Trump Takes a Shot at the Koch Brothers: They’ve “Become a Total Joke”

[tweet_dis2]Trump Takes a Shot at the Koch Brothers: They’ve “Become a Total Joke”[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. blaktek 2 months ago

    The Kochs need to file a complaint to the CFPB ! They bought things that didn't work as advertised !

  2. Nicole 2 months ago

    My favorite part of the joke is when I see Charles Koch ads before humanist report, secular talk, jimmy Dore vids where Charles Koch talks about how our country is going down the toilet because the rich are buying our government…

    Fuck you Charles Koch. As a girl that moved to the Pacific Northwest after you and your brother bought the governor of my state (Scott walker) and I wasn't sticking around to see what that douchebag was gonna do to the state of wisoconsin after he destroyed the county I lived in and the public transit I used on a daily basis…just fuck off

  3. Jennifer Spurlock 2 months ago

    Didn't Democrats already take money from the Koch Brothers?

  4. G Nunchuk 2 months ago

    Love to see the right cannibalize each other

  5. handyhippie65 2 months ago

    they must be an enemy of putin.

  6. traydevon 2 months ago

    Gee, who would’ve thought the Koch Bros would want to control BOTH the Democrats and Republicans? Answer: Anyone with a brain.

    Thank you for sharing this story.

  7. Sam Cosentino 2 months ago

    Why wouldn't the Kochs support the Democratic party? As Chomsky has pointed out, there is only really one political party in America — the pro-Big Business party — and it has two factions, the Republicans and Democrats. The main difference between the factions is that the Democrats are ok with abortion, gay marriage, etc.. Also, it makes sense for the Kochs to support a weaker Democratic candidate with the objective of having him/her lose against a Republican candidate that the Kochs really want to win in the election.

  8. spiritweird 2 months ago

    The koch b*tches are trash, they need to retire, or die from old age, or lethal aneurysms from pushing too hard on the toilet. Idc how. They just need to GTFO. Sick of corporations ruining this country.

  9. Eric Klein 2 months ago

    there is no way the dems could actually welcome them with open arms and get away with it, the progressive wing of the party would overthrow the centrist clinton wing

  10. chokinonashes61 2 months ago

    The Koch brothers shouldn't be called "industrialists", they should be called what they are, polluters.

  11. Canadaball 2 months ago

    Trump is my favorite if the last three politicians

  12. Canadaball 2 months ago


  13. Brian Wolle 2 months ago

    your supposed to hate them both. and you skipped by what its about:


  14. Blaise 2 months ago

    Dump better watch what he says or else his masters might pull the plug on him LOL.

  15. Eoghan Hogan 2 months ago

    Driving the koch brothers TO the democratic party will undermine the corporate dems as well as kochs and make way for progressives to replace them.

  16. qiexia 2 months ago

    Why did trump attack the Kochs? Because they funded his primary opponents. That's it. There's never a need to look deeper with trump.

  17. SKCJ Vicky 2 months ago

    You're traveling to another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land who's boundaries are that of imagination. Your next stop..The stupid Trump zone.

  18. Blew 2 months ago

    You fell for that? Why am I even watching this.

  19. SuperShadowMarioFan 2 months ago

    eats popcorn

  20. John Pagoto 2 months ago

    A billion dollars, which is shockingly less than a 1% increase in their annual income. Koch brothers are contributors to the PBS news hour. Always thought they were neoliberal Clinton people

  21. Eric Nick 2 months ago

    Did anybody just noticed how trump admitted that he was working for the corporate heads instead of the people?

  22. AuntieWar 2 months ago

    When establishment use the propaganda word “regulations” progressives need to respond you using the correct term “protections”

  23. jedi87t 2 months ago

    Why is it that OrangeTard always gotta start something with somebody? Jeez! What a joke!

  24. KJ Ritua 2 months ago

    i wouldn't celebrate too soon on that. Trump expected companies to create jobs after that tax cut. Koch's are one of the examples who would just pocket into their wallets. what are the chances other companies will do the same like the Koch's?

  25. Jos Nijsten 2 months ago

    To know if the democrats are going to accept the Koch offer, you need to mesure the humidity level in Pelosi's knickers.

  26. TheRiiiight 2 months ago

    With Trumps attacks against cheap illegal immigrant labor and how much harder it is to outsource jobs and money with his 'trade war'. Even with the tax cuts it's possible the Koch's may be losing more money then they're making from their tax giveaway. Both of those issues are real money makers for the parasite class of wealthy capitalist fucks and are unfortunately issues many democrats are to the right of the republicans on in this new political landscape.

  27. WfB.Subtraktor 2 months ago

    Always good to see two enemies destroy one another

  28. kw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 months ago

    Good effect of ego driven president!?

  29. rypatmackrock 2 months ago

    If establishment Democrats indeed get in bed with the Koch brothers like Andrew Cuomo has to a large degree, it will only deepen the divide between the established corporate wing of the party, and the ascendant progressive wing that could be the only chance at defeating Trump in 2020 let alone taking back the house and senate. It will definitely be great to see the Republicans implode on themselves with less funding from the Koch brothers and only their other main donors left behind.

    Ultimately so much infighting and so many people turning on them will be the undoing of the Republicans, and if more progressives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez win in the upcoming primary elections and Democrats slowly excepting them as a part of the party while some still try to fight them, Democrats just might take back the house with progressives leading the charge like the tea party movement did against Obama. Vote for the Justice Democrats in the upcoming primary elections if you just so happen to live in Missouri, Michigan, Kansas, Washington, and Hawaii.

  30. Marlin Weiss 2 months ago

    My values are to draft legislation to SEIZE the ASS–ETTES of multinational corporations and super wealthy people!!! Use that money to TRIPLE Social Security payouts and Medicare for All!!! The wealthy like to steal your little money, so we can draft legislation to SEIZE theirs!!!! Put the wealthy back in their corner and have them face the wall, and DRUG TEST them!

  31. meedy92 2 months ago

    He may have just said it as a publicity stunt to get more followers & improve his chances for a 2020 run & create distraction in the media from his corruption towards another. He's trying to divert the spotlight off of him & onto the Koch brothers. Not sure if that's any better.

  32. Tim Bradley 2 months ago

    CHARLES KOCH: "I will bribe the DNC if they do what I say."
    CHUCKY SCHUMER: "Sign us up, Boss!"
    NANCY PELOSI: "I will blow you right here, Baby"
    TOM PEREZ: "I will blow you right here, Baby"

  33. DAVID Beale 2 months ago

    Trump is the Ego that roared.

  34. Tim Bradley 2 months ago

    The cracks are showing in the Big Corp Party.

  35. Autum Breeze 2 months ago

    It's so hypocritical, Trump calling someone else a joke

  36. ShaneDeeZee 2 months ago

    I don't want to ruin the moment for you. But our president tweets from his asshole. This tweet could be caused by any number of factors including imaginary circumstances. It could be some subtle, perceived challenge from some worker. Some fucking Roseanne-style, kofvefe non-sense put to tweet.

    Cuz why would the Koch brothers ever care what anyone says publicly? They can buy retractions.

  37. n d 2 months ago

    What's HILARIOUS is these rich assholes saying this one is a joke or this one is a criminal and the sheeple including this guy reporting it as if it was Moses bringing down the tablets….get a clue…there is no difference between elected democrats or republicans…..and it's only going to get worse

  38. bwink23 2 months ago

    Money in politics is bad.

  39. Esteban_Gunn 2 months ago

    Talk is cheap.

  40. Mia Lovely 2 months ago

    Only people I hate more than Trump are these two assholes. Here's to hoping Trump v Koch bros take each other out in a fantastic blaze of glory. So we never have to deal with anyone of them ever again.

  41. ClayGaming 12 2 months ago

    Trump IS A PUPPET

  42. ClayGaming 12 2 months ago

    You are an idiot

  43. Vorpal Blade 2 months ago

    Do they though? Didn't Ocasio Cortez beat Crowley, despite Crowley raising over a million and Cortez not even breaking 500k?

  44. phantasmo9998 2 months ago

    Now here's something the left and right can both agree on, but probably for different reasons. The Koch brothers are willing to tear this country down to squeeze every last dime out of you. But the policies you guys on the left typically support help these guys. Globalism and anti nationalist sentiments is what Koch is relying on. They are the ones pulling your strings.

  45. Tokenetta 2 months ago

    My theory. This is fake twitter beef. Lol I'm sure this is all for better shot for a 2020 election. He'll be fed by them as long as there's plenty of idiots still supporting him. Second theory, he's cocky and believe he actually have influence and power to without the help of the Koch brothers.

  46. Jeremy Hyde 2 months ago

    Sorry. I don't like your interpretation.

    Trump is likely attacking them because they fucked up the study that was meant to downplay single payer healthcare

  47. West Winds 2 months ago

    The Koch bros. are a pair of trouble-makers. They have all the money in the world and don't have a charitable cell in their bodies. Instead, their insatiable egos demand they own our political process so they can play demi-gods.

  48. celvester allison 2 months ago

    Let me get this straight…. So President Puppet, whose had just about every right wing establishment person's hand up his ass has the gall to say "I'm a puppet to no one"? Oh my, that's rich. Very rich indeed!
    Also, he can't help but run his big dumb mouth bragging about giving tax breaks to the rich in his very own tweet. Hey assclown, you're NOT SUPPOSED TO REVEAL THAT.

  49. JQ LLC 2 months ago

    THIS explains why the National Democrat Machine is trying to undermine the insurgent socialist democratic movement ignited by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Koch clan must be telling Pelosi and the other hack dems to nip that in the bud.

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