Vince Vaughn Freaks Out Over Civility In Politics

[tweet_dis2]Vince Vaughn Freaks Out Over Civility In Politics[/tweet_dis2]

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Photo Credit: “Vince Vaughn”, © 2011 Gage Skidmore, Flickr | CC-BY-SA

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  1. Alan Jones 2 months ago

    How can I be civil to someone who advocates using violence to fund their social programs, using violence to restrict private economic activity, etc? How can any decent human be civil to such organized criminals, who use violence to coerce and control private citizens?

  2. Sakayan Michael 2 months ago

    Your cool dude, so I have to let you know a little more information like :

  3. Michael 2 months ago

    That was funny and spot on.

  4. MIKE VON BACH 2 months ago

    if you guys don't leave trump alone ,,,,i'm gonna i'm gonna.well you know .JUST BETTER STOP IT DAMIT.

  5. Sean King 2 months ago

    Jimmy, this Vince Vaughn stuff is kinda old now. You gotta get some new material. You've gone back to this well already too many times

  6. Jonathan Powling 2 months ago

    Bumblebee! Fell off the couch again!

  7. silly goose 2 months ago

    Hilarious! Vaughn is nuts!

  8. Julius C. 2 months ago


  9. Mike Fagan 2 months ago

    There's a tipping point coming. You can feel it.
    Or that's just me getting old.

  10. Joseph Slattery 2 months ago

    If you think Trump will lose 2020 you're entirely out of touch with the electorate of this country. Expect the Republicans to sweep the midterms too. Until the left shuts the fuck up about identity politics (among other things) and returns to focusing on class struggle and populism they're done. Sadly I don't see this happening any time soon so in the mean time please enjoy increasing political and racial tension in the US, a continuing nationalist steamroll through Europe, and balkanization of all sorts throughout the West. You guys can't figure out that multiculturalism is a fucking abyssal failure because you don't have to deal with the actual repercussions of it, and the people who do are going to continue to push back. Maybe this is necessary because it doesn't seem like the left is going to figure it out until it's in it's goddamn death throes. I like Jimmy Dore, I really do. I find myself disagreeing with him more and more but in the end we want a lot of the same core things, and he's the only one on the left talking about how to actually get to enacting them.

  11. clockwork914 2 months ago

    Double V a 5 Head is 1 too many❗️

  12. Justin Griffith 2 months ago

    good jims! bumble bees sanders!

  13. Nicholas Hanley 2 months ago

    You know, I used to like Vince Vaughn…

  14. Chris Weinert 2 months ago

    Scott Pruitt resigned 3 weeks ago, right?

  15. Chris Weinert 2 months ago

    V2 cracks me up!

    Jimmy you know israel runs both parties… SO, why divide the country over bullshit partisanship, if you're not another CFR gatekeeper?

  16. Maria Schick 2 months ago

    Socialism is wonderful PLEASE start right now by sending the government 60, 70 or even 100% of your income to help out ..Why wait for the govt mandate to live by your Socialist values? Please start today.. Don't be a hypocrite it's for the children

  17. SPQR IUS 2 months ago

    if you could be out there you would?
    why can't you be out there?

  18. William R A Downe 2 months ago


  19. George Colón 2 months ago

    I love this pranks ,, Awesome Jimmy !!

  20. Potted Rodent 2 months ago

    a scholar, I assume.

  21. Joan Tron 2 months ago

    Now we know why Jennifer Anniston broke up with him.

  22. Patrick McCormack 2 months ago

    Is Vince a Browncoat? If not, take that jacket off. Mal and Zoe are on their way.

  23. RadicalRalph Russo 2 months ago

    Sorry Jimmy,Wrong link,,Jimmy this Cock Sucker just called Trump Treasonist,But listen to hime explain weather modification..73s—

  24. The Man with No Name 2 months ago

    President Trump said Fake News was the enemy of the people. Not news was the enemy. Get it straight Jimmy! Or we can take this out side you brittle bones dirty Bernie lover! Love your show.

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