Trump and the Republicans Are Waging a War on the Poor

[tweet_dis2]Trump and the Republicans Are Waging a War on the Poor[/tweet_dis2]

Donald Trump is waging lots of wars around the world, but him and his Republican cronies just initiated a new war here at home: a war on the poor. They’re now actively pushing for cuts to medicaid, social security, and food stamps, and Trump wants draconian requirements imposed on beneficiaries of SNAP, such as mandatory drug testing.


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  1. Joseph P 4 months ago

    Hey YouTube viewers I'm a Disabled (Cerebral Palsy) 26 year old who just received a letter from the social security administration saying that I MUST now pay an insurance premium for what was supposed to be INCLUDED as part of my states medical coverage for beneficiaries of Social Security. I am now faced to have to live off of a whopping $535 dollars a month, and CANNOT work to "Make ends meet". Trump is really hurting the poor. This is only the beginning sadly 🙁 Trump is determined to make us suffer. Also food stamps has become much more strict under Trumps reign, I now am only allotted $28 a month. We cannot let this endure!

  2. Sideways N 4 months ago

    Trump's on his way in to turning the country in to russia 2.0. The wealthy becoming far too wealthy (oligarchs in russia being buddy with putin) while the one man being elected slowly gains more and more power. History is repeating itself and it's time we repeat the french revolution.

  3. Phillip Malone 4 months ago

    If they want to drug test the poor so they can get food stamps then they should drug test the rich so they can get tax cuts.

  4. GFish 17 4 months ago

    Lets charge the Rich 99% of fed Tax , And the rest of us only pay 1%.Then we get a taste of how the Rich live.

  5. Rizzo Roy 4 months ago

    The poor absolutely love him for it. They will turn out to the poles in droves to vote against their best interest.

  6. Eva P 4 months ago

    Trump is a Jew, so he is an enemy of Americans and use this Country to drain it in favor of Israel. Unless we clean the house from this parasites nothing will change. Democrats and Republicans are ALL Jewish and Muslims.

  7. Eva P 4 months ago

    Doctors colluded with the big pharma are the main responsible subjects for the massive addiction to drugs in the US.

  8. Seraphi Grimaldi 4 months ago

    Attack On Poor coming soon….

  9. megacore _855 4 months ago

    He would never do that

  10. megacore _855 4 months ago


  11. Core Bliss 4 months ago

    It's coming one kid law

  12. The Gamma Dude 4 months ago

    The next thing Trump is going to say is:
    Poor people stay on welfare because they have a fetish for that stuff.

  13. Weaver 4 months ago


  14. Weaver 4 months ago


  15. DigiVixen 4 months ago

    I called it 20-23 years ago that this would happen.

  16. Raven Dawn Head 4 months ago

    Yeah, Millennials and Gen Z are fucked and are going to be fucked in the future.

  17. Raven Dawn Head 4 months ago

    I think SOME of the reason is because they believe that "Illegal Immigrants" get Social Security, Healthcare, Food Stamps, etc…

  18. Tammy Kay 4 months ago

    So when it's time to vote i think republicans should not run because i won't vote for them. Don't care about ur ads or lying words i am not voting Republican. I want progressive on the ballots or someone who actually is for the real average American rather than the wealthy who want for nothing but are never satisfied and love trying to be God like in people's lives. After a while generation after generation we tend to grow tired of the corrupt system, poor political choices, and people who are in a un winnable contest with God because they want to do whatever they want with no consequences.

  19. marsulusprime 4 months ago

    but watch while opioid addicts get a pass on food stamps.

  20. Katheryne Draven 4 months ago

    For the most part, you're right.

    What Dump is doing, is an all out war on America. He's doing
    this to cause a sociological collapse. Once America is in an internal
    apocalyptic state, it will be easier to take over.

    However, for the record, regarding this. What should be done is a filter system. Removing those who truly need it, from those who are using it as a free ride.

    I know many people who do not need help, that have been taught by those who learned who to manipulate the system, to do just that. Attain a free ride. Rent, food stamps, internet, car insurance, even a clothing allowance in some cases. There is no reason why those 7 people can't go out and get a job, they even admit it. They admit they have a free ride and laugh about it.

    It's because of those people that others, who really need help are told they have to wait because there isn't any money in the budget to assist them (for ex emergency rent or stamps).

    For what it's worth…

  21. GojirafanNeptunia 4 months ago

    Trump is being a big baby over things he doesn't like, such as poor people. He should just grow up and help EVERY person in the country, wether he likes it or not.

  22. Patty Poison 4 months ago

    Whats wrong with making people work for food stamps? It forces people to get back on their feet. I grew up in low income neighborhoods and trust me… This is a good thing

  23. El1teFire 4 months ago

    well I guess I'm fucked

  24. James Kirk 4 months ago

    they also don't seem to know how snap works. you can't spend it on beer or drugs. not possible. it's all digital on the card not cash. when you check out with beer it won't pay for it. it's programmed into it all of the banned items

  25. Birgitta Catarina 4 months ago

    is that why he raised federal taxes for the wealthy? by poor you mean generational welfare right? only the strong survive.

  26. landar486 4 months ago

    of course it flew under the radar, with all the loud shouting contests of this lawyer and pornstar messes that doesn't matter to us by and large. i really wish MSM were allowed to report on actual issues that affect us.

  27. MrHairyWombat 4 months ago

    And yet they give over a trillion dollars in corporate welfare

  28. Jones from96 4 months ago

    "Money is the root of all evil"

    This statement holds so much water now,I'm practically drowning in it…


  29. RC RC 4 months ago

    soo u all here are some how thinking the democrats is a beter choise? like angel merkel in Germany

  30. AuntiJen 4 months ago

    Will these rules apply to recipients of CORPORATE WELFARE? Aka, The Waltons & Jeff Bezos?

  31. Walter Morales 4 months ago

    Yes, Mike. I know of folks on foodstamps who had gone through their job training program who complaint after a few years of how the only training they provided was minimum wage programs. How is that for incentivizing people to completely stay off these programs.

    Trump should know; betting on the derivatives market on Wall Street is also free-money. These republicans and Trump apologists know nothing of how commerce operates. As a Federal Reserve insider and legal researcher I have uncovered the schemes of the millionaires and billionaires, and their cash cow is corporate welfare by the Federal Reserve.

    The reason why California TANF is exempt from Trump's executive order (signed in April, requiring a work requirement) is because unemployment rates are too high. U6 unemployment is over 8%. Media, Hillary apologist leaning interest groups along with pro-Trump pseudo-political think thanks promoting low unemployment rates is suppressing the evidence.

  32. Tron Mcknight 4 months ago
  33. Tron Mcknight 4 months ago

    all poor charge to dc and say Your all fired goverment.

  34. Kristopher Wooldridge 4 months ago

    I don't understand how he can pass these executive orders unchecked. What ever happened to checks and balances?!?!

  35. PardonMe ImDrunk 4 months ago

    OBVIOUSLY this is what Jesus would do. Oh, how I wish I had a deity like theirs to give me such great morals. Here I am, a heathen and my morals tell me, perhaps we should help the poor and the needy. Sure, there are some fucks who use and abuse the system but don't fuck over everyone just for those few. Some how it's ok if some rich people use and abuse our tax system and pay no taxes at all but poor people getting food, some how that's deplorable?

  36. Holly Keefer 4 months ago

    Also, I want to smack that stupid ass smile off of his stupid orange face!

  37. Holly Keefer 4 months ago

    Thank you for informing us. But I think that not enough people know how to fight the system by writing our legislators and voting. That's by far the most important. I think that if you encouraged that in your video, you not only show you care but you encourage people to fight it as they should.

  38. Robert Baylis 4 months ago

    This bearded effeminate dude is right. I thinkTrump supporters are gonna feel this the most, which is great, anyone else, less so.

  39. Project Redfoot 4 months ago


  40. Shayna Lynn 4 months ago

    It's not a shame. It's a sham!

  41. Dragogun Zombie 4 months ago

    Republicans are being a 100% Dictator group, Democrats are currently being suffered by hands of Hilary Clinton. This makes me neither a Republican and Democrat. I'll have to take a new path where everyone can be treated equally and united through peace.

  42. Henry Herrera 4 months ago

    I work hard to support my herb and gaming addiction. if i didnt work i would be drug free and bored without games.. life would be pointless.

  43. Darkzeroprojects 4 months ago

    I am not surprised by this.
    Let me be honest.I am trying to become a content maker of sort of varied stuff for a living ,Im just building up.
    Maybe make teams to help me make big projects of mine fully come alive,universal type of guy since I dont bind to strictly kids or a demographic,or care for what moral busy bodies,leftists,sfws,or even the cooperates would say
    .I guess its a loose term..I am lazy abit,but I do put my efforts on what I draw ,model,etc.

    Games,comics,animation….Id be a leader who be the jack of trades to somewhat assist and observe to make my position interesting than just normal producers do or ceos do…
    Communicate and support fan content from modds and romhacks like a Sonic hacking contest event…
    So much more….
    Till then Im forced to rely on what I get support for my bills..medication…etc….and tbh refuse to keep relying on it,but I cannot achieve my goals if I suffer…Noone can achieve much hardly like this.

  44. Jared Woltman 4 months ago

    If you do bad things, then you don’t get a job. If you don’t get a job you starve. Stop acting so entitled because the rich can’t pay for everything.

    If you plan to comment please provoke an argument.

  45. Michael Morse 4 months ago

    Major depression. Without weed, I participate in extremely risky behavior like climbing buildings without harnesses, riding my bicycle drunk, going into the woods without a compass in an effort to remember why I keep on living. With it, I look at the stars, appreciate tv shows and enjoy life. The difference is night and day. This policy will kill people, especially since he wants back into TPP. This isn't about being rich. This is about being able to rape your neighbors wife, kill his family, lick the tears off his face and get away with it Scott free.

  46. Jene Clyde 4 months ago

    And what about the disabled? The bill proposes to only touch on the abled body, but those with invisible disabilities still struggle in the current welfare system to even have their disability acknowledge. We have had to fight tooth and nail and say these are the things that limit us.

  47. David Schlessinger 4 months ago

    they've been successfully waging a war on the poor for 50 (100) years- and the democrats have assisted.

  48. Winston Shih 4 months ago

    Well Trump wouldn't since some lazy dumbasses rely on social welfare which is why most poor are suffering.

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