if you're the people that need guidance, know that we're okay with lying about stuff, in order to win.
    Never said we weren't.
    How weird the truth.

  16. donald doyle 5 months ago

    Heather Nauert is the American governments propaganda spokesperson, lies to Americans every week

  17. Kieron MacLeod 5 months ago

    ——-The man with the most opinions wins——-

    —————Was it something I said?————-

    Does anybody still wonder why the establishment news and information outlets are dying like so many self absorbed nose to ass lemmings brownnosing their way off a cliff?

    ————————It usually is———————-

    Want to see a respected well renowned journalist and information age leader stand up in defense of propaganda? Don’t you? Sure you do. We all doooo. Right?!

    ———————And I really do care—————-

    You want to find out why Donald Trump is a big bad liar and everybody who speaks for him is a big bad liar? And Hillary is a big bad liar and Billy and Georgie and Ronnie and and Barrackie too. Truth is, the last thing they want you to know is the real truth; unless it’s useful to the operative narrative they are promoting if the day, of the moment of the conversation……… ummm, What were we talking about?

    ————in spite of some of the less————-
    ————-than positive messages—————-

    I’ve posted about this type of behavior before. Some hack is given a hard question and it turns into some kind of “which way did it go, that shiny thing, oops nothing to see over here, just a 67,000 pound ethical gorilla with his anus over your head. And don’t mind is swirling graphic, distracting music primary colors and at least one red dressed blond temptress with black glasses on. But that gorilla prostrate is the thing you should be focusing on, unfortunately. Just long enough to see through that crap this shythead is trying to sell you.

    ————but we know how that goes————

    I think this is important to know so you’ll know who you’re dealing with and who’s running most of your mainstream media. And by mainstream I’m in the one they have you hooked up to somehow that makes you watch it, the dwindling number that you are. It is to the point where the monopoly in the government and the monopolies on the corporate side has jumped some kind of shark in the media space. No sooner do I hear some glowing reports about George Soros and his open society on the lame Stream, and a day later the Jimmy Dore show post this slug and his slimy trail.

    —————telling the truth is hard—————-

    This country has constituted a generation of prostitute liars. Do you remembe the “Clintonian “operative truth” movement of the 90s? It is almost equivalent of Leslie Nielsen standing in front of an exploding fireworks factory saying “nothing to see here, nothing to see here“ in the police squad movie. I’m sorry dude, but you are a whore, and your cathouse of cards has no has no mortar. I’m functioning on memory right now but it has to do with alternate narratives and just flat out ignoring reality.

    ———-and telling it all is problematic———-

    Hang around and watch the Jimmy Dore show. See how he exposes this media snake who once edited Time Magazine, as well worked at the US Dept of State, ends this Q and A on why propaganda is good for the USA to use propaganda on us country and on the 3rd world too. If you ever want to see somebody try to “get out of Dodge and get out quick“, watch this tool.

    Are you wearing a flag right now? And does that flag in represent of your best qualities your honor your Fidelity your zeal? It does it represent your country is ethos of equality of opportunity regardless of color creed religion blah blah blah blah blah blah?

    ———Some people want you ignorant———-

    Perhaps you are a bold face liar in the name of the same goal? Perhaps you think any civil liberty is sacrificial but not all your ethical deeds and his ethical deeds are both justified in the name of your shared goal? It’s just you have to play by the rules and well the other guy doesn’t. And in that is lost the balance of truth and fictitious narratives. And oh yes the the state has power, resources and force of the richest nation in the world to do whatever it wants. Just like the police are allowed to lie to you, the press are allowed to lie to you. I’m trying to find out who is not allowed to lie to you?

    ———-you should ask yourself, why?———

    And when that other method of governance and diploma destroys all nations, well, that’s just part of their operating mode and nothing really to fuss over. Because they will just move on to the next money filled safe place to manipulate in safety. And we should teach the kids his methods and sensibilities of communication and information exchange. Those methods are those of the propagandist, The liar, a charlatan, the shark, The scum bag.

    ———————-you are told————————
    ————-compliance is compulsory————-

    Do you see anything wrong with that? Do you know who you are? Really really really down to your core. Do you know how you will respond in certain situations? Are you a good person? Do you have some morals? Do you know the name of every ethical bone in your body? Well maybe just a couple of the important ones like the integrity-bone.

    —————-and truth is subjective—————-

    I’ll just leave it there because if I start getting to anatomical when talking about this video I made go all navy mouth. I think I haven’t crossed over to many profanity truths on my way to sharing JD expose his lies, black heart and the real threat he and his ilk represent to oppress Through disinformation and friction building activities within society. Very George Soros like open society actions. It’s very similar to German WW2 propagandist message.

    ————and evidence is unnecessary————

    The rest of the video goes into some of why this guy should be in prison instead of trying to tell you what to teach your children. But these are just my opinions, I’m a lot of things but I have no reason to lie about the world. I’m not that important. But then I am not one who is out micro aggressing society either through the media as a job. I may be micro aggression some people but I don’t think it’s because I am unethical, I’m not part of some organized media, or what I write or say about it is any kind of “job“. What it amounts to is social commentary and opinion on events that should be allowed to happen in the light of day.

    ——-that everyday is judicial Opposite Day—

    Take a look at the European immigration issue and see what they’re trying to do to journalists speaking about those great grave culture clashes and the deteriorating quality of life in parts of Europe. See the mass censorship and capricious nature of the redactors in the social media space. See the constant parade of lobbyists and sponsors disregard human decency in favor of prisons and convenient disappearances. How they sold you snake oil until you bought the patriot act, The national Defense authorization act and rendition.

    ———————-That the truth——————-
    ————————— is what————————
    ————————-we torture———————
    ————————-out of you———————

    But Kay, are you saying this piker Who clambered on about how good propaganda is and was and how much he spread on behalf of the state department through our ostensibly free and trustworthy press? But K, this guy was hanging out with the movers and shakers and leaders. But hey K, he was on real TV and real news magazines and he was telling people to teach children something? Something about how lying is good? Are you saying you have a problem with that K? What’s wrong with you? It’s for the good of the country, can’t you see that? Can’t you see that lying is part of living and to live fully and contribute to your society in a positive way that you have to lie fully? And all we’re doing is giving you the platform and the target for your lies?

    ——————but first we have to——————-
    ————————-make sure————————
    —————————we get—————————
    ———————the youngling minds—————

    I’m sorry. Did I devolve into one of those annoying internal dialogue‘s speckled with minor critical and rational concerns? OK maybe they were a little more than “minor” rational concerns. I think it’s tough when you’re running around in a world trying to live with the public perception of that world is being corrupted has. Just ask anyone who’s up-to-date on spy-gate for healthy for in services surveillance back courts were deceived by liars within the Justice Department and other Federal Bureau’s. All the while assisted by propaganda from a complicit Entities in the press like this sleazy snit.

    ——————Groomed Properly——————

    So how about the economy? Is the press allowed to lie about the economy by falsifying statistics and manipulating specific esoteric data to mask problems. If they can lie to take you to war, they can lie to take you to poverty. They can lie on your family member for some reason no one will ever know because they’ve removed themselves from accountability.

    —————for their letters of entry—————
    —-Into their
    ——————— brave

    That’s how you get atrocities. ^<~€*239

  18. Meek 5 months ago

    ive seen alot of shit, ive watched alot of your videos, but holy shit, this is the first time my jaw literally dropped while watching a video, when he got up and didnt answer that guys question…. just speechless

  19. 653cc bRAT 5 months ago

    These worms know the gig is up. They’re running like roaches do when the lights come on. “I bury these cockroaches!”.

  20. freekluiten 5 months ago

    The motherf*cker, just ignoring last question how low is that? he could not even bother to answer even off topic.

  21. Nancy Gordon 5 months ago

    When you report on propaganda you have become propaganda. No lie is a lie too good to tell. All lies are good. No bad lies except only unequal discrimination. Lies Matter!!!!

  22. poor people are the problem

  23. Ela Lamblin 5 months ago

    We're fucked

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