US To Borrow $1 Trillion This Year, 84% Jump From Last Year

[tweet_dis2]US To Borrow $1 Trillion This Year, 84% Jump From Last Year[/tweet_dis2]

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  1. Masaru kun 5 months ago

    This is so that private institutions can capitalize off the interest. It's so obvious lol. People say global bankers are the problem, well they're just playing the capitalist game over democracy.

  2. Lauren Het 5 months ago

    U.S. Democrats are Republicans, U.S. Republicans are nuts… I wish I lived in the European Union or Canada! Ahhhhh!

  3. vic ferg 5 months ago

    Damn. This shows how the world is controlled by companies, no even the USA are safe from the debt-based economy of the multinationals

  4. Parfour80 #pro 5 months ago

    This trump and company sh.. is worse than water boarding……. worse…..

  5. Ebbrush3 5 months ago

    repugs are spending us into oblivion ……1929 all over again…..then a dem will have to come in and fix it … Obama did……

  6. Neder Rosenberg 5 months ago

    It's nonscence, the usa dosant need to borrow nothing, also they don't need to take anything from anyone, all the crazy property tax amounts and all taxes at all aren't needed, also they can pay for whatever is needed, all they need to do is print cash, that's it, there is no gold against the money etc. The worth of the money is the fact that united states is a world power, and their money is strong currency, ( other then the bitcoin currency that is a big balony, it's not a currency, what world power stands behind it? A computer With a few thieves?) I hope the president will make the United states the best country in the world by declaring tax free for all citizens, I hope we can put up a movement that will try to get such laws in place, there is no deficit it's all a game, blah blah blaa

  7. Michael Graham 5 months ago

    “Debt? Deficit? Y’all talkin bout balance transfers?”

  8. Round Tree 5 months ago

    The whole world knows we are in DEEP debt. And ‘ the world is getting tired of bailing us out. ….,,by buying Tbills……

  9. Ray Chau 5 months ago

    We don' borrow anything. We are the sole printer of currency for the entire world. We can print unlimited amount of $$$$ cash! However, the only catch is.. the cash go to 1 percents!

  10. Parfour80 #pro 5 months ago

    We need two more tax rates and no more loopholes. 1. 60% tax on incomes over 1.5 million. 2. 90% tax on income over 200 million/. For the billionaires.

  11. Nightingale 5 months ago


  12. jayyy 5 months ago

    Lol I got an NRA add before this video.

  13. Carlos Vera 5 months ago

    If a friend of mine kept borrowing money from me and my other friends it'd be pretty bad. Especially if he never payed back, even just enough to break even..

  14. mitchell rose 5 months ago

    Bankruptsy number 7?

  15. Brn Trf 5 months ago

    Trump will lead to the colapse of the USA. If the american middle class disepear than fewer people will re-invest in the economy and the flow of money will decrease. This leads to factories selling less products and less jobs because of the lower ammount of re-investing back to the economy. Super rich people re-invest around 30% of their income back to the economy while the middle class re-invest around 80% of their income back to the economy.

  16. Oh great! Spending money you don't even have? Paying for Parade, border wall, golf trips etc..
    If any of this sh** is true..
    You're dome!! And when you're dome! it doesn't matter whether you're the left or the right!

  17. Katherine Schofield 5 months ago

    Fucking nailed it

  18. -Unsubbed- Serf 5 months ago

    We are not borrowing anything that is why you can not pay an iou to yourself thats what these morons are trying to do with policy
    How can you call your self a progressive and push this Kyle?

  19. Tony Philip 5 months ago

    Neither Dems nor Republicans will allow that sun to set lol
    At least if they can help it

  20. Anil Singh 5 months ago

    6:43 No, Clinton was the best Republican president.

  21. Anil Singh 5 months ago

    This shows that they're hypocrites. Other than that, meh. Not really a problem.

  22. Martin Kortner 5 months ago

    Charts will be amazing to review after this administration

  23. Freedom First 5 months ago

    A very stupid and ignorant adult republican thinks that we print our own money and therefore we borrow from ourselves. That is partly true, but we do borrow money from other countries such a s Russia and even China. China probably owns more of the America than Americans do. That ignorant person I guess thought we borrow from lending tree or wells fargo.

  24. lone ranger 5 months ago

    American vampires are sucking the joy out of life and the future faster than humanity can create it. And investing it into doubt, fear, conflict, misery, ugliness and destruction coming from America's gigantic military industrial complex. Gold into lead. Joy into misery. This is what qualifies as intelligence to American leadership. These vampires can't create joy on thier best day.

  25. H L 5 months ago

    I wonder how many states lining up for bankruptcies in the next 5 years ? Looks like US is going to default on its bonds. Yeah thats the way to make America Great again, by starting with the next great depression.

  26. Rice Crash 5 months ago

    Don’t worry, it will trickle down. From a great fucking height. It’s hard to see from the bottom.

  27. D DOLLAR 5 months ago

    Impeach Trump!

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