Why Are Million$ Pouring Into CA Lt. Governor Race?

[tweet_dis2]Why Are Million$ Pouring Into CA Lt. Governor Race?[/tweet_dis2]

The establishment is afraid of Gayle McLaughlin. Here’s the money trail to prove it.

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  1. The Jimmy Dore Show 5 months ago

    Next LIVE Show July 1 Portland Or.– July 15 Chicago Il.– July 27 Burbank Ca. Tickets Here:http://bit.ly/2hFl95h

  2. ihartevil 5 months ago

    Jimmy I love you i don't know what to do about my health though I wish the bearcat had a heart

    thx for this ha bisky vid I am hoping that these comments go somewhere that will help me

    I know Robby needed to get his stomach pumped and it sucks that I can't

  3. Kathryn Hurn 5 months ago

    Gayle for President 2020!

  4. Get Real 5 months ago

    Gayle glows goodness.

  5. Thomas Ofthomas 5 months ago

    “Inexpensive structures”…. you mean Housing Projects, lmfao progressives are delusional

  6. lamp007 5 months ago

    Wow she might be the best candidate I’ve seen since Bernie.

  7. Jeff Scott 5 months ago

    Gayle, building a progressive party in CA is a great start for a national independent progressive party. You are correct, we all need to join together as an independent progressive party and support each other.

  8. Abigail Brickler 5 months ago

    This woman is amazing.

  9. Kris S 5 months ago

    A Bernie supporter won the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor in my state.

  10. Andrea Cockfield 5 months ago

    Jimmy – you should check out NERD CITY. They do some hardcore investigative coverage of topics you care about. BUCKLE UP!!

  11. c2itccase9 5 months ago

    We have to solve the crisis we created by giving more power to the crisis creators…I mean our Democrat leaders.

  12. c2itccase9 5 months ago

    Taxes, fair, control…sounds like a Democrat to me.

  13. c2itccase9 5 months ago

    Seems to me that Democrats feel they can’t call themselves Democrats anymore. They call themselves Progressive’s…does that mean more taxes?

  14. Jimmy pliz interview anyonio Villaraigosa California new a Mexican american governor 24 millions Mexican Americans need be represented

  15. CREvothegreater 5 months ago

    i bid $10,000,000!……

  16. ENOREL 5 months ago

    Pretty amazing, good luck to her…

  17. Jade Zee 5 months ago

    sanders will always be a fraud because he supports all ME wars and israeli genocide…and you idiots want him to do…what?

    he will never try to actually win anything…and because i know he is a fraud..i predict he WILL NEVER RUN FOR president nor will he ever try to change the corporate dem party.

  18. ynysvon 5 months ago

    Why would anyone spend seven million dollars of there own and families money to get elected to a job that pays less than a thirtieth of that a year. Surely it's for altruistic reasons. What other reasons could there be.

  19. Ross Edwards 5 months ago

    Got my vote!

  20. kevdakhemist 5 months ago

    She lost me with the sanctuary state part…I’m Latino btw…

  21. kjr63 5 months ago

    10:43 "..rent control is not taking a profit from the landlord.." Yes it is. And what is the problem there? It is funny how the left so loves property owners (like Trump).

  22. Maria Schicklgruber 5 months ago

    You morons want to tell landlords how much they can charge ?? GTFOH

  23. Noah Daughhetee 5 months ago

    Giddyup Jimmy, hernia's are for wimps, I need my videos hahaha

  24. bigraviolees 5 months ago

    We are in the infancy of the birth of a sane government. Will we live to see adulthood and an end to the oligarch? Or extinction due to shill whore greed?

  25. Maria Schicklgruber 5 months ago

    California has a housing crisis ?? And yet they defend millions of illegal aliens in their state? WTF is wrong with you people??

  26. Maria Schicklgruber 5 months ago

    I'd say the millions of illegal alien workers in our country is much more harmful to us poor people but that doesn't seem to bother you democrats and lefties at all.
    In fact you democrats are fighting to keep illegal alien workers here which i just don't understand it??
    Still think illegal aliens don't take poor people's jobs and lower our wages?
    800 illegal alien workers at Cloverhill Bakery lost their jobs when found using fake & stolen SS IDs they made $10.00 & where replaced by poor unemployed Americans starting at $14.00 hr
    THAT'S 800 THAT'S 800 jobs 800 JOB'S we got back….. Wake up we need MANDATORY E-Verify with hard prison time for anyone caught hiring even a single illegal alien worker from a housewife hiring a maid or cook to the CEOs of multinational corporations

  27. The Notebook GM 5 months ago

    Can she just run for president in 2020 please.

  28. Maria Schicklgruber 5 months ago

    If your homeless looks like California is the place to go. I wonder if they hand out free needles and $20 bags everyday so we can get our fix?

  29. Mark crowder 5 months ago

    I wish they would give California to Mexico the rest of the country is having to pay for the dumb shits in California cut federal money to California let them sink into the cesspool that they are they are not Americans big company's are pulling out it warms my heart to see them do this let them sink into the shit they have created

  30. Peter Alderson 5 months ago

    she was making since most of the way up to sanctuary state but go on..

  31. John W 5 months ago

    Irish name. She seems to be a Progressive Democrat without corporate ties. That's what this country needs people with a conscience not money grubbers. Rent control would never get voted in around the rest of the country. The south is too stupid to vote it in. The Midwest is mostly privately owned homes. And in the Northeast you have extreme greed.

  32. To have peace, we need to get rid of AIPAC mafia.

  33. Nathan Nicholas 5 months ago

    I appreciate you bringing her on, Jimmy. I had filled out my ballot to submit early and had no idea I should have voted for her. Now I will trade it out for a clean ballot where I can vote for Gayle McLaughlin.

  34. Gavin Erickson 5 months ago

    Jimmy, could you do a story about the Georgia gubernatorial race; there are two so called progressives in the race that are incredibly similar, however neither have distinguished themselves with specific policies they are for.

  35. MaestroFriedrich 5 months ago

    ussr was terrific , let's do that again . rent control caused the disastrous public housing problems. rich people get even richer. do simple research .

  36. markmaccabees 5 months ago

    This lady may not be corporate funded, by she is a TYPICAL cali liberal with full globalist beliefs.  Just MORE rules, regulations and all the same shit that making this state a red tape hell hole.  You cant complain about skyrocketing rents when you welcome the whole fucking world to live here.  there is only so much space and how much more building onto wild lands are we going to tolerate.  I totally understand why this state is losing so many talented people.  Vote for ANY of these people and get more of the same. Trolls, please do not respond

  37. Edward Cassidy 5 months ago

    They have visions of more corruption money and powerful corruption promotions in the political mob.

  38. bikingcat 5 months ago

    With all the wonderful immigration to Cali why do we need national support?

  39. Charles Nuno 5 months ago

    Considering how hard these power players are making moves towards the Lt. Governor seat, I'm forecasting that the stage is being set for a future impeachment. Republicans know that their chances of winning the Governorship in a liberal state is tough. However, winning the governor's replacement seat may be a bit easier, and thus would set up another Gray Davis moment where some powerful interests start making the case for impeachment. Politics is truly a dirty game.

  40. Nick Kamau 5 months ago

    Two years ago I took a Texas government class (don’t know why). Turns out the lt. governor is the most powerful politician in Texas. Not the governor. The lt. governor appoints or nominates a lot of committee members and that’s where the money is and the laws are made.

  41. carole carroll 5 months ago

    Zionist jewish ELITES do not care about RIGHT or left because they can run tbe country by FALSE arbitration .

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