What is “Incel”? Alt-Right celebrity Saint Himmler Explains

[tweet_dis2]What is “Incel”? Alt-Right celebrity Saint Himmler Explains[/tweet_dis2]

What is “Incel”? Alt-Right celebrity Saint Himmler Explains

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Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-S72707 / CC-BY-SA 3.0

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 4 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. ihartevil 4 months ago

    i am trying to see if my mom would be willing to let me get my stomach pumped she just said it was nerves because i cant say it is moths

    thx for this ha bisky phone call 19 days until my death by the time you probably read this comment

  3. Xaphnir 4 months ago

    Holy fuck he called himself alpha and then says he's part of incel.

    These segments are fucking great.

  4. Dibblydooda 4 months ago


  5. Kaiser Wilhelm 4 months ago

    To smell her perfume? Lol That's not what you want to smell.

  6. 11ecnahc11 4 months ago

    I was told Jimmy Dore was a left wing intellectual , first video i view…what even is this?

  7. rackinfrackin 4 months ago

    Didn't this guy do the voice of the mouse on Snooper and Blabber?

  8. prschuster 4 months ago

    INcels are now a right wing misogynist conspiracy? That sounds as whacky as an Alex Jones conspiracy theory.

  9. Sev 4 months ago

    Elliot Rodger was subbed to TYT moron

  10. Pleasure Kevin 4 months ago

    Dark Milhouse

  11. Josh1O1 4 months ago

    Ok Jimmy you're fucking reaching, incels aren't an alt right group, stop trying to string all this non related shit into a nice package you can feed to your stupid audience

  12. TimelostGaming 4 months ago

    I'm from 4chan /pol/ and i find this pretty funny!

  13. ValhalaFiveSix 4 months ago


  14. Na Shum 4 months ago

    it's really hard to hate women when I go home to have dinner with mom & dad every other weekend, so I just stayed alt-right. At least I got to be cool for a little while and I had fun drawing my own green frogs.

  15. Andrew Mefford 4 months ago

    lol That is hilarious. Makes me think of me being a gay dude and have been with women a few times myself. I feel sorry for anyone that can't get close enough to smell someone's perfume/cologne. hahaha

  16. The Latest Meme 4 months ago

    This is unfair, nazis actually got laid. Although, most of them lost their virginity in Poland and Russia…..

  17. The Latest Meme 4 months ago
  18. GGame 4 months ago

    I didn't even know what Incel was. But I see CBS is telling everyone all about it…how this person in Canada killed people. 1st, who knows what's going on with this. Then, the guy looks very effeminate and geeky, kind of like Jimmy, so maybe that's why he couldn't get a woman. Yes, many woman still like a manly man nooo matter what the TV shows tell you. And even by this "report" by CBS it's stated as "mostly white males" aka being a majority. Which means there are some non-whites in there. So, this so called Incel being ALL white isn't even the case by what CBS says. So why focus only on the white people jimmy and give No attention to the non-whites who have this supposed anger. Don't you care about the non-white people's anger? It appears not… and that sounds pretty "racist" to me.

  19. John Smith 4 months ago

    Don't play along with this.

  20. FUCK GOOGLE 4 months ago

    My brother is one of these types, fat, ugly, lazy, shitty personality, shady, blames all his/world's problems on the "Jews and niggers", hates women, believes earth's flat, Chem trails etc., and is a gun nut. He's often manic, smokes weed all day. No joke, I'm pretty sure he's going to shoot my whole family at some point.

  21. Andy Duffield 4 months ago

    I imagine its the virgins at the other end that motivate most suicide bombers too

  22. Darrell Dunn 4 months ago

    Incel is the new term for guys who are involuntarily celi
    bate. I think the old term was COMEDIAN. 🙂

  23. GGame 4 months ago

    And Jimmy gets it all the time… the warm inside of a man's anus… lmao

  24. GGame 4 months ago

    Does anyone get the irony of this show being socialist and then making fun of someone who belonged to the National Socialist Party. Ok, maybe you're an International socialist, which actually sounds worse to me.

  25. Thomas Ofthomas 4 months ago

    1) This wasnt funny…. 2) BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST, INFOWARS.COM

  26. Mixalis 4 months ago

    Sounds like Sterns Speilberg bit.

  27. OY VEY SHUT IT DOWN 4 months ago

    All I see is more projection from soy-faced betacuck ANTIFAggots who are mad they've been called out on their low testosterone. Go to any gym and ask any athletic guy if he's LGBTQRZ@$ friendly and pro open borders. Go ahead you degenerates.

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