Tucker Carlson Vs Neocon John Bolton On Regime Change Wärs | It Gets Weird

[tweet_dis2]Tucker Carlson Vs Neocon John Bolton On Regime Change Wärs | It Gets Weird[/tweet_dis2]

Tucker Carlson and former U.N. ambassador John Bolton engaged in a tense battle on foreign policy Wednesday night on Fox News.

And truly, we cannot emphasize the word tense enough.

As part of a discussion about which nation represents the greatest threat to the U.S., Bolton stated his view that Iran presents the most danger. Carlson asserted that Iran became empowered as a result of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

“I think you’ll concede that Saddam was the greatest counterbalance to Iran, and they were empowered by his fall,” Carlson said…

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  1. G L 2 months ago

    Get this thing out of our gov! Every time I hear his name cringe and and want to vomit! Dirty lying MF!

  2. j Nakhjo 2 months ago

    Bolton is a jew? why doesn't he say anything about those fucking greedy saudiiis , the mostdiscustusting country in the middle east. Iran is a peaceful country , what country have they attacked in the last 200 years. They are one country in the middle east that has a chance of being secular.

  3. Kenneth James Krebs 2 months ago

    How much is it going to take until we as the people of the United States of America stand up, take action and say NO MORE WAR! They are sending our children to die so they cAn make more money. Enough is enough we need another revolution plain and simple.

  4. ALLEN KREYMBORG 2 months ago

    Kyle you seem to know nothing of Qaddafi , with respect do some research , he was a decent man !

  5. ALLEN KREYMBORG 2 months ago

    USA stop the invasions & murder !

  6. ALLEN KREYMBORG 2 months ago


  7. big Cahuna 2 months ago

    all these smart politicians , think tank "experts" , CFR "experts" ,and military "experts" are just transferring the wealth of America to the military industry / bloodline bankers / Vatican / Nobilty.

  8. Álvaro Silva 2 months ago

    this guy is so disgusting

  9. Mullah Osk 2 months ago

    Johm Bolton is a diabolical mischeif maker

  10. Brandon C 2 months ago

    lmao "we getting involved in another countries politics leading to destabilizing the entire middle East worse then it ever has been, was in fact a success" fucking die you old fool. keel over from a heart attack and Grace the country with the fact your moronic ass is no longer involved in our country.

  11. Ian Muir 2 months ago

    Two of the most despised men on television

  12. Varun Nair 2 months ago

    Bolton just couldn't admit that both Iraq and Libya were screwed once a regime change took place…he would have lost face!

  13. 24BIGDYL 2 months ago

    Bolton has a tiny cock and wants to make up for it by invading everyone. He's a scary warmonger.

  14. Miranda Elaine 2 months ago

    Wow, tucker Carlson is a great speaker in geopolitics. I wish he would have more of these talks than things on identity politics. There are enough people discussing that on either side of political lines.

  15. Mike Liberty 2 months ago

    I swear, if they launch a preemptive attack against Oklahoma…

  16. niels jensen 2 months ago

    Wow trucker is telling truth too warmonger

  17. F0kGggle 2 months ago

    Tucker too friendly here and if the media will not isolate these crooks they give them leeway.

  18. Walter Sobchak 2 months ago

    Bolton should be locked up

  19. Ryan Reininga 2 months ago

    Hey John, maybe if you politely paused the financially-influenced train of military industrial corporate 'cocks' which have been pounding your little shill ass since the turn of the century [and arguably much earlier] then maybe you'd begin to see the true international make up of the world and thus how we as intelligent human beings could actually progress in matters of diplomatic policies, benefiting the world by and large both socially and economically, especially for the U.S. and the major players/nations of the Middle and Near East.

  20. Kirk Kelly 2 months ago

    Is he related to Micheal Bolton? Cuz he sure sings some shit!

  21. reed jayne 2 months ago

    The salafist which by the way is wrong term the correct the khawarij. Are not the problem Iran is in Yemen and Syria aiding terrorism groups. Bombed Us embassies in Saudi and UAE and they protect terrorism in their country

  22. marc bell 2 months ago

    I thought John Bolton died. I am still unconvinced. His soul perhaps.

  23. Batman 2 months ago

    Get this idiot mop head out of the way he is just evil war hungry .

  24. Duncan Mac 2 months ago

    It is always those who won't be fighting who do all the threatening and yelling. They think their bunkers will save them from the day of the Lord's wrath. " I see you there, who call yourselves Jews but are not. You are of the synagogue of Satan." They are not safe from God, they just think they are. They have been put under strong delusion and will not escape God's judgement.Too bad so many are asleep. Planning for future that isn't there. There will be an earthquake felt all around the world that will bury them in their coffins. WW3 is soon, say your prayers.

  25. Amadeus 2 months ago

    I actually wager that while Bolton is a war criminal piece of shit, Obama was likely paving the way for Hillary to make sure she could invade Iran. Say what you want about Iran, but they would have to be VERY stupid to NOT want a Nuclear Weapon. And frankly we would be just as stupid for believing that they don't want Nukes.

  26. Amadeus 2 months ago

    Funny. I imagined John Bolton's voice as either much more high pitched and whiny OR gruff and cancer-throaty. And I learned something today.

  27. Amadeus 2 months ago

    Ramsay Bolton: "I will kill more people than the other Boltons!"
    John Bolton: "Hold my beer!"

  28. benzynowypiotrek 2 months ago

    Bolton is a subhuman garbage and he will burn in hell forever

  29. KomodoDojo 2 months ago

    Bolton is a lying garbage person

  30. Rich Simmons 2 months ago

    Iraq was a mess during  the "Reconstruction" because that is what the  Jews always do after they destroy a country, heap on additional punishment

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