Trump Doubles Down on Gov Shutdown Threat to Dismay of Republicans

[tweet_dis2]Trump Doubles Down on Gov Shutdown Threat to Dismay of Republicans[/tweet_dis2]

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

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  1. crash bandicoot 3 weeks ago

    Bet you guys 20 bucks actually no I bet you guys my entire salary that if the government gets shut down again the Democrats will cave in less than a week like they always do instead of actually having a backbone for once in their life

  2. TheEternityForce 3 weeks ago

    Okay, I don't speak politics, so my brain might've misinterpreted this. But all I am hearing is, Trump fussing, "Wahhhh, I'm not getting my way. Wahhh, I wanna build my wall. Wahhh, I'm gonna make your life suck until you do what I say."

    Again, politics fly over my head easily, so if I was wrong, I apologize.

  3. Thomas Binney 3 weeks ago

    Honestly, for MOST Americans (by no means all), a government shutdown isn't a real concern. For most of us it's just less risk of them fucking something else up.

  4. Plantastic Life 3 weeks ago

    Federal taxes do NOT fund federal spending. I wish Mike would interview Jeff Epstein and discuss Modern Monetary Theory and how Federal Deficits actually work.

  5. Son of a BITCH ! ! 3 weeks ago

    Ah….. The good ol' "who's gonna pay for it" argument. Medicare for all: "Who's going to pay for it?" Mexican border wall: "Who's going to pay for it?" I'll bet we'll be getting a wall before Medicare for all. This sucks.

  6. Squab 3 weeks ago

    from an outsiders perspective, America is the laughing stock of the world because your president has an IQ smaller than his hands

  7. nottawigga33 3 weeks ago

    We need a wall. I don't see why Trump doesn't ask for private investment. Such an obvious solution, the funds would be raised….

  8. flashfloodarea3 3 weeks ago

    NO WALL. NO FUCKING WALL. If Congress rolls over for Annoying Orange, the people will throw their bodies onto barricades to prevent this.

  9. Sandy Wilson 3 weeks ago

    Why is this idiot talking about domestic B S when he is having a formal press appearance with the Italian Prime Minister He has no couth , nor tact . or even a sense of decorum America , I am embarrassed for you .

  10. Kathryn Tokarska 3 weeks ago

    OMG, I can't stand all this "tax dollars" nonsense. Federal spending creates dollars. Federal taxation destroys dollars. There is no "tax dollars" paying for ANYTHING, NOTHING, NADA.

  11. ClayGaming 12 3 weeks ago

    I dislike this video….because you need to learn economics. …MMT

  12. Mello Rebel 3 weeks ago

    Our president is a Muppet.

  13. ClayGaming 12 3 weeks ago


  14. Liason Lee 3 weeks ago

    Trump, you are rich! You can pay for your own wall your big mouth always talked about.

  15. Master Chief 3 weeks ago

    The Humanist Report
    You need to do a video on how trump is using religion as a weapon. He is exploiting christians and catholics who are majority his base and are based on faith and belief to his favor.

  16. Crystal The braixen 3 weeks ago

    Um is it a mistake to vote trump in presidency or not?

  17. neobeetle 3 weeks ago

    HE'S BROKE!!!

  18. mriddley 3 weeks ago

    So we're going to go spiraling into further debt for symbolism…yeah that seems about right

  19. Ova Wolf 3 weeks ago

    He does build great walls right after burning bridges between us and our allies he burns them down and builds a wall preventing us from rebuilding our relationship with them.

  20. BigFatHeretic 3 weeks ago

    Donald Trump should keep his
    foot in his mouth, both feet in
    his mouth, and his head up his
    ass, and shut the fuck up!!!!!

  21. EpicMango 3 weeks ago

    When the wall doesn't get built or even a quarter way built would his sheep question why not in the 2020 election ? Probably not

  22. un mog 3 weeks ago

    I watched a video directly before this one. Give it a look, answers a lot Mike.

  23. Dreamingrightnow 3 weeks ago

    "Mexico" means us, duh.

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