Why Bernie Sanders Should Endorse Cynthia Nixon in NY Gubernatorial Race

[tweet_dis2]Why Bernie Sanders Should Endorse Cynthia Nixon in NY Gubernatorial Race[/tweet_dis2]

Progressive Cynthia Nixon, who’s challenging corporate Democrat Andrew Cuomo in New York’s gubernatorial race, is the the real deal. She checks all the progressive boxes, and as a result, Bernie Sanders should endorse her, as she’s someone who could one day be a potential leader in the progressive movement.

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  1. grizzuh 5 months ago

    Go Cynthia!!

  2. Richard Atkinson 5 months ago

    Bernie Sanders should do a lot of things that he doesn't do. He should have run as an independent/green in 2016, but he didn't.

  3. TheDORIANGRAE 5 months ago

    Well, you got your wish.

  4. Patti Morris 5 months ago

    They will push her being she is a lesbian. Is she going to do anything for rural N.Y.? Probably nothing big ole zero. She cares about NYC but couldn't find rural N.Y. without a road map.

  5. Zukka 88 5 months ago

    I don't care how much Trump has flipped politics, a celebrity with zero experience has no place in the Governorship.

  6. Kyo Slovakia 5 months ago

    I thought the same about her in the beginning but have since changed my mind. Damn, she was breathing fire in that speech. Cynthia Nixon is a true progressive. I am with her. And, I just sent Bernie a Tweet to endorse Nixon. Everyone who sees this should do the same.

  7. Samuel Gonzales 5 months ago

    Boom, now that how it done…

  8. Shawna Fetzer 5 months ago

    I would think an actor would be better at public speaking. Huh. Weird.

  9. elmartillogrande 5 months ago

    we are currently spending trillions of dollars bombing the world while our children go without a future.. what was recently passed as budget included as much money ADDITIONAL to the military defense contractors as we spent on the entire country to provide for schools, food and all the other programs we need in this country.. the tax cuts which went to the corporations and the rich added 2 Trillion dollars in debt which will now be used as an excuse to cut programs to house the elderly and feed the poor.. say goodbye to Medicare and Social Security thanks to Republicans and prostitutes like Cuomo and Manchin and Heitkamp..

  10. Ryan Caricofe 5 months ago


  11. coolal19 5 months ago

    Wake up people.  Nixon was a Hillary supporter.  Fuck her and the horse she rode in on.

  12. Abdelh Robles 5 months ago

    Propping an unqualified candidate for executive office? Cmon, “she resonates with the points she makes” yea and Donald trump resonated with his base, now you cannot use the “he’s not qualified” argument.

  13. aaronpolitical 5 months ago

    My sister's name is Cynthia. And she has red hair. And she lives in New…Jersey damnit so close. Go Cynthia!

  14. Darbin Wofford 5 months ago

    Senators should not endorse anyone running for a state office, unless from that state. People at the federal level from a different state has no business endorsing something running for a governors office

  15. Claudia Richards-Moo 5 months ago

    Way to go Cynthia!

  16. The God Emperor 5 months ago

    I am annoyed with how much she talks about the Subway in the city of NY… that's a mayor issue, not a governor issue. I'm not anywhere near the NYC area, I don't give a shit about the subway problems as a state issue. I care FAR more about the primary issues…. she hasn't said anything (far as I've seen) of her talking about fixing the broken primary laws in my state.

    She's still good, yes, but I want to see her really talk about the issues with our state's laws to get people voting and the electoral process and how it's broken in favor of Democrats (specifically establishment corporate Dems). We need to end this shit. If she talks more about that, I'll really love her.

  17. farginargle 5 months ago

    I have no problem at all with celebrities becoming politicians. There is nothing wrong with having worked to make yourself visible, why wouldn't you take advantage of that when you are particularly passionate and aware and active. It is about policy and ability.

  18. MinotaurPan 5 months ago

    Was skeptical at first, too, but have definitely come around and have even donated. Cynthia, by all measures thus far, appears to be the Real Deal. She gets it. There is a video of her with clueless Joy Behar, who still thinks any Democrat is the bee's knees, including Gov. Cuomo. When Behar asks if Cuomo doesn't support public education, Cynthia graciously points out that Cuomo may support public education but seems to have issues with "FUNDING" public education. She's aware. She's on it. She's most deserving of our support, if you can manage it.

    Oh… and even Bigger Points for her referencing FDR in "welcoming hatred." Thanks, Mike – did not know she had gone even THIS bold! And worth revisiting FDR's words she invoked:

  19. Midshipaustin 14 5 months ago

    She already used identity politics for weed legilization, she can piss off

  20. Jones206 5 months ago

    A new third progressive party is inventible and people like Nixon and Canova could be key to new leaders in this movement.

  21. Teri Saccone 5 months ago

    Tearful hearing her speak. She rocks. X

  22. hissingm0nkyG4 5 months ago

    Wasn't Trump's campaign debunking the establishment? Where's he now?

  23. Carolyn Kincaid 5 months ago

    Mike.. Bernie's Endorsement would be Good.. But YOUR Endorsement is all I need.. I'm all in on Cynthia.. Gonna start campaigning for her NOW…

  24. Evan Summers 5 months ago

    She strikes me as an emerging progressive hero – very exciting like Bernie and Nina

  25. Anuradha Naik 5 months ago

    she could say 2 words and she wouldn't need anyone and that is Single Payer
    I just don't understand why the heck does she refuse to say that

  26. newyorkmicah 5 months ago

    Has she issued a mea culpa for going against the platform she supposedly supports now, back in the Dem primary? I can't find one. I don't believe her. She stood for income inequality and election fraud when it mattered and now she suddenly has changed? She needs to be held to account.

  27. RocketmanRockyMatrix 5 months ago

    Bernie should endorse Howie Hawkins of the Green Party.

  28. Tarmack 5 months ago

    lol yes vote Nixon. Free stuff for everyone.

  29. Susan Hepler 5 months ago

    I wish I could vote for her.

  30. Josh James 5 months ago

    yeah, all we got to do is get "a real" Democrat in office and things would start to get better… there are two narratives defining what a "real Democratic Party leader" is, both necessary for the Democratic Party to maintain legitimacy. 1) someone willing to uphold the economic model of capitalism as the faith of the land, which if any left issue rocks the capitalist boat to much, upholding capitalism has the final say; and 2) "progressive's" who's role is to bring the "left" into the fold. By aligning with and holding a torch for the Democratic Party she is helping to maintain it's legitimacy, to the detriment of the world. The two parties are nothing but the PR tool of the capitalist elite, preserving and maintaining the most destructive, violent, dangerous, oppressive, system of empire the world has ever known. Until the masses reject the two parties and the oligarchy that manages them the whole world will suffer. People who mean well need to stop aligning with the problem.

  31. Eirikr Sanford 5 months ago

    Omg!!! She was always the best and realest

  32. Vincent Saia 5 months ago

    Don't count on Bernie Sanders's endorsement. He has a tough balancing act to maintain. No matter how passionately he sticks to his (and our) principles, in order to get things done in Congress and make genuine reform a reality he has to work with establishment Democrats as well as Republicans or else he will go back to being what he was before 2016: A political novelty solely raging against the machine as opposed to a political force to be reckoned with which is probably why, for example, he still refuses to release his donor list but also refused to support Tim Canova (which I didn't like either). I'm not saying he won't or shouldn't endorse Cynthia Nixon but it is up to us to reinforce him if he does and pick up the slack if he doesn't. I myself have volunteered for her campaign.

  33. T Richardson 5 months ago

    Would she be the first Lesbian governor?

  34. Carlos Salvatierra III 5 months ago

    As a New Yorker, i would've voted for her even without all of the progressive stances she's taken simply because of her education advocacy that she's been doing for the better part of 20 years. Everything else is just an amazing plus. can't believe I'm saying this but hey, Vote for Nixon.

  35. georgia morrison 5 months ago

    She's an actress, not a celebrity. The difference is that the former is a trade and the latter is professional attention seeking

  36. Mya Mi 5 months ago

    she'd make a great president! endorse her bernie she is the future!!

  37. James Fletcher 5 months ago


  38. Person Oisels 5 months ago

    This was a strange and out of character tongue bath for a celeb-politician who hasn't really proven herself.

  39. SERVISONE 5 months ago

    Yall swinging on Bernies nuts still? This candidate is amazing and if Bernie does not endorse her, who gives a fuck! I am tired of Bernies sheep dogging and bull shitting! The only way Sanders regains my trust is if he runs independent or third party! LOL good luck!

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