Trump Wants to Rejoin the TPP

[tweet_dis2]Trump Wants to Rejoin the TPP[/tweet_dis2]

Donald Trump has done nothing for average American workers, however, the one thing he was frequently given credit for—at least among progressives—was his decision to unilaterally withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Recently, however, he indicated that he’s reconsidering his decision to withdraw from the TPP.


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  1. CosmicDust 5 months ago

    the flip-flop in chief is at it again lol..

  2. Spengbab 5 months ago

    NY Times love to cite themselves as sources, don't they?

  3. Some random guy 5 months ago


  4. DannyBear70 5 months ago

    So, you've talked about the TPP, but what about the terrible trade agreement with Europe? We don't ever hear about that and Trump.

  5. GamerOC 5 months ago

    Wait does the TPP have something to do with cars that aren’t normally legal here? Specifically Japanese cars that don’t fall under the 25 year rule? If I can import a fucking R34 Skyline than I don’t give a shit who gets screwed over.

  6. Phu Pham 5 months ago

    Like tpp,and you?

  7. Ymr Bleav 5 months ago

    He's a wannabe billionaire. He wasted/lost those billions that his evil father left him on fraudulent business deals. Although his net worth is somewhere in the ballpark of 679 million, he is still rich, which makes me believe that the reason he keeps destroying our taxes is so he can continue to steal from us so that he will become a billionaire! He is also a wannabe CALIGULA! This EVIL 45, is thee most vile, disgusting, rapist, criminal, dangerous, revolting, etc, etc, INEPT character on the globe that lacks common sense!!!

  8. Danny Dan 5 months ago

    Once a business man, ALWAYS a business man….

  9. Nicholus Shadursky 5 months ago

    Proof that there is literally no difference between him and Hillary.

  10. Brad Kohl 5 months ago

    And we would have gotten the same deal with Clinton in the Whitehouse! America needs to litteraly ditch both parties and vote Green.

  11. wesley ogilvie 5 months ago

    There goes what very little respect I had for this liar.

  12. FightingLucario 5 months ago

    He’s truly worse than Nixon.

  13. Lightning 227 5 months ago

    It was dumb of him to get out of it in the first place. The current trade war he is having is going to fuck over the country much worse than anything TPP could do plus him along with many others who don't like it have no real solutions that would be better and other countries could get behind.

  14. Stephen Gies 5 months ago

    You know what would be awesome? If i didn't get a PragerU ad from Fascist sherriff David Clarke.

  15. Teenkitsune 5 months ago

    Not surprised what he said about Japan, he literally said they're too influential. As a total weeb that irks me.

  16. Teenkitsune 5 months ago

    What exactly is the Trans Pacific Partnership, and how does it negatively affect the working class? I'd like to understand this better.

  17. Not Todd Howard 5 months ago

    I'm sure Donnies supporters will now claim always supporting TPP

  18. As a wealthy individual, he benefits from TPP and so I didn't understand his opposition at first, then I ACTUALLY believed him! But clearly I was very wrong!

  19. Se05239 5 months ago

    The US is like a dumpster fire right now. What the hell, let's pour on another can of gas!

  20. the op kingdom 5 months ago

    What a shame. America elects Trump, gets Clinton anyway. Glad I voted Stein. As the nation fails, I'm proud that I didn't betray my American values for either horrific corporate candidate.

  21. William Calhoon 5 months ago

    Trump just gave democrats running for office an eight pound sludge hammer with his reversal on TPP. Not only will Trump's reversal dampen republican turnout it gives democrats, especially progressive democrats, a clear cut issue to run on. Nothing brings greater joy to a campaign than the opposition delivering you votes on a silver platter. Trump's reversal on TPP does just that.

  22. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    Told you so, anyone who praised his BS.

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